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Organic Raw Materials for Arts & Crafts & Hobbies & Projects

Whether you're creating fiber arts or making furniture, sewing organic clothes, or making safe toys, our organic raw materials made from strictly natural organic cotton, linen, and hemp fibres will serve you well, no matter your project. Grown and made in-house since 1997.
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hemp twine 6-Strand Unwaxed Hemp Twine (1kg Cone) (Undyed)

- 22# test | ~5,000 ft
- Food-grade baker's twine
- Great for knitting & weaving
- Artisanal uses, hobbies, gardening, jewelry
- Chemical-free. Untreated. Dye-free.

Price: US$39.00

hemp rope 6mm Hemp Rope (1/4") (1kg Roll)

- HR6A-1KG
- ~154' (47 m)
Untreated, chemical-free
- Great for
furniture, pet toys, Shibari, bondage, nautical, gardening
Volume discounts up to 20%.

Price: US$25.00

jute rope Jute Rope 6mm 1kg Roll

- JR6A-1KG
- ~154 feet (~47 m)
- Untreated, chemical-free
- Great for furniture, pet toys, nautical, gardening, artisanal
- Volume discounts up to 20%

Price: US$20.00

Organic Linen Knit 100% Organic Linen Jersey Knit Fabric By The Yard (Regular T-shirt Weight)

- 100% Organic Flax Linen Knit Fabric
- Made in Europe from French Linen
- Chemical-Free. Sweatshop-Free.
- By The Yard. Width ~44".

Price: US$29.00

dyed unwaxed hemp twine 6-Strand Unwaxed Hemp Twine (Dyed)

- TWD6-200
- 200' Spool Hemp Twine
- 6-Ply Unwaxed Organic European Hemp
- Many Colors. Eco-dyed for True Sustainability.
- Made in Europe. Sweatshop-Free

Price: US$5.50

8mm hemp rope 8mm Hemp Rope (1kg Roll)

- HR8A-1KG
- ~ 81 feet | 27m
- Chemical-free
- Great for furniture, braiding, pet toys, bondage, nautical
- Volume discounts up to 20%

Price: US$25.00

hemp rope 5mm Hemp Rope (1kg Roll)

- HR5-1KG
- ~ 180 feet (~55 m). 3-strand.
- Chemical-free
- Great for macrame, braiding, pet toys
- Volume discounts up to 20%

Price: US$25.00
hemp rope 4mm Hemp Rope (1kg Roll)

- HR4-1KG
- ~225 feet (83 m)
- Chemical-free
- Great for arts & crafts, braiding, pet toys
- Volume discounts up to 20%

Price: US$25.00

hemp webbing 1" Hemp Webbing Roll (55 Yards) (~164 feet)

- WEB1
- 1" Hemp webbing. 50 meter roll (~164 feet).
- Organically Grown European Hemp
- Trade discounts: 6 or more = 10% off; 12+ = 15% off; 24+ = 20% off.

Price: US$99.00

hemp webbing Hemp Webbing By the Foot (0.5") (0.75") (1") (1.5") (2") (3")

- 0.5", 0.75", 1", 1,25", 1.5", 2", 2.4", 3" widths
- 1" offered in choice of Natural or Black
- Sold by the foot, cut to order
- Quantity-discounts up to 20%
- Chemical-free. Unbleached & undyed.

Organic Linen Canvas 10oz 100% Organic Linen Fabric By The Yard (Belmont) (78" Wide)

- Belmont 100% Organic Linen 10oz Canvas
- 100% Linen Fabric from organically grown French linen
- 10oz per square yard. By the yard. ~78" wide.
- Made in Europe. Sweatshop-free. Trade discounts apply.

Price: US$49.00
cannabis rope Hemp Rope (by the foot)

- 4mm (0.16"), 6mm (0.24"), 8mm (0.32"), 10mm (0.4"), 12mm (0.48"), 16mm (0.64")
- Untreated, chemical-free
- Organic & Skin-friendly
- Great for arts & crafts, pet toys, braiding, nautical

hemp twine 6-Strand Unwaxed Hemp Twine (400') (Undyed)

- TW6B400
- 22# test | 400' (spool)
- Food-grade baker's twine
- Great for knitting & weaving
- Artisanal uses, hobbies, gardening, jewelry
- Chemical-free. Untreated. Dye-free.

