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Organic Cotton, Hemp, Buckwheat, Kapok, Natural Rubber Pillows

Purify your home where it matters most! Our chemical-free vegan pillows are handmade entirely in the USA and Europe from the highest quality organic natural materials. Hypoallergenic and fully sustainable - these two goals go hand-in-hand, because what's good for the planet must also be good for you, naturally!
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organic cotton pillow protector Organic Cotton Pillow Barrier Protector

- Zippered for protection against dust mites
- Dense weave protects against mildew & dust mites
- Chemical-free. Sweatshop-free. Made in USA.

organic buckwheat pillow Vegan Organic Buckwheat Pillow (Illinois)

- OC-Buckwheat-Pillow
- Hypoallergenic. Chemical-free.
- Vegan. Made in USA.
- Travel, Standard, Queen, King
- Free shipping in USA

organic cotton pillow Organic Cotton Pillow (South Carolina)

- Grown and made in USA. Vegan.
Chemical-free. Hypoallergenic.
- Travel, Sofa, Standard, Queen, King
- Choice of loft and zipper

Free shipping in USA

natural latex pillow Organic Shredded Natural Rubber Latex Pillow (Kauai)

- Hypoallergenic. Great for dust & mold allergies
- Machine washable
- Optional zipper to access filling
- Durable, great value over lifetime
- Sizes: Travel, Standard, Queen, King

organic kapok pillow Vegan Organic 100% Wild Kapok Pillow (Kea Lani)

- Vegan. Handmade in USA.
- 8 Sizes Travel, Sofa, Bed Pillows
- Soft, Medium, Firm Loft
- Optional zipper to access content
- Free shipping in USA

wool pillow Organic Wool Bed Pillow Made in USA (Edgerton)

- Hand-made in USA
- Hypoallergenic. Chemical-free.
- Standard, Queen, King
- Choice of loft and zipper
- Free shipping in USA

organic buckwool pillow Organic Buckwheat -Wool Reversible Combo Pillow (Outer Banks)

- Firm & supportive
- Helps with neck and back pain
- Breathable
- Sizes: Travel, Small, Standard, Queen, King
- Free shipping in USA. Made in USA.

hemp pillow Cloud Nine 100% Hemp Pillow (Case Included) (4 Sections)

- RGBD-426-04
- Handmade by Rawganique in Europe
- ~ 16" x 11" x 2". Adjustable height.
- For home or travels
- Chemical-free. Vegan.

Price: US$74.00

organic cotton sofa pillow Organic Cotton Sofa Pillow

- Made in USA. Vegan.
- Hypoallergenic. Chemical-free.
- Free shipping in USA. Outside: $20.
- Sizes: Travel, Sofa, Bolster

organic cotton body pillow Organic Cotton Body Pillow

- Grown & made in USA
- Full
20" x 72" & Junior 20" x 54"
Zipper ($8) & OC Case ($78) optional
Free shipping in USA. Outside $35

wool pillow Organic Wool Sofa Pillow

- Soft & resilient
- Organic cotton casing
- Handmade in USA or Canada. Sweatshop-free.
- Hypoallergenic. Chemical-free.

hemp cushion 100% Hemp Pillow (12 Sections; Case Included) (Atlantis)

- RGBD-438-12
- Adjustable height, 100% hemp fill
- Chemical-free. Vegan.
- Use for Bed, Sofa, or back support
- ~ 35" long, 17" wide, & 2" high

Price: US$189.00


Say goodbye to respiratory allergies, rashes, irritation and compromising your ethical values to get a good pillow. Rawganique’s all-natural, sustainable vegan pillows will help you rest easy knowing you’re protecting your skin and the planet.

Made without fire retardants, forever chemicals like PFAS, GMOs, dioxins, formaldehyde or dyes, these bed pillows offer a chemical-free and allergy-free solution to the pillows most of us have come to think of as the status quo over the years.

Rawganique has specialized in safe products for people prone to chemical allergies since 1997. We’ve found the intersection between natural and luxurious through our one-of-a-kind products, and we’ve put that forth in our line of natural-fiber bed pillows. Each of our pillows is made with a pure, sustainable substance that has various densities and benefits: Our natural Kapok pillow has a silky fill harvested from 100-foot-tall wild Kapok trees. The Kapok silk gives the pillow a soft, downy texture, comparable to a soft sponge. This pillow is very breathable and keeps your head and neck cool.
Our 100% organic cotton bed pillow is our firmest pillow, with a denser feel for customers who crave good support. As with all of our pillows, the organic cotton pillow has an optional side zipper that allows for easy removal of the fill should the pillow be a bit too firm for your liking.
Our shredded natural rubber pillow is spongey, resilient and contours to your body. You can easily move the rubber filling in the pillow to really match your spine, providing options for more head support, neck support, etc.
Our buckwheat pillow is highly breathable and moisture-wicking and changes shape easily to fit your body. Buckwheat is great for temperature regulation and air circulation, making this pillow an excellent natural option for sleep sweaters.

Each of our organic cotton pillows, organic hemp pillows, organic wool pillows, organic natural rubber pillows, organic buckwheat hulls pillow and Kapok pillows are grown and made in-house to ensure the finest, purest product possible. We never outsource to India or China. Our goal is to deliver the purest, cleanest product to you possible. We take pride in each and every product at Rawganique, and know our customers trust us to deliver the best all-natural products on the market.

Try a natural-fiber pillow from Rawganique today. We’re certain that you’ll love your product, and your skin will love you back. Get the luxury without the compromise.