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Organic Shredded Natural Rubber Latex Bed Pillow
natural latex pillow

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Free Shipping. Hand-made in USA. USDA-certified organic cotton casing. Sweatshop-free.

Organic Shredded Natural Latex Pillow

Back sleeper? Low loft is the best for you.
Side sleeper? High loft.
Flippers? Medium loft.

Our shredded natural rubber pillow makes for a perfect night's sleep! Natural rubber is shredded to provide airspace for optimal air circulation while you sleep at night. The fill can be rearranged to suit your sleeping habits, whether you sleep on your side or back. If you choose the zipper option, you can remove fill to leave just the exact amount for your prefect natural rubber pillow of your dream.

Natural rubber pillow with shredded natural rubber fill; organic cotton casing. Available with zipper (to access and adjust filling) and without (metal-free; to adjust filling, open seam and sew closed again). USDA-certified organic US cotton sateen casing. And the pillow is washable! Hand-made with love in USA. Sweatshop-free. Chemical-free.

Free shipping within the 48 contiguous states. To all other destinations shipping is $20.

Travel 12"x16" / 0.8 lbs.
Standard 20"x26" / 4.5 lbs.
Queen 20"x30" / 6 lbs.
King 20"x36" / 7.5 lbs.

Provides soft resilient support for the head and neck.

Removable outside cover can be washed by hand.

The whole pillow can be machine washed as shredded rubber fill dries quickly. Antibacterial, Hypoallergenic, and dust resistant.

Cover is made from a heavy-duty 100% organic cotton fabric. The shredded natural rubber filling will keep your organic pillow resilient for many, many years (our factory estimates that, with proper care, our shredded natural rubber pillow can last up to 20 years)

More Info on Shredded Natural Rubber Pillow

Our Shredded Natural Latex / Rubber Pillow is very versatile. Made from shredded natural rubber, it can be shaped to fit your sleeping preference and neck comfort. The organic cotton cover is fully machine washable and features a brass zipper. The whole pillow is also machine washable as the shredded rubber dries quickly: its washability makes our shredded natural rubber pillow a favorite with many of our customers.

Our natural rubber is as pure and organic as can be. The rubber is collected between 5-9 in the morning, cooked by noon, and processed with foaming and rinsing agent via the natural Dunlop method (as opposed to the more popular Talalay processing method (used by most rubber manufacturers), which applies many chemicals in the processing) and rinsed 4 times to remove milk proteins, resulting in a natural rubber that's extremely pure. Most customers who are allergic to latex find that they do not react to our natural rubber products; it's the chemicals in conventional rubber processing that they react to.

On top of all the other benefits of our shredded natural pillow, it is also anti-bacterial, hypo-allergenic, and dust-resistant. It provides soft and resilient support for the head and neck; so, whether you sleep on your side or on your back, you will find that our shredded natural rubber pillow gives you a perfect night's rest, night after night.

Caution: Our natural rubber products are not recommended for those with milk allergies as they may react to the milk protein in the natural rubber.

Raw Organic Materials Info:

The Obasan staff is aware that our customers must have choices. Growing sensitivities to the vast array of chemicals used in the manufacture of everyday items prevent more and more people from functioning in the chemical soup that surrounds us daily. Take cotton for example, conventionally grown cotton used in most bedding relies heavily upon chemicals that leave toxins in the soil, water, and air, not to mention the toxic residues on the cotton fibers. In an effort to preserve their own health, the health of their families, and the environmental health of the planet, many people are choosing a simpler, more natural way of life.

The Obasan Collection of Organic Cotton Mattresses is designed for those who wish to live in a cleaner, safer environment, while enjoying a top quality, hand-made product. The materials we use are the finest nature can provide; certified organic and handpicked cotton, organic wool, and natural rubber. Are you a sound sleeper, or do you sometimes suffer from sleeplessness, perhaps a sore back? Maybe a stiff neck keeps you awake. It could be that you have allergies or are sensitive to chemicals.

Your organic cotton mattress and bedroom accessories play a major role in how well you sleep. An uncomfortable bed will cause you to have a poor night's sleep and since you will spend approximately 100 days there this year, it is not a piece of furniture to be taken lightly. A growing number of people are sensitive to the chemicals used in the manufacture of everyday items. Traditional bedding contains synthetic materials and an abundance of chemicals such as formaldehyde and arsenic. This bedding off gases harmful vapors throughout the night for years after your purchase and have been known to cause a wide variety of health problems such as asthma, sore backs, and multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS).

With this in mind, the Obasan collection was created using only the purest natural materials found on Earth and by maintaining their purity throughout the manufacturing process. The Obasan concept is based on thorough and meticulous European research that proved that 100% natural materials provide you the best sleeping environment. Their elasticity and breathability, as well as their ability to regulate moisture and temperature, mean you get eight hours of good, restful sleep in a safe and healthy environment. Obasan Organic Cotton Mattresses are made primarily from natural rubber; the most durable and elastic material available. A natural rubber core is ideal for mattresses; flexible yet stable, it is absorbent, resilient and provides excellent heat and moisture regulation and air circulation.

