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Unique ethical, sustainable organic cotton, flax linen, and cannabis hemp lifestyle products - handmade, sweatshop-free, chemical-free, made in USA, Canada, Europe
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organic cotton pillow protector Organic Cotton Pillow Barrier Protector

Zippered organic protector for your pillow. The pillow case goes on top of this protector. Protection against stain, mildew, and dust mites. Chemical-free. Sweatshop-free. Made in EU. Standard, Queen, King. $59 - $69.

organic soapnuts 100% Certified Organic Soapnuts (Washing pouch included)

• 100% Certified Organic Whole Soapnuts
• For Laundry, Body, Bair, Pets, Kitchen, Bathroom
• Hypoallergenic. 100% Natural, Chemical-free.
• Suds-free

organic linen bedspread Bespoke Belvedere Limited-Edition Organic French Linen Blanket Bedspread Bedcover

The finest limited-edition handmade organic French flax linen bedspread the doubles up as an organic linen blanket as well. A mesmerizing pleated alternating natural/ivory quoted design. Heirloom quality. Chemical-free. Twin, Full/Queen, and King sizes.

hemp paper Okinawa Handmade 100% Hemp Paper (1 Sheet)

Handmade 100% organic hemp paper. Rare & special. Japanese style. Made in Europe. Sweatshop-free. Sold by the sheet.

Price: US$3.95
hemp cheese cloth Roquefort 100% Organic Hemp Cheese Cloth (Nut Milk Screen Cloth) (2 sizes)

100% organic hemp cheese cloth - nut milk strainer - shade cloth - bug cloth | Made in-house from start to finish for true purity. Food-safe, pet-safe, people-safe. 2 sizes: 27.5" x 39" (70cm x 100cm) & 55" x 39" (140cm x 100cm)

Price: US$9.99
laundry stain removing salts Natural Stain Removing Salts

- Laundry Stain Removing Salts Sodium Percarbonate.
- Effective. Safe. Natural.

Price: US$10.00

Shropshire Hemstitched Organic Linen Handkerchief Shropshire Hemstitched Organic Linen Handkerchief

RGAC-1033 Shropshire 100% Organic Linen Handkerchief. Sweatshop-free. Unbleached. Undyed. Chemical-free. Made in Europe by Rawganique. Ivory or Evening Sand Dunes.

Price: US$12.95
Out of stock, sorry!
Vallois Organic Hemp Knit Handkerchief Vallois Organic Hemp Knit Handkerchief

RGAC-1031 Vallois 100% Tissue-Weight Organic Hemp Knit Handkerchief. Sweatshop-free. Unbleached. Undyed. Chemical-free. Made in Europe by Rawganique. Ivory.

Price: US$12.95
Out of Stock ETA Spring 2019
charcoal face mask Bamboo Charcoal Face Mask (65g)

One of the most detoxifying natural products known. It really works. Great for all skin situations.

Price: US$14.95

kaffir lime shampoo Organic Kaffir Lime Shampoo (450ml) (Suds-free)

Organic Kaffir Lime Shampoo for lustrous, shiny, utterly natural hair. Three simple, fresh, organic ingredients for beautiful, lustrous hair. Shampoo and conditioner in one. Completely chemical-free.

Price: US$15.95

organic linen socks Schumann Organic French Linen Terry Socks

- RGFT-1080 Organic French Linen Terry Socks
- 4 Sizes to cover Wn 5 - Mn 15 Sizes
- Sweatshop-Free
- Chemical-Free. Hypoallergenic.

Price: US$16.00

organic linen face mask Cicero Organic Linen Ninja Face Mask - Dust Mask - Dust Respirator

RG-0325 100% organic linen face mask for protection against airborne pollutants as well as from colds and flus. No PVC, no VOC, no chemicals. Unbleached & undyed.

Price: US$16.95
hemp insole Organic Hemp Insole Footbed (Extra Thick)

RGFT-0809-INSOLE All-natural hemp cushion for your feet. With natural felt and natural rubber layer for extra cushioning.

Price: US$23.00
Sale Price: US$19.00

organic cotton insole Organic Cotton Twill Insole Footbed (Extra Thick)

Organic cotton, natural rubber, hemp felt
Unbleached and undyed

Price: US$19.95
Sale Price: US$19.00

natural insole Organic Cotton Fleece Insole Footbed (Extra Thick)

Organic cotton, natural rubber, hemp felt
Unbleached and undyed

Price: US$19.95
Sale Price: US$19.00
hemp sprouting bag Hemp Sprouting Bag - Nut Milk Bag

RG0089 Great for growing sprouts and making nut milks.

