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Organic Home Furnishings

Organic home furnishings for your health and that of the environment

In 1997, we went to homestead off the grid and build our dream cabin on Denman Island, BC. We wanted our home to be as organic and natural as possible. We researched and tried out many materials to see which would meet our practical and no-compromise zero-off-gassing test. We ended up having to make many things ourselves.

We have supported organic agriculture and bought organic products since 1993. On top of that, our experience of selling organic home products since 200 has helped us learn a great deal about why organic products are better for human and planetary health. Through our correspondences with customers and from our own experiences, we have learned about the dark side of our high-chemicalized world. There are many people who suffer greatly from environmental and chemical allergies. Once the obvious causes (such as chemical-laden mattresses and sofas) are replaced with natural, organic alternatives that do not outgas, the allergies are greatly relieved are they disappear altogether. The important thing in thinking about which materials to choose for your home is to determine if that something outgases chemicals, how much chemicals it outgases, and how long. A mattress that you've had for 15 years has probably the bulk of the harm that it could do to you, but a relatively new one (especially one whose newness you can still smell) can inflict a great deal of harm to your body and health. One of the leading causes of indoor air pollution is the shower curtain.