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48" x 72" Montebello Organic Hemp Shower Curtain
hemp stall shower curtain
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Use our organic hemp shower curtain with or without a liner.
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Organic Hemp Shower Curtains

Perhaps the most eco-friendly non-toxic PVC-free shower curtain in existence, Rawganique's original 100% organic hemp shower curtain has been popular with our customers since we started making them in 1997. Most people are now aware of the toxicities of vinyl and PVC shower curtains - they continuously outgas toxic volatile chemical compounds throughout their lifetimes, especially in a hot humid location like a shower stall. Our organic hemp fabric shower curtain, on the other hand, does NOT outgas anything at all. In fact, our hemp shower curtain is 100% natural and organic and completely safe for humans, animals, and the planet. Our organic hemp shower curtain is also available in Full / Bath tub size 73.5"X72" here. Watch the video showing the organic hemp shower curtain in action below.

Why are organic hemp shower curtains better than bamboo shower curtains? Because bamboo isn't a natural fiber. The bamboo plant is natural, but the chemicals and acids needed to break down the hard bamboo timber into pulpy soft fiber can be quite toxic. That's why human-made fiber from bamboo plant is new and didn't exist thousands of years ago like cotton, hemp, or linen: our ancestors didn't have the chemicals to turn them into fiber.

Our organic hemp shower curtain is akin to grain sack shower curtain or sail cloth shower curtain in that the hemp is a textured basted natural fiber, but our hemp shower curtains dries much faster, thanks to hemp fibers' legendary hollow cores that wick moisture at a fast rate.

Is the Cannabis hemp shower curtain related to marijuana shower curtain? Yes! Cannabis sativa hemp and marijuana started out as the same plant thousands of years ago. Over the years, THC, which is the potent ingredient in marijuana, had been bred out of the cannabis hemp plant, leaving a useful natural fiber plant without the psychoactive substance THC in it. Who knew that the cannabis sativa plant, which is commonly known as weed or pot or 420 is also the useful cannabis hemp plant that can be used to shelter, feed, and clothe us, amongst its other endless uses, including hemp shower curtain. Hippie shower curtain, here we come!

We offer our organic hemp shower curtain in two sizes to fit most needs. The stall hemp shower curtain size measures 48" by 72". The full hemp shower curtain size measures 73" by 72". Clawfoot tub owners may need multiple hemp shower curtains to full enclose their tubs.

Our 100% organic hemp eco shower curtain is offered in Natural color (unbleached and undyed) as well as a myriad of low-impact biodegradable dyed colors.

Our hemp shower curtain can be used as outdoor shower curtain as well - weather permitting. You don't want to leave it out in the wet humid season, though, as constant moisture will break down any curtain, even plastic curtain, via mold and mildew.

Do you have to line hemp shower curtains or can they be used alone? It depends. If you want your hemp shower curtain to look new always, then we recommend using a low-VOC shower curtain liner, or even something like peva shower curtain to line it. Peva is PVC shower curtain without some of the most toxic chemicals in PVC shower curtains, but it's still a fossil-fuel byproduct and a plastic that outgases volatile organic chemical compounds (VOC's). Personally, we prefer to use our organic hemp shower curtain without a liner. As a natural fiber fabric shower curtain, the hemp shower curtain will degrade over time, but there are many ways you can preserve your hemp shower curtain for as long as possible: Always keep the hemp shower curtain stretched on the rod at all times, off the floor, and make sure your bathroom is well-ventilated. A badly ventilated bathroom will give rise to mold even on plastic shower curtains.

As a green shower curtain, hemp shower curtain checks all the boxes: and our organic hemp shower curtain is made in-housel at the Rawganique Atelier in Europe: we grow, weave, and sew each organic European hemp shower curtain for true purity.

CARE INTRUCTIONS for hemp shower curtains

Our non-vinyl hemp shower curtain is machine washable. We recommend line-drying but if you must, tumbling dry on low heat (remove promptly) is also possible. Truly echo shower curtain! Our non toxic organic hemp bathroom shower curtain has been one of our customers' most enduringly popular products we have created.

Please do not use our hemp shower curtain without a liner if you are unsure about the moisture and ventilation situation in your bathroom, as we are not able to be responsible for individual bathroom mildew issues.

For the 20 years that we’ve been making organically grown European hemp shower curtains, we’ve found that liners preserve the look of your hemp shower curtain for its entire lifespan. Those — like us — who choose to use the hemp shower curtain without a liner are at the mercy of our bathroom ventilation. We ourselves have never had a problem with our shower curtain developing spots and mildew, due to the fact that we turn the bathroom fan on when we shower (to dissipate moisture) and always leave the bathroom window slightly open to the outside so fresh air circulates in the bathroom.

Our hemp shower curtain is the purest there is. Just European hemp fiber, combed to a strong yearn without the use of chemicals or acids, woven into a strong hemp canvas, then cut and sewn into a handsome 100% natural and organic hemp shower curtain and draperies. That’s our work; everything else is the work of Mother Nature.

We have sold countless hemp shower curtains since 1997 and only on rare occasions do we hear about mildew issues, and that is usually due to the hemp curtain not being stretched and off the floor at all times and the bathroom not being properly ventilated. If plastic curtains mold in your bathroom, so will hemp.
Organic Hemp Curtain
100% Organic Cannabis Hemp Shower Curtains by Rawganique.co
Organic Cannabis Hemp Shower Curtain by Rawganique Since 1997

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5 of 5 January 30, 2020
Reviewer: Carey Denniston from BROOKLYN, NY United States  

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5 of 5 Exactly what we wanted December 7, 2019
Reviewer: Deena Mansour from Missoula, MT United States  
Everything is what we wanted. Quality, sizing, color, material.  We are happy to have this organic shower curtain in our home! We highly recommend it.

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5 of 5 Beautiful in Every Way November 18, 2019
Reviewer: Margaret Manring from Skaneateles, NY United States  
This shower curtain fits a stall shower. It is extra long. The weave is a beautiful texture and the handmade look is so appealing. Thank you for conceiving the idea to make such a lovely, durable and functional curtain. I’d like to have them hanging in my windows. Any chance of that?

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5 of 5 Beautiful and Sustainable too! November 11, 2019
Reviewer: Barbara Hammond from STROUDSBURG, PA United States  
I initially ordered this in the wrong color and the customer service was wonderful... I love the quality and whole idea that it is eco friendly and beautiful as well.

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5 of 5 Great quality, packaging could be better September 18, 2019
Reviewer: Elena Fedina from Brooklyn, NY United States  
We've had this shower curtain for over a week now, and I'm very happy. It's sheer enough to let in the light into our bathroom, but also works well to stop water from leaking everywhere.

The one thing I wish is done better would be packaging. I spent a few days researching all the different options on the market and went with Rawganique because I believe that the way they make their products is sustainable and responsible. However when I received the curtain in a plastic bag, I was very disappointed. I understand that there are always concerns that items can get wet during shipping, but I would be much happier if I was given an option to have a plastic-free shipping. Hope the company will look into this!

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