Price: US$4.99

hemp twine 12-Strand Unwaxed Hemp Twine (200')

- TW12B200
- Great for candle wicks (after waxing), beading, jewelry
- Untreated, chemical-free
- Food-grade baker's twine
- Perfect for gardening

Price: US$4.99
rainbow hemp twine 6-Strand Unwaxed Dyed Rainbow Hemp Twine

$5.99 TWD6rain Edition Variegated Hemp Twines. 200' spool. 6-Strand Dyed Unwaxed Organic European hemp twine. Made in-house for true purity and environmental sustainability.

organic hemp samples Swatchbook 5: Arts & Crafts Kit - Hemp Ropes, Braided Cords, Twines, Webbing, Edging Tape

- Sampler of hemp ropes, twines, cords, edging tape, webbings
- Great for home decor, design, artisanal, DIY projects

Price: US$14.00

hemp yarn 100% Hemp Yarn & Thread

- 1K spool, (~10,940 yds)
- Made in-house in Europe
- Sweatshop-free
- Chemical-free

Price: US$45.00

Organic Cotton Fleece Fabric 100% Organic Cotton Double-Sided Fleece Fabric By The Yard (Juniper-Berlioz) By the Yard

- Organic Cotton Fleece By The Yard
- Made In Europe From 100% US-Grown Cotton
- Brushed On Both Sides For Softness.
- Chemical-free. Natural 72" Wide. 320 GSM.
- Rainforest Charcoal 34" Wide.

Price: US$26.95

linen rope 4mm Flax Linen Rope (1kg Roll)

- LR4A
- 4mm (0.16") Flax Linen Rope
- 1kg spool (~225')
- Unbleached, undyed
- Clean twisted
- Uses: arts&crafts, macrame, bondage, Shibari, many uses
- Volume discounts

Price: US$25.00

hemp canvas fabric 10oz 100% Hemp Fabric By The Yard (Sequoia)

HFC1 Sequoia 100% Hemp Canvas Fabric by the yard. Suitable for curtains, pants, shorts, aprons, and more. 10oz per square yard. Sold by the yard; fabric width is ~58"-60". Seasonal colors.

Price: US$29.00

hemp braided cord Hemp Braided Cord by the foot (2.2, 3.5, 5.6, 6.4mm)

Hemp Braided Cord, custom cut by the foot. Choice of 2.2mm, 3.5mm, 5.6mm diameter. From organically grown European hemp. Made in-house for true purity.

polished hemp twine 170# Waxed Hemp Twine (Polished) (200 Feet) (TW9/200)

- TW9-500
- ~200' ball
- Chemical-free
- Vegan potato waxed

Price: US$7.70
hemp wick Organic Hemp Wick (Extra Thick) (13-Strand Beeswaxed Hemp Twine) (200')

- TWB13
- ~200 ft ball
- Beeswax coated
- Great for candle making, lighting needs (vaping, bonging, etc)
- Soot-free

List Price: US$18.99
Price: US$13.99
Sale Price: US$13.99
hemp twine 3-Strand Unwaxed Hemp Twine (300')

- TW3B300
- 200' spool | 10# test
- Untreated, chemical-free
- Great for gardening, retail string tags, arts & crafts
- Food-grade baker's twine

Price: US$2.69

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Since 1997, Rawganique has created beautiful all natural organic raw materials such as organic hemp, linen, and cotton ropes, fabrics, fibers, twines, braided cords, and webbing for all your eco projects and hobbies.

Why Rawganique's organic cotton, hemp and flax linen raw materials?

  • We make the purest organic cotton, linen, and hemp ropes, twines, fabrics, fibers, and more.
  • We organically grow and process our organic raw materials in-house for true purity since 1997.
  • Grown and made in USA and Europe. Sweatshop-free.
  • Chemical-free. Untreated.
Since 1997, we have created irresistible organic raw materials such as organic hemp, linen, and organic cotton ropes, twines, fabrics, fibers, braided cords, and webbing for all the eco friendly sewing, knitting, crocheting, and macrame projects you may have in mind. We grow, comb, and weave in-house using the finest organic natural hemp, linen, and cotton fibers. We offer the organic raw materials so that fiber artists of all stripes can create their magic the eco friendly sustainable way. We are one of the largest suppliers of organic fibers and fabrics in USA.

We ship our organic hemp ropes and linen ropes all over the world. Being in the vicinity of Vancouver, BC, also known as Hollywood North, we also supply our pure, natural, organic hemp and linen ropes to many movie and TV production studios. And our organic hemp and flax linen ropes are used for many types of arts and crafts as well as bondage and the Japanese art of Shibari Bondage.

Organic Cotton Flax Linen Hemp Raw Materials for Handicrafts and Projects: Ropes, Twines, Fabrics, Fibers, and more. We specialize in chemical-free untreated organic European hemp ropes and flax linen ropes. We manufacture our organic ropes, twines, and fabrics from end-to-end at our European Atelier for true purity.

Grown and made in Europe or USA. Sweatshop-free. Not made in China. Safe for children, pets, people, and the planet. Trade discounts apply for all of our raw materials. FOB pricing also available upon request.