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Organic Natural Knitting & Weaving Yarn

  • "You have the finest selection of organic cotton, flax linen, and hemp fibers and yarns in the world! I teach several workshops around the country each year and I always stock up on your products to use in my classes. Your products are worlds above the competition — there is no comparison to the cheaply mass produced products from other suppliers. Kudos to do for making such wonderful products that I can really get passionate about." Jesse B.
  • Our organic fibers and yarns are made in-house the traditional, chemical-free way since 1997.
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hemp twine 6-Strand Unwaxed Hemp Twine (1kg Cone) (Undyed)

- 1K cone, ~2.2 lbs, ~5,000 ft
- Bulk 6-strand organic European hemp twine
- 22# test
- Untreated, chemical-free
- Popular for gardening and crafts

Price: US$39.00

hemp twine 6-Strand Unwaxed Hemp Twines (400') (Undyed) TW6ply400

- TW6B400
- 400' (spool)
- Sweatshop-free
- Untreated, chemical-free
- Great for vegan sausage making, gardening, many projects!

Price: US$4.99

hemp twine 12-Strand Unwaxed Hemp Twine (Undyed) (200')

- TW12B200
- 200 ft, 12-strand organic European hemp twine
- Great for candle wicks (after waxing), beading, jewelry making
- Untreated, chemical-free
- Sweatshop-free

Price: US$4.99
organic hemp samples Swatchbook 5: Arts & Crafts Kit - Hemp Ropes, Braided Cords, Twines, Webbing, Edging Tape

- Sampler of hemp ropes, twines, cords, edging tape, webbings
- Great for home decor, design, artisanal, DIY projects

Price: US$14.00

hemp yarn 100% Hemp Yarn & Thread

- 1K spool, (~10,940 yds)
- Made in-house in Europe
- Sweatshop-free
- Chemical-free

Price: US$45.00

polished hemp twine 170# Waxed Hemp Twine (Polished) (200 Feet) (TW9/200)

- TW9-500
- ~200' ball
- Chemical-free
- Vegan potato waxed

Price: US$7.70
hemp twine 3-Strand Unwaxed Hemp Twines (300') (Undyed) TW3ply300

- TW3B300
- 200' spool
- Untreated, chemical-free
- Great for gardening, retail string tags, arts & crafts
- 10# test.

Price: US$2.69

hemp twine 12-Strand Unwaxed Hemp Twine (1kg Cone) (Undyed)

- 1K spool, 12-strand organic European hemp twine
- Untreated, chemical-free
- Great for candles, jewelry, arts & crafts

Price: US$39.00
hemp twine 3-Strand Unwaxed Hemp Twine (1kg Cone) (Undyed)

- 1K, (~7,500') 3-strand organic European hemp twine
- Untreated, chemical-free
- Commercial grade
- 10# test

Price: US$39.00

hemp twine 2-Strand Unwaxed Hemp Twine (1kg Cone) (Undyed)

- 1 kg cone
- ~5,000m, 2-strand fine organic European hemp twine.
- Untreated, chemical-free
- Commercial grade

Price: US$39.00
organic hemp twine 10-Strand Unwaxed Hemp Twine (Undyed) (1 kg Cone)

- 10-strand 100% fine hemp twine
- 1 K spool
- Untreated, chemical-free
- Great all-purpose twine

Price: US$39.00
waxed hemp twine 48# Waxed Hemp Twine (Polished)

- TW8-400
- 400' ball
- 48# test vegan waxed organic European hemp twine.
- Made in-house for true purity. Sweatshop-free. Potato wax.
- Great for making candles, jewelry, bracelets, etc

Price: US$5.50

waxed hemp twine 20# Waxed 7-Strand Hemp Twine (Polished)

- TW7-300
- ~300' spool
- 20# test vegan waxed organic European hemp twine
- Made in-house for true purity. Sweatshop-free. Potato wax
- Great for many artisan, gardening, and all-purpose household uses

Price: US$3.50

hemp twine 9-Strand Unwaxed Hemp Twine (1kg Cone) (Undyed) (1mm width)

- 1 kilogram cone
- Made in-house for true purity
- Great for knitting hemp hats, scarves, as well as for weaving in the loom
- Sweatshop-free

Price: US$39.00
organic linen dye bag 100% Organic Linen Dye Bag

100% Organic French Linen Dye Bag. Unbleached & undyed. Perfect for dyeing your organic fabrics and fibers using natural dyes such as mushrooms and walnuts.

Price: US$5.00

sock darning kit Handmade Needle Felting Punch - Sock Darning Kit

- The ultimate handmade heritage tool
- Great for needle felting little animals or natural fiber pads
- Use to darn natural fiber socks
- Kit with Medium or Fine Needle Set $35, with both $42

Price: US$35.00

replacement needles for sock darning kit Felting Punch Needle Set

- Replacement needles for sock darning kit. Set of 6.
- Fine (42 gauge) or Medium (38 gauge)

Price: US$9.00
Why Rawganique's organic hemp knitting and weaving yarns?

  • Because we organically grow, process and comb our organic bast fibers in-house for true end-to-end purity.
  • Rawganique has been the leader in the eco organic fiber industry since 1997, thanks to our focus on true purity.
  • Buy organic cotton, linen, and hemp fibers and yarns that are eco-friendly, sustainable, and sweatshop-free. Chemical-free. Untreated. Safe for people, animals, and the planet.
  • Our customers have created amazing works of fiber arts from our organic fibers: felting, stuffing, weaving, knitting, and more.

We’ve made our natural-fiber yarns and threads available online since 1997, when we began to manufacture organic cotton, linen and hemp yarn and twine for eco-conscious artists, creators and commercial producers alike. We grow, comb and spin natural sustainable yarns for knitting, weaving, crochet and macramé projects. Our eco-friendly natural-fiber yarns, twines, fibers and cords are made at our atelier, always sweatshop-free.

Our organic cotton thread and natural twine can be turned into beautiful works of woven fiber art, be it organic hemp jewelry, organic linen sweaters, organic hemp rugs and more. Our sustainable organic hemp fibers and yarns are in high demand for making hemp accessories such as hemp straw hats, hemp crochet bras, and hemp crochet hats and scarves. Our ethically made organic fibers and yarns are untreated, unbleached and undyed.

Whether you’re looking for organic yarn for crochet or natural-fiber yarn or organic ribbon to complete a piece of jewelry, you can finally buy undyed yarn online without worrying about its chemical content. At Rawganique, we take pride in creating high-quality, chemical-free products that our customers can trust. We invite knitters, weavers and crafters to shop today and experience the Rawganique difference.