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Go With Organic Accessories That Reflect Your Lifestyle

Accessorize with sustainable, handmade, eco-friendly organic cotton, linen, and hemp accessories. We have been making organic hats, gloves, belts, scarves, and more since 1997. Made in USA, Canada, Europe. Sweatshop-free.
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hemp wallet Hemp Trifold Wallet (Stonehenge)

- HA665-RG0032
- Vegan, leather-free
- 3.5" x 5"
- Driver's license window

Price: US$19.95

organic linen eyeshade Dream Journey Organic Linen Eyeshade - Blindfold

- RGAC-707
- Adapts to most facial features
- Perfect for sleep, travel, meditation
- Natural, Ivory, Black
- Velcro-free. Elastic-free.

Price: US$16.95

hemp wallet Hemp Bifold Wallet (Utah)

- RG0430
- Vegan, leather-free, velcro-free
- 3.5" by 5"
- Two inside driver's license windows

Price: US$19.95
plastic-free hemp bifold wallet Hemp Bifold Wallet (Cincinnati)

- RG0440
- Vegan, leather-free, plastic-free
- 3.5" by 5"

Price: US$19.95

iphone hemp bag 3-in-1 Hemp Pouch - Wristlet (Dublin)

- RGBG-201P
- 7.25" x 4.75" x 1"
- For passport, wallet, change, EarPods, phones...
- Natural, Black

Price: US$39.00

hemp duffel bag Hemp Gym Duffel Bag (Oyster Express)

- RGBG-271
- 100% organic European hemp.
- 14.5" x 8.5" base / 7" deep at top, 10" high
- Inside & outside pockets. 18" handle.
- Natural, Black

Price: US$109.00

hemp camera bag Organic Hemp Camera Bag (Liverpool)

- RG9988
- 13.5" long, 5" wide, 8.25" high
- 3.5" wide at the top
- Functional compartments & pockets
- Natural, Black

Price: US$99.00
hemp shopping bag Giant Food Haul Hemp Shopping Bag

- RGBG210
- 100% hemp. Chemical-free
- 21.5" x 14" x 6.5"
- Ideal for shopping, laundry, travel

Price: US$79.95
Sale Price: US$59.95

hemp canvas duffel bag World Explorer Hemp Duffel Bag

- RGBG-279
- Stiff European hemp canvas
- 20" W x 12.5" H x 9" D
- Natural, Black

Price: US$139.00
Vegan Hemp Canvas Laptop Tote Backpack Hemp 15" Laptop Tote Backpack (Land Sea & Sky)

- RGBG-219
- Vegan, hypo-allergenic
- 15.5" tall, 12.5" wide, 5" deep
- Natural, Black
- Organizes everything you carry

Price: US$149.00
hemp carry-on Hemp Carry-Around Bag (Lake District)

- RGBG-991W
- 14" x 9" x 7.5" - 3" deep
- Natural, Black
- Fits a Macbook Air AND iPad Pro

Price: US$99.00

hemp shoelaces Hemp Rainbow Shoelaces (Middlebury)

- 100% Hemp Shoelaces Deluxe
3 Rainbow colors
80cm (32"), 120cm (48")
Hand-crimped copper tips

Price: US$12.99

hemp fabric swatches Swatch Book 3 (Hemp & Linen Woven & Knits)

Swatch Book #3: Organic linen and hemp woven and knit fabrics, in different weights. Chemical-free. Sweatshop-free. Made in-house at the Rawganique Atelier in Europe.

Price: US$5.00

hemp leash Pippi Hemp Pet Leash

RG1945 Pippi Hemp Dog Cat Pet Leash is made from 100% organic European hemp edging tape, with metal connecting parts. Natural, Black, and Indigo. 6 feet.

Price: US$8.99
pinhole glasses Natural Vision Therapy Pinhole Glasses

Pinhole glasses based on Dr. William Bates's natural vision training methods for better eyesight without medication and without glasses. Since the 1930's thousands upon thousands of people have experienced improved eyesight from the simple daily exercises rediscovered by Dr. Bates based in part of yogic eye exercises, in conjunction to use of pinhole glasses. No prescription.

Price: US$29.95
Hemp Yoga Mat Carrier Bag 100% Hemp Yoga Mat Bag (Suriya)

- RG031-TYB1
- 7.5" diameter; 27.5" or 31" long
- Natural, Black

Price: US$49.00
hemp rope hammock Hemp Rope Hammock

100% Hemp Rope Hammock from organically grown European hemp. Solid untreated wooden bars. Made in Europe. Sweatshop-free. Chemical-free. 36" wide; 65" long (hammock part); wood bar is 39.5" long; 2' from wood bar to metal ring. Fits most hammock stand (not included).

Price: US$89.00

organic cotton eyeshade Dreamscape Organic Cotton Eyeshade Blindfold

- RGAC-706
- Adapts to most facial features
- Perfect for sleep, travel, meditation
- Natural, Brown
- Elastic-free. Velcro-free.

Price: US$16.95

elastic-free organic cotton eyeshade Elastic-free Organic Cotton Reversible Eyeshade (Fleece/Twill) (Bartok)

- RGAC-704
- Reversible organic fleece - twill
- Perfect for sleep, nap, travel
- Natural, Black
- Elastic-free. Velcro-free.

Price: US$19.95

hemp slippers Indoor/Outdoor Hemp Slippers (3-Layer Footbed) (Okinawa)

- RGFT-7674
- Breathable for healthy feet
- Wn 5-10 I Mn 7-13
- Natural, Black

hemp car seat cover Autobahn Hemp Car Seat Cover

  • 100% Hemp Car Seat Cover
  • Grown and Made in Europe.
  • Sweatshop-free. Chemical-free

Price: US$79.00

hemp guitar strap Vegan Hemp Guitar Strap

RG896-GS1 100% Vegan Hemp Guitar Strap
2" by 53". Natural, Black, Blue, Green, Brown.

Price: US$19.00

organic cotton fleece scarf Reversible Organic Cotton Fleece - Jersey Scarf (Huron)

- RGAC-8931
- The purest & plushest organic scarf ever!
- Lightweight, cozy & warm
- Organic cotton threads
- Natural. Chemical-free.

Price: US$29.95

hemp sleeping bag Yukon 100% Hemp Sleeping Bag

World's first and only all-natural 100% hemp sleeping bag, from organically grown European hemp. Take perfect, pure sleep with you anywhere in the world. Made in-house for true purity. Chemical-free. Sweatshop-free.

Price: US$299.00

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Choose from a wide selection of hand-crafted, ethically made organic accessories:

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