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  • "Your organic socks are a life saver for me. I've had problems with rashes, eczema, and athlete's foot all my life, until my current dermatologist Dr. Jamieson told me to try your natural breathable socks and shoes. Since I started wearing your organic cotton and hemp socks and shoes, my skin allergies have disappeared. Magic. I'm so happy. No more nylon, no more synthetics, no more micro-fibers for me." Ben L.
  • Organic cotton, flax linen, and hemp socks made in USA and Europe since 1997. The purest there is.

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european hemp socks Dvorak Organic Hemp Terry Socks

- RGFT-1079 Hemp Terry Socks
- Organic European Hemp. Sweatshop-Free.
- Unbleached + Undyed. Hypoallergenic.
- 4 Sizes S, M, L, XL

Price: US$16.00

organic linen socks Schumann Organic French Linen Terry Socks

- RGFT-1080 Organic French Linen Terry Socks
- 4 Sizes to cover Wn 5 - Mn 15 Sizes
- Sweatshop-Free
- Chemical-Free. Hypoallergenic.

Price: US$16.00

organic cotton socks Schubert Organic Cotton Terry Socks

- RGFT-1092 Organic Cotton Terry Socks
- 4 Sizes S, M, L, XL
- Made in Europe. Sweatshop-Free.
- Hypoallergenic. Chemical-Free.

Price: US$16.00

organic cotton socks Gettysburg 98% Org Cotton Classic Crew Socks (3-Pack)

FT501 Organic Cotton Crew Socks. 98% Organic cotton, 1% spandex. Made in USA. Many colors. Sizes M (9-11), L (10-13), and XL (14-16).

Price: US$24.00

hemp terry socks Hertfordshire Organic Hemp Terry Anklet Socks (1 pair) (SO101)

- RG-SO101 Organic Hemp Terry Socks
- Super Breathable. Great For Foot Health.
- Sweatshop-Free Made in Europe
- Chemical-Free. Hypoallergenic.

Price: US$15.00

organic socks Organic Trinity (Schubert, Schumann, Dvorak): Organic Cotton, Linen, & Hemp Socks (3 Pairs)

A 3-pack of Schubert organic cotton socks, Schumann organic linen socks, and Dvorak organic hemp socks. Thick and cozy. Made in-house for true purity.

Price: US$46.00

hemp socks Hempstead Hemp Cotton Socks

2B-HC Socks Hempstead hemp and cotton blend socks. Medium or Large. Denim, Navy, Olive, Natural, Black. Made in USA.

Price: US$10.00

organic cotton crew socks Willamette Organic Cotton Casual Socks (3-Pack)

FT101-2 Made in USA. Natural, Navy, or Black. Medium (9-11) or Large (10-13)

Price: US$24.00

organic cotton crew socks USA Bayswater Organic Cotton Crew Socks (3-Pack)

FT1026 Made in USA. Natural. Small (Children), Medium (most Women) or Large (most Men).

Price: US$24.00

organic cotton dress socks Berkshire Organic Cotton Dress Socks (3-Pack)

FT102-2 Berkshire Organic Cotton Dress Crew Socks. Made in USA. Medium (9-11) or Large (10-13). Navy, Black, or Natural.

Price: US$24.00
chemical-free organic cotton socks Williamsburg 99.8% Org Cotton Socks

FT401-OF Williamsburg Allergy Crew 99.8% Organic Cotton Socks for when purity counts. Made in USA. Four sizes.

Price: US$9.50

organic linen terry socks Cheshire 99% Organic French Linen Terry Anklet Golf Socks

- Cheshire 99% Organic Linen Anklets
- Chemical-free. Hypo-allergenic.
- Made in Europe. Sweatshop-free.
- Natural (Unbleached & Dye-free)

Price: US$15.00
organic cotton tall sports socks Unisex Wimbledon Organic Cotton Sports Crew Socks

FT-729 Wimbledon Organic Cotton Sports Crew Socks with Coolmax®. Cushioned
sole. Made in USA. Natural, Navy, and Ivory. M (fits most Women) and L (fits most Men).

Price: US$12.00

organic cotton sports anklets Unisex US Open Organic Cotton Sports Anklets (3-Pack)

FT-739 US Open Organic Cotton Sports Anklets with Coolmax®. Cushioned
sole. Made in USA. Natural and Ivory. M (fits most Women) and L (fits most Men).

Organic Cotton Tights Organic Cotton Tights

Made in Peruvian co-op. Sweatshop-free. Gusseted crotch. S - XL. Multiple Colors.

Price: US$29.95

organic cotton golf socks Cypress Point Unisex Organic Cotton No-Show Anklet Footie Golf Socks (3-Pack)

- FT-7390 Unisex Organic Cotton Golf Anklet Footies
- Made in USA. Sweatshop-Free.
- M (Women 9-11) or L (Men 10-13)
- Natural or Black

Price: US$21.00

unisex organic cotton socks Dutch Waffle Organic Cotton Socks (3-Pack)

FT4390X Dutch Waffle Casual Organic Cotton Socks for all-around wearing comfort. Made in USA. Natural. Medium only.