Price: US$19.95

organic cotton fleece eyeshade Strauss Elastic-free Organic Cotton Reversible Eyeshade - Sleepmask - EyeComforter (Unisex)

- RGAC-703 100% Organic Cotton Eye Cover
- Reversible Fleece - Jersey. Natural or Black.
- Perfect for Sleep, Nap, and Travel.
- Made in Europe. Sweatshop-free.
- Elastic-free. Velcro-free. Super soft.

Price: US$19.95

organic linen sprouting bag 100% Organic Linen Sprouting Bag - Nut Milk Strainer

Organic flax linen sprouting bag, cheese cloth, and nut milk and nut cheese strainer. Food-safe, eco friendly, and non-toxic. Biodegradable and reusable.

Price: US$19.95
Currently out of stock, sorry!
pinhole glasses Natural Vision Therapy Pinhole Glasses

Pinhole glasses based on Dr. William Bates's natural vision training methods for better eyesight without medication and without glasses. Since the 1930's thousands upon thousands of people have experienced improved eyesight from the simple daily exercises rediscovered by Dr. Bates based in part of yogic eye exercises, in conjunction to use of pinhole glasses. No prescription.

Price: US$29.95
elastic-free organic linen boxers Liszt Elastic-free 100% Organic French Linen Knit Boxers

  • 100% organic linen knit.
  • Made in Europe. Sweatshop-free.
  • Elastic-free with drawstrings.
  • S - 3XL. Natural.

Price: US$31.95

organic linen scarf Pomona Tissue-Weight 100% Organic Linen Scarf

Rg1795 Organic European Linen Scarf
Soft & Light Tissue-Weight. 24" x 70".
Natural, Ivory, Black
Made by Rawganique

Price: US$48.00
Sale Price: US$39.00
hemp house slippers Kyoto Hemp Slippers (3-Layer Footbed)

RGFT-254SE Women's 5-10; Men's 7-13. Natural.

Price: US$46.00

hemp scarf Taormina Tissue-Weight 100% Organic Hemp Scarf

•. Soft & Light (but cozy) tissue-weight
•. 24" x 70" (excluding tassels).
•. Many eco-dyed colors
•. With tassels $48. Hemmed $39.

Price: US$48.00
hemp needle felting Teddie Bare Denman Atelier Needle-Felted 100% Hemp Miniature Teddy Bear

The world's first and only miniature needle felting hand-felted hemp Teddy Bear, which we aptly name Teddie Bare because his hand-made all-hemp body is too gorgeous for clothes. It takes hours of needle felting to create this gorgeous miniature hemp animal. :) Handmade at the Rawganique Atelier on Denman Island.

Price: US$49.00
Hemp T-shirt Bel Air 100% Hemp T-Shirt

- RGMTS-869 100% Organic Hemp T-shirt
- Made at the Rawganique Atelier in Europe
- Unisex. S - XXL.
- Natural, Iced Tea, Oak, Oregano, Russet

Price: US$55.00

100% Hemp T-shirt Anaheim 100% Hemp T-Shirt - Thick, Ribbed

• Thick, durable organic hemp T-shirt
• Ribbed knit jersey (sweater weight)
• S - XXL. Unbleached, undyed.

Price: US$59.00

100% Hemp T-shirt Manley Beach 100% Hemp T-Shirt (Thick, Ribbed, with pocket))

• RGMTS-870PO Hemp T-shirt with pocket
• Thick, durable organic hemp T-shirt
• S - XXL
• Natural or Black

Price: US$59.00
hemp slippers Okinawa Indoor/Outdoor Hemp Slippers (Handmade, Natural Rubber Sole)

RGFT-7674 Handmade hemp slippers
Natural rubber sole. Use indoors or out.
Women's 5-10; Men's 7-13.

Price: US$62.00

hemp satchel Richmond Hill Double Folio Hemp Purse

• RGBG-8895
• 100% organic European hemp canvas
• 9" wide by 6.5" tall. Black.
• Handmade by Rawganique in Europe
• Ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly

Price: US$69.00

hemp backpack Friday Harbour Mini Hemp Backpack

• RGBG-8864
• 100% organic European hemp canvas
• 10" wide, 11" high, 4.5" deep. Black.
• Handmade by Rawganique in Europe
• Ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly

Price: US$69.00

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