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Organic Wool Sofa Pillow
wool pillow
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- Soft & Resilient Organic Wool Sofa Pillow
- Organic Cotton Casing
- Hand-made in Canada. Sweatshop-free.
- Hypoallergenic. Chemical-free.



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Organic Wool Sofa Pillow

100% organically grown wool pillow with organic cotton casing.

Made in Canada. Sweatshop-free. Chemical-free.

Wool pillows provide a soft, resilient support for a restful night. Made in Canada. Sweatshop-free. Chemical-free.

The wool used for the filling is GOTS-certified. It comes from sheep grazing on pastures free from pesticides and herbicides in the Argentinian dry-lands.

The climate and soil there mean that no other commercial crops are grown on the pastures, and the wool is denser and more springy. After shearing, the wool is washed only in hot water - without any chemicals, detergents, bleach, or chlorine.

Get ready for a wonderfully rejuvenating night with our pure wool pillows! Available in a variety of sizes, our pure wool pillows feature a tightly woven certified organic cotton covers.

Fluffy and luxurious, our Euro-Luxury Pure Virgin Wool Pillows provide a medium firm support. Completely pure and humanely harvested (full disclosure at bottom of page), the soft wool used in our organic pillows are processed in such a gentle way as to preserve the yarn's integrity and be mindful of the environment (no chemicals ever came near our 100% pure wool pillows).

Our pure wool pillows are a perfect choice for customers who require pure, chemical-free pillows and who are averse to cruelty to animal associated with down pillows and to the toxic chemicals routinely used to manufacture conventional cotton, polyester, or other formaldehyde-laden synthetic pillows, many of which actually outgas toxic chemicals for years. Chemically sensitive customers will also appreciate the lengths to which we go to preserve the purity of our natural bedroom products and to achieve the quality for that we are known. As we see it, the outside world is full enough of chemicals, the last thing we need is to contend with more of it in the sanctity of our own bedroom, which to many of us is the true last safe haven from the hecticness of modern living.

Pure wool is legendary for its ability to perfectly regulate temperature, so that you'll never feel too hot or cold, making it suitable for year-round use just about anywhere. (Wool has traditionally been the material of choice of insulation for this reason.) The carded wool in our pure wool pillows retains its loft better than organic cotton, which will pack down over time, providing a very firm support for those who prefer it. Our unique garneting technique maximizes the longevity of your new wool pillow and ensures that the fill remain even and smooth even after years of nightly use.

If you are not sure or are very particular about the texture of fabrics, etc.., then we recommend that you find bedding and bath products in your local stores rather than buying them online as they are not returnable. Our products are as pure, luxurious, and sustainable as can be and that, coming from us, is no small claim. We've looked everywhere for the very best products and only settle for a manufacturer that meets our strict criteria of sustainability, fair labor standards, zero cruelty to animals, non-exploitation of workers, environmental conservation, and purity. Thank you for your understanding.

You may purchase our Euro-Luxury Organic Cotton Pillow Barrier Cloth Covers in conjunction with your wool pillow in the pull-down menu below. Please click here for more information on our Euro-Luxury zippered organic cotton pillow barrier cloth covers (these pillow covers are not pillowcases--they are zippered (for snug protection of your organic pillow), very tightly woven to a sateen sheen, and meant to protect your organic pillow against dust, dirt, mold, dust mites, and mildew). They are also perfect for pillows in guest rooms and are machine washable. We highly recommend their use for everyday protection and prolonged life of your new organic pillow. We also offer a complete line of luxury organic pillowcases in organic cotton, hemp, and linen fabrics.

Information on our organic bedding collection:

Growing sensitivities to the vast array of chemicals used in the manufacture of everyday items prevent more and more people from functioning in the chemical soup that surrounds us daily. Take cotton for example, conventionally grown cotton used in most bedding relies heavily upon chemicals that leave toxins in the soil, water, and air, not to mention the toxic residues on the cotton fibers.

In an effort to preserve their own health, the health of their families, and the environmental health of the planet, many people are choosing a simpler, more natural way of life. Our organic bedding collection is designed for those who wish to live in a cleaner, safer environment, while enjoying a top quality, hand-made product. The materials we use are the finest nature can provide; certified organic and handpicked cotton, organic Argentinian wool, and certified organic natural rubber.

Are you a sound sleeper, or do you sometimes suffer from sleeplessness, perhaps a sore back? Maybe a stiff neck keeps you awake. It could be that you have allergies or are sensitive to chemicals. Your bed and bedroom accessories play a major role in how well you sleep. An uncomfortable bed will cause you to have a poor night's sleep and since you will spend approximately 100 days there this year, this is not to be taken lightly.

A growing number of people are sensitive to the chemicals used in the manufacture of everyday items. Traditional bedding contains synthetic materials and an abundance of chemicals such as formaldehyde and arsenic. This bedding off-gases harmful vapors throughout the night for years after your purchase and have been known to cause a wide variety of health problems such as asthma, sore backs, and multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS). With this in mind, our organic bedding collection was created using only the purest natural materials found on Earth and by maintaining their purity throughout the manufacturing process.

All products - mattresses, foundations, pillows, comforters, and mattress protectors contain pure, organically grown and harvested cotton.

Cotton grown in industrialized countries is saturated with pesticides and herbicides and absorb all the chemicals that modern fertilizers deposit in the soil. Machine picked, it is full of impurities, oil, leaves, and dirt.

The organic cotton we use as casing for our Organic Wool Pillows is cultivated and hand picked in the traditional co-operative manner that has been followed for centuries in the CaƱete and Chincha valleys high in the Peruvian Andes. It is grown organically without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or defoliants to fertilize the crop, control plant growth or fight pests. No synthetic chemicals are used to strip the leaves in preparation for the harvest or during the manufacturing process. Hand picking ensures that it is the cleanest, purest most resilient cotton fiber available.

With a cover made from the finest Peruvian hand-picked cotton certified organic by GOTS, and premium Argentinian Wool certified organic by GOTS, you are sure to receive only the purest pillows.

Using craftsmanship based on experience and environmental sensibility, the raw fleece is processed without the use of any dyes or bleaches. Bleached wool contains toxic compounds including highly toxic dioxin, something we all can do without. The wool is cleaned using a unique chemical free process that produces exceptionally clean wool, while retaining high natural lanolin content.

Processing is restricted, usual processes performed on wool are not used, such as; (1) Carbonizing, a process which uses carbonic acid to dissolve chaff, (2) Shrink proofing, (3) Chemical scale removal, and (4) Moth proofing. None of our processes use chemicals or produce toxins in the wool. Finished batting is only washed with hot water instead of chemical pesticides. The wool is stored in an unscented atmosphere.

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