Price: US$24.00

99.95% organic cotton socks Beethoven 99.95% Organic Cotton Dress Socks (SH-SO100-OC)

- RGFT-1090 Beethoven Organic Cotton Dress Socks - Anklets.
- 4 Sizes S, M, L, XL
- Made in Europe. Sweatshop-Free.
- Chemical-Free. Hypoallergenic. MCS Suitable.

Price: US$15.00

organic wool socks Equinox Mountain Hiker Organic Wool Socks

FT704-OF Equinox Organic Wool Socks. Thick mountain hiker organic wool socks. Really warm!!  Made in USA. Medium or Large. Olive or Black.

Price: US$19.95

organic wool socks Georgetown Urban Hiker Organic Wool Socks (Crew)

FT702-OF Georgetown Urban Hiker Organic Wool Crew Socks. Made in USA. Medium or Large. Sand or Black.

Price: US$17.50
organic wool anklets Providence Urban Hiker Organic Wool Socks (Short)

FT701-OF Providence Short Urban Hiker Organic Wool Socks. Made in USA. Sand or Black. Medium or Large.

Price: US$15.00
Children's Organic Cotton Socks Organic Cotton Socks (Infants & Kids)

Organic cotton socks for kids, infants, toddlers, and children. Made in USA.

Price: US$7.50
organic cotton nuby crew socks Organic Cotton Nuby Crew Socks (3-Pack)

FT203-2 Nuby Crew Organic Cotton Socks for wearing wearing loose or up. Made in USA. Medium size only.

Price: US$24.00
Organic Cotton Knee High Socks New Haven Org Cotton Knee-High Socks

Classic organic cotton knee high socks. Plain or with mantra. Made in USA.

Price: US$10.00
hemp socks Unisex Covent Garden 99.95% Hemp DressSocks

RG-SO9995H Covent Garden 99.95% Hemp Socks. Beautifully soft and silky. Chemical-free. Made in Europe. Sweatshop-free. For men and women.

Price: US$15.00

hemp anklets Unisex Salisbury 99.95% Hemp Anklet Dress Socks

RG-SO124H Salisbury Hemp Anklets. Rare & unique. 99.95% Hemp Anklet Socks from organically grown European hemp. We grow, knit, and sew each pair of hemp socks for true purity. Sweatshop-free. Chemical-free. For men and women. Made in Europe.

Price: US$12.00
Completely sold out. Sorry! Please choose one of our other styles.
sock darning kit Handmade Needle Felting Punch - Sock Darning Kit

The ultimate handmade heritage tool! This punch is great for needle felting little animals or making pads out of hemp or wool or flax. The needle felting punch can also be used to darn wool or hemp or linen or cotton socks without having to sew or patch. Kit with Medium or Fine Needle Set $35, with both $42.

Price: US$35.00
replacement needles for sock darning kit Felting Punch Needle Set

Replacement needles for sock darning kit. Set of 6. Choice of Fine (42 gauge) or Medium (38 gauge).

Price: US$9.00
organic cotton anklets El Paso Organic Cotton Anklet Socks (Made in USA) (3-Pack)

Made in USA organi cotton anklet socks.

Price: US$21.95
Sold out. More coming soon.
organic cotton booties Malahat Elastic-free 100% Organic Cotton Fleece Booties Slippers

100% organic cotton fleece booties. Use as boot liners or as sleep socks or house slippers. Natural or black. In women's and men's sizes.

Price: US$26.00


Say Hello To Healthy Feet

Say goodby to sweaty, smelly feet today! Rawganique's skin-friendly organic socks are handmade from breathable organic hemp, linen, and cotton. The fibres naturally wick away moisture so your feet stay comfortable and dry all day long. We have socks in many sizes, shapes. colors, and textures, and they have been making our customers' feet happy since 1997. We grow, weave, knit, and sew our sustainable, eco-friendly hemp shoes in -house for true sweatshop-free purity. Grown and made in Europe (not China).

Are you looking for green, eco friendly, ethically made organic socks made with only real natural fibers? Do you eat organic and want to wear green, chemical-free, breathable socks too? Do you have skin allergies that are aggravated by synthetic socks? We can help! Since 1997, Rawganique has been manufacturing organic cotton socks, organic linen socks, and organic hemp socks with chemical-free purity and environmental sustainability in mind.

We offer unisex organic cotton, flax linen, and hemp socks to suit your every need. Our chemical-free, non-toxic organic socks are sweatshop-free made in USA and Europe. All of our natural fiber socks can be worn by women and men. The purest chemical-free green socks on earth! If you have MCS or other chemical sensitivities, you've come to the right place! If you dislike chemicals and toxins that can leach into your skin, we have a comprehensive selection of organic-minded socks for you.

Featuring ethically made, sustainable 100% organic cotton socks, 100% organic French linen socks, 100% organic hemp socks, and many styles for work, play, sports, and organic socks that are non-confining. Our natural fiber socks make the perfect indie socks, hippie socks, and whatever endearing name you want to give your vegan eco socks!