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Handmade Sweatshop-free Manufacturing Organic Clothing Productions

About Manufacturing & Production
Why sweatshop-free? Because everyone deserves respect.
For us, sweatshop-free production means manufacturing in-house: we grow, weave, knit, and sew in a modern-day cottage industry that ensures true purity and environmental sustainability.

To make the purest and most sustainable products on the market, Rawganique.com and PureClothes.com rely on a team of 50 artisans and partners (and a mixture of heritage and highly sophisticated machines) who grow hemp plants, process them into fiber, then weave or knit them into luscious organic fabrics of varying weights for different purposes, from making hemp ropes to fine hemp knits.

With our European partners, we dye the fabrics in-house, using natural fruit and vegetable as well as biodegradable fiber-reactive dyes. It's then time to cut and sew to our designers' specifications, creating durable timeless organic clothing, footwear, bed, and bath products. Virtually everything is done in-house, in our airy and light-filled three-story atelier.

Let us take you behind the scenes, so you can get a sense of where your favorite clothes, shoes, and home products from Rawganique.com and PureClothes.com come from, and how they are made. Many of our partners and artisans have been with us from the beginning. Each takes great pride in his and her work. We have been offering pure products in the marketplace since 1999.

The light-filled European hemp workshop - atelier is a space where our team enjoy brainstorming, character-building conversations over fruits, drinks, and snacks. Each of the team then goes to their respective space to create and do what they do best. Then we all come back for more conversations, discussions, and passionate dialogues. Samples are argued over, successful creations drooled over and appreciated. The hemp atelier (a hemp purist's dream come true), which sits atop our 3-story building, also doubles up as a photography studio for many of the photos you see at Rawganique.com and PureClothes.com. So many beautiful creations are made here, even though very few get to see the light of day. What arrives in your hands is the best of the best, culled from countless drawings, ideas, and versions.

It all starts with the organic hemp seeds that our partners save from their plants, which are grown organically, without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The hemp plants don't even need water, thanks to Romania's ideal summer climate, with its intermittent rainfall. In Romania, the hemp plants love the heat -- the day we took this photo, it was 43 degrees celsius out! -- and grow like the weed that it is. No GMO, of course.

The harvested hemp stalks get retted naturally, either by dew-retting or stream-retting. The resulting hemp fibers are then mechanically combed to a beautiful long-staple yarn. The rougher parts are used for hemp ropes and hemp twines, and the finer parts are turned into beautiful knits and woven fabrics for our organic clothing, footwear, bedding, and bath products. We dye the hemp yarns using biodegradable fiber-reactive dyes or natural dyes from fruits and vegetables.

The dried dyed hemp yarns get spooled; once the spooling is finished, the fine organic hemp yarns are ready for weaving or knitting, whatever the production line-up requires. These are our special heavy-duty knitting machines that are capable of making truly fine 100% hemp knits which we are famous for. In fact, ours is the only 100% organic European hemp knit in the world: soft, silky, breathable, and ultra cozy.

Here's the raw hemp knit coming out of the high-tech knitting engine that turns soft organic hemp yarns into breathable, silky knit fabric that our customers love.

Here's the raw hemp knit coming out of the high-tech knitting engine that turns soft organic hemp yarns into breathable, silky knit fabric that our customers love.

The resulting fabric then gets washed and ironed, ready for...

cutting and sewing. A very precise art.

In the cutting room, Master Tailor's Sanyi and his longtime assistant Gyuri carefully measure and cut the 100% organic hemp knit fabric for our popular 100% hemp pajamas (naturally dyed with oregano) against the backdrop of design patterns.

Here an artisan is unraveling a section of hemp ribbed knit fabric (which is used for collar trims) so that it can be sewn onto our popular 100% organic hemp knit t-shirts.

The sewing studio on the second floor is equipped with top-of-the-line sewing machines because the strong hemp yarns and fabrics require the best of the best. Hemp and linen are notorious for being hard to work with because of their sheer strength. How many times have the needles broken on them!!! By the way, those are the slate blue 100% hemp karate pants sitting on the front sewing station.

Organic Hemp Karate Pants being sewn.

Organic Hemp Clog uppers are awaiting soling.

Metal eyelets are stamped onto pre-cut holes on the 100% organic hemp uppers of our Unisex Hemp Sports Shoes.

Our shoe artisan is stitching the sole onto hemp sports shoes. The organic hemp canvas used to make these hemp shoes are of course woven, dyed, and grown in-house.

Sewing is finished for 100% hemp pajamas. Ready for finishing (steaming, ironing).

Here in the finishing room on the second foor, the hemp fabric and or finished organic garments are steam-ironed, ready for packaging.

Finished organic cotton, linen, and hemp products are packed and ready for shipment. On the shelves to the right are the 100% organic hemp rugs, organic cotton and hemp rugs, organic wool and hemp rugs, as well as the 100% organic hemp yoga mats.

Part of the team of 50 at our atelier. Each takes pride in his or her part in bringing you pure, sweatshop-free organic cotton, linen, and hemp products. We hope you love wearing them as much as we love creating them.

So... this is what it means when we say end-to-end purity in production: sustainability at its best, the small-scale way. Only at Rawganique.com and PureClothes.com: the go-to place since 1999 for folks who are chemically-sensitive and chemically-averse.