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Handmade Vegan Hemp Duffel & Messenger Bags

Since 1997: we grow and hand-make vegan organic hemp duffel bags and hemp messenger bags at our bag workshop in Europe for true purity. Nothing made in China. All of our ethical, sustainable hemp duffels and courier bags are vegan, animal-friendly, chemical-free and sweatshop-free.
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Hemp Shoulder Bag Day Hiker Hemp Shoulder Bag

5" tall x 6.5" wide x 1.5" deep. Green, Brown.

Price: US$29.00
Sale Price: US$10.00
Out Of Stock, Sorry!
hemp messenger bag Hempville Classic Hemp Courier Messenger Bag

  • Hemp Canvas Messenger Shoulder bag
  • Hemp Trims, Tapes, Handles, Lining
  • Handcrafted in our European atelier.
  • Dimensions: 6" x 11.5" x 13.5"

Price: US$46.00
vegan hemp shoulder messenger bag Hillsdale Hemp Courier Messenger Bag

6" x 11.5" x 13.5".
Natural, Blue, Green, Brown, Black, Indigo/Grey.

Price: US$79.00
Sale Price: US$49.00

organic cotton yoga mat bag Nirvana 100% Organic Cotton Yoga Mat Bag (RGBG-322-OC)

100% Organic Cotton Yoga Mat Bag. 30" long by 7" diamater. Handy 7" x 6" zippered accessories pocket. Sweatshop-free.

Price: US$49.00
Recycled Tarp Bag Reincarnation Recycled Cotton Tarp Standby Bag

RDB-100 Each one is different & full of character. Made from recycled tarp that has seen rain, wind, snow.
Tempered by Mother Nature to be well-nigh indestructible. Naturally water-resistant and -repellent. Not chemically waterproofed. $58.00 (Handmade in Brazil near the Amazon Rainforest). 10" wide; 7" tall; 3" deep.

Price: US$58.00
hemp messenger bag Evanston Deluxe Hemp Messenger Courier Bag (With Handle & Shoulder Strap)

  • Organic Hemp Canvas Messenger Bag
  • Handmade in Europe
  • 4.5" x 12" x 15"
  • Eco-friendly, sustainable, vegan

Price: US$99.00
Sale Price: US$59.00
Recycled Tarp Duffel Bag Reincarnation Recycled Tarp Duffel Bag

RDB-200 Each Re-incarnation Duffel Bag is unique: made from genuine recycled tarp. Tough. Handmade in Brazil. $89

Price: US$89.00
Recycled Tarp Messenger Courier Bag Reincarnation Recycled Tarp Messenger Bag

Handmade Re-incarnation Messenger Courier Bag, made from 100% recycled cotton tarp that's seen years of wind, sun, and rain.

Price: US$89.00
hemp camera bag Liverpool Organic Hemp Camera Bag (DSLR, jPersonal Carry-on Bag, iPad Pro Bag)

13.5" long at the base, 5" wide at the base, and 8.25" high. ~ 3.5" wide at the top. Natural, Black.

Price: US$99.00
hemp duffel bag Oyster Express Hemp Canvas Gym Duffel Bag (Bespoke)

RGBG-271. 14.5"x8.5" base / 7" deep at top, 10" high. Natural, Black.

Price: US$109.00
Hemp Carryon Luggage Incognito Organic Hemp Maximum Carry-on Size Luggage

RGBG-215TR 22 inches wide by 14 inches tall by 9 inches deep. Natural and Black.

Price: US$119.00
hemp canvas duffel bag World Explorer 100% Hemp Canvas Duffel Bag

20" (51cm) wide x 12.5" (32cm) high x 9" (23cm) deep. Natural, Black.

Price: US$139.00
Why Rawganique's handmade organic hemp duffel bags and hemp messenger bags?

  • Because we grow, weave, knit and sew in-house so you can be sure of true purity and environmental sustainability.
  • Because we don't use synthetic fibers, so your skin is touching only the finest organic hemp fabrics.
  • Because all of our products are sweatshop-free, ethically made, and animal-friendly.
  • Because all of our products are cruelty-free. We never test on animals.
  • Because organic cotton, linen, and hemp are breathable, making for a healthier travel experience.
  • Because organic cotton, linen, and hemp do not off-gas volatile chemicals like synthetic fibers do.
  • Because we don't use bleach, toxic chemical dyes, and we never use dioxin or formaldehyde, two of the most dangerous chemicals commonly used in garment manufacturing.

Our most popular organic cotton, linen, and hemp duffel bags, messenger bags, and travel accessories.

We offer several styles of organic hemp duffel bags to make any trip more eco-friendly, ethical, and sustainable. All are made in Europe at the Rawganique Atelier from organically grown European hemp, sweatshop-free, and chemical-free. All trims, liners, and straps are made of hemp. Metal zippers.

Travel in eco-style with our versatile hemp duffel bags, designed for the purist who won't settle for anything less than the most natural bags possible.

All of our hemp duffels are water-resistant for all-weather use (they will, however, get wet in a pouring rain, as they are not lined with plastic, vinyl, or nylon — we only use 100% European hemp fabric to line our bags for true environmental sustainability and purity). And thanks to the natural oils in the hemp fiber that were left intact (we did not chemically remove them because we want to preserve the integrity of the hemp fiber), the water will just easily slide off our hemp bags in a walk through the rain. Our customers much prefer this over the rubberized waterproofing treatment or plastic, nylon, or vinyl liners found in other hemp bags.

Only water and mechanical combing were used to process the hemp fiber. No caustic soda or acid were used at anytime (processes which are very common in Chinese hemp products). You'll find yourself often reaching for these versatile hemp bags when you go out, whether it be for a day on the beach or a day trip.
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