Natural rubber is a renewable resource. It is the milk or sap tapped from the Hevea Brasiliensis - the common rubber tree - grown on Malaysian plantations especially selected for their high quality product. Our supplier is located in an area that produces the finest quality rubber for mattress use; an extremely durable, elastic material characterized by its ability to retain its shape and original firmness. Because the product is manufactured where the sap is harvested, we are helping to sustain the local economy and provide jobs without depleting the natural resources of the country of origin. An important element of the Obasan manufacturing process is that the processing of the Hevea milk is done close to the plantation. We do this because rubber destabilizes when it is kept in a liquid form for too long. This can be avoided by the addition of chemicals, but since we want our product as pure as possible, we cannot do this.

For our products, the milk is harvested in the morning and by afternoon it is being molded into sheets that are shipped to Canada where they are expertly covered at our facility. We use the Dunlop system to produce a 97% pure rubber for our mattresses. This process involves only air, natural soap and vulcanization agents, which are used to ensure the rubber keeps its form. All Obasan products - mattresses, foundations, pillows, comforters, and mattress protectors contain pure, organically grown and harvested cotton. Cotton grown in industrialized countries is saturated with pesticides and herbicides and absorb all the chemicals that modern fertilizers deposit in the soil. Machine picked, it is full of impurities, oil, leaves, and dirt. The cotton we use is cultivated and hand picked in the traditional co-operative manner that has been followed for centuries in the CaƱete and Chincha valleys high in the Peruvian Andes. It is grown organically without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or defoliants to fertilize the crop, control plant growth or fight pests.

No synthetic chemicals are used to strip the leaves in preparation for the harvest or during the manufacturing process. Hand picking ensures that it is the cleanest, purest most resilient cotton fiber available. Europe's oldest and most prestigious certification agency KRAV of Sweden has certified our organic cotton. Their stamp of approval is not only a guarantee of organic standards, but also that social rights are observed in the production of our cotton. All the cotton used in our batting, filling and fabrics is this clean, pure, organic product. It is woven to very high standards into the finest, softest fabrics, in Germany and Switzerland. The wool in our products comes exclusively from Texel, an island off the coast of Holland. It has a population of 13,300 people and over 100,000 sheep.

The people of Texel have been raising sheep for over 600 years, and have developed a unique breed of sheep that is both hardy and produces wool of unrivalled quality. Texel Sheep have adapted to a very windy and harsh environment to produce a unique, long wool fiber with a high crinkle factor and high natural lanolin content. Products made from Texel wool are softer, thicker, warmer, and longer lasting. It is especially well suited to sleep products because of its superior durability, insulation, and moisture regulation. Texel wool is harvested from a sustainable source without detriment or harm to the animal. Each sheep is shorn every spring producing about 11lbs if high quality wool.

The sheep are raised organically on a land that has never been used for agriculture and thus, has been protected from chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides. Using craftsmanship based on experience and environmental sensibility, the raw fleece is processed without the use of any dyes or bleaches. Bleached wool contains toxic compounds including highly toxic dioxin, something we all can do without. The wool is cleaned using a unique chemical free process that produces exceptionally clean wool, while retaining high natural lanolin content.

All wool used in Obasan's Organic Cotton Mattress products must abide by strict requirements to be considered for use. In this way we are able to ensure the purity of our finished product. Our wool must be free of any sort of plastic, baling twine, and mothballs. Fleece must be well skirted; no mat of hay, timothy heads, burrs, belly hair, manure, etc. Processing is restricted, usual processes performed on wool are not allowed, such as; (1) Carbonizing, a process which uses carbonic acid to dissolve chaff, (2) Shrink proofing, (3) Chemical scale removal, and (4) Moth proofing. Any process that uses chemicals or produces toxins in the wool is strictly forbidden. Finished batting can only be washed with vegetable based soaps instead of chemical pesticides. All fiber lubrication, static control, or wetting agents are vegetable based and petroleum free. Finally the wool must be stored in an unscented atmosphere.

Shredded Natural Rubber Pillow
Item# Item Name Price Qty Add
SHREDRUBPILL-K-ZI Organic Shredded Latex Bed Pillow - King (20 x 36") - With Zipper
SHREDRUBPILL-K-NZ Organic Shredded Latex Bed Pillow - King (20 x 36") - Without Zipper
SHREDRUBPILL-QN-ZI Organic Shredded Latex Bed Pillow - Queen (20 x 30") - With Zipper
SHREDRUBPILL-QN-NZ Organic Shredded Latex Bed Pillow - Queen (20 x 30") - Without Zipper
SHREDRUBPILL-STD-ZI Organic Shredded Latex Bed Pillow - Standard (20 x 26") - With Zipper
SHREDRUBPILL-STD-NZ Organic Shredded Latex Bed Pillow - Standard (20 x 26") - Without Zipper
SHREDRUBPILL-TR-ZI Organic Shredded Latex Bed Pillow - Travel (12 x 16") - With Zipper
SHREDRUBPILL-TR-NZ Organic Shredded Latex Bed Pillow - Travel (12 x 16") - Without Zipper
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Machine wash and tumble dry on low/gentle cycle.

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