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Rawganique products are handmade, with all the variations in color and texture that comes with truly natural products. Made in USA, Canada and Europe, our organic products are free of pesticides, GMO, dioxin, formaldehyde, PVC, toxic dyes, and industrial chemicals.
Did you know that a synthetic garment sheds 2,500 pieces of micro fibers with each wash, that find their way into the ocean and food chain?
Organic clothes are breathable, biodegradable, and safe for you and the planet.
Rawganique - Luxury from nature by homesteaders since 1997. Questions? Ask us at info@rawganique.com!

european hemp socks Organic Hemp Terry Socks (Dvorak)

- RGFT-1079
- Unbleached & dye-free. Hypoallergenic.
- Highly breathable for best foot health
- Unisex S - XL
- Non-confining to allow for free circulation

Price: US$16.00
organic linen socks Organic French Flax Linen Terry Socks (Schumann)

- RGFT-1080
- Breathable & non-confining
- Chemical-free. Hypoallergenic.
- Unisex Wn 5 - Mn 15
- Natural. Unbleached, dye-free.

Price: US$16.00
organic cotton socks Organic Cotton Terry Socks (Schubert)

- RGFT-1092
- Unisex S - XL
- Hypoallergenic. Chemical-free.
- Elastic-free knit. Non-confining

Price: US$16.00
organic cotton socks 98% Organic Cotton Crew Socks (3-Pack) (Gettysburg)

- FT501
- 3-Pack. Good value.
- 98% organic cotton, 1% spandex
- Made in USA. Many colors.
- Sizes M (9-11), L (10-13), XL (14-16)

Price: US$24.00
hemp terry socks Organic Hemp Terry Anklet Socks (1 pair( (Hertfordshire)

- RG-SO101
- Unisex S - XL
- Natural, Black
- Super breathable. Great for foot health.
- Non-confining

Price: US$15.00
organic linen terry socks Organic Linen Terry Anklet Golf Socks (Cheshire)

- RGFT-1009
- Breathable & non-confining
- Chemical-free. Hypoallergenic.
- Natural (unbleached & dye-free)
- Unisex S - XL (Wn 6 - Mn 15)

Price: US$15.00
organic socks Organic Cotton, Linen & Hemp Socks (Organic Trinity: 3 Pairs)

- GROK-2251
- Thick & cozy. Vegan.
- Unisex S - XL
- Breathable & non-confining
- Hypoallergenic. Chemical-free. Dye-free.

Price: US$46.00
hemp socks Hemp Cotton Crew Socks (Hempstead)

- 2B-HCSocks
- Casual crew hemp socks
- Denim, Navy, Olive, Natural, White, Black
- Unisex M, L
- Made in USA

Price: US$10.97
organic cotton crew socks Organic Cotton Casual Socks (3-Pack) (Willamette)

- FT101-2
- Medium (Wn 9-11) or Large (Mn 10-13)
- Natural, Navy, or Black
- Made in USA. 3-Pack.
- Closeout. While supplies last.

Price: US$23.97
organic cotton crew socks USA Organic Cotton Crew Socks (3-Pack) (Bayswater)

- FT1026
- Made in USA. 3-pack
- Unisex S, M, L
- Natural. Dye-free. Hypoallergenic.

Price: US$24.00
organic cotton dress socks Organic Cotton Dress Socks (3-Pack) (Berkshire)

- FT102-2
- Made in USA. 3-Pack
- Medium (Wn 9-11) or Large (Mn 10-13)
- Navy, Black, or Natural.
- Closeout. While supplies last.

Price: US$23.97
chemical-free organic cotton socks 99.8% Organic Cotton Allergy Crew Socks (Williamsburg)

- FT401-OF
- Unisex S, M, L, XL
- Natural, Black
- Hypo-allergenic, breathable, non-confining

Price: US$9.50
organic cotton sports socks Roland-Garros Org Cotton Sports Socks (Large) (3-Pack)

FT201-OF Roland-Garros Organic Cotton Tennis Socks. Made in USA. Large size only. Fit most men (as well as  women with shoe size women's 10 or larger).

Price: US$24.00
Sold out. Please view our other styles of organic sports socks.
organic cotton tall sports socks Unisex Organic Cotton Sports Crew Socks (Wimbledon)

- FT-729
- Cushioned sole
- Natural, Navy, and Ivory
- M (most Women) & L (most Men)

Price: US$12.00
organic cotton golf socks Unisex Organic Cotton No-Show Anklet Footie Golf Socks (3-Pack) (Cypress Point)

- FT-7390
- Made in USA
- M (Women 9-11) or L (Men 10-13)
- Natural, Ivory, Black & 3 color stripes choices

Price: US$21.00
mens elastic-free organic boxers underwear Men's Elastic-free Underwear (Wildcard Pack of 4)

- Money-saving wildcard pack
- You choose the size. We choose the color.
- Organic cotton, linen, hemp elastic-free boxers

Price: US$119.00
organic wool socks Burlington Big Rib Organic Wool Socks

FT703-OF Burlington Big Ribs Organic Wool Socks. Soft and cozy. Medium to heavy warmth. Made in USA. Olive, Natural, Black. Medium or Large.

Price: US$19.95
Sold out - Please Look At Our Other Styles
99.95% organic cotton socks 99.95% Organic Cotton Anklet Dress Socks (Beethoven)

- RGFT-1090 (SH-SO100-OC)
- Unisex S, M, L, XL
- Chemical-free. Hypoallergenic. MCS-suitable.
- Breathable. Non-confining.

Price: US$15.00
organic wool socks Mountain Hiker Organic Wool Socks (Equinox)

- FT704-OF
- Thick & warm
- Made in USA
- Unisex M, L
- Blue, Purple, Red, Green or Black

Price: US$19.95
organic wool socks Urban Hiker Organic Wool Crew Socks (Georgetown)

- FT702-OF
- Great for biking, jogging, walking around town
- Made in USA
- Unisex M, L
- Green, Black

Price: US$17.50
organic wool anklets Urban Hiker Organic Wool Anklet Socks (Providence)

- FT701-OF
- Warm, dry feet at home or walks
- Made in USA
- Sand or Black
- Unisex M, L

Price: US$15.00
Thank you for choosing organic and sweatshop-free!