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Picasso Organic Hand-Felted Hemp and Wool Cleaning Scrub Pad & Buffing Pad (For Body, Kitchen, or Bath)
organic sponge
- Hand-felted Organic Hemp and Wool Scrub Pad
- Cruelty-Free Local Organic Wool From Pet Sheep
- Raised on organic open pasture
- Great for the skin, in the kitchen, and for home and bath cleaning
- A Chemical-Free 100% organic heritage cleaning pad
- Made in Canada. Sweatshop-free.

By popular request, we now offer our organic hand-felted hemp wool pad scrubbies in a money-saving 12-pack for folks with a big cleaning job, many rooms, or many uses.

  • One pad $9
  • 12-Pack $96 ($8 each)
Price: US$9.00



Sold out, sorry!  

Organic Hand-Felted Hemp and Wool Scrub

Organic hemp and wool sponge - the perfect cruelty-free all natural organic sponge alternative to petroleum-derived synthetic sponges and micro-fiber cleaning pads that break down into non-biodegradable particles that enter our waterways and food chain.

Plastic islands in the ocean and microfibers in the food chain get you down? They get us down big time, too! That's why we created petroleum-free, plastic-free, waste-free cleaning solutions such as our popular handmade organic wool scrubby for all your kitchen and bath cleaning needs. Oh, and our non toxic, ethical, and sustainable organic wool scrubby works great on your face and body, too (not the exact same organic wool scrubby, of course!).

Customers are waxing poetic about our unbleached & undyed organic hand-felted wool scrubbies. "What a super terrific idea!" "Love love love it." "Feels like going back to the good old pre-chemical times." "OMG! Finally an all-natural, all-organic kitchen and bath scrub!" Customers with high-end kitchens and bathrooms espeically love our organic cruelty-free wool scrubs because our organic wool scrubbies perform their jobs well without wrecking the marble, quartz, or wool counter tops the way nylon and polyester scrubbies do. And our organic hand-felted wool scrub pads are awesome for exfoliating in the bath for an all-over skin glow (of course, don't use the same pad for the body and for cleaning the kitchen!).

Note: we try to mix some rare black wool into the felt for pattern and color interest into our zero waste organic wool cleaning scrub pads. This dark brown/black wool comes from the rare black sheep and is also unbleached, undyed, and untreated just like the "natural" color wool from white sheep. See second photo in Image Gallery. We choose the rougher wool for our felted scrub; the finer wools we reserve for our equally popular hand-spun wool top for knitting and weaving.

The story of Rawganique's Hand-felted Wool Scrub Pads: Let us take you back 200 years. If you needed to scrub your dishes or pots, or your face or body, you had the choice of twigs, broom, sea sponge, or hand-felted wool scrubs. Remember, there were no Sc0tch Brit* and such made with synthetic fibers and chemicals which were yet to be invented? Well, with our hand-felted wool scrubbies, we're bringing back heritage tradition. This 100% natural and organic wool scrub is cruelty-free. The wool is local Denman Island wool that our neighbors would have burned as waste. They are from pet sheep shorn once a year. We wash the wool eight times in rain water, then hand-pick and hand-card the wool before turning the finer yarns into our wool roving / knitting-weaving yarn and the coarser fibers into these super awesome organic wool scrubbies.

Another great use for our organic wool scrubbies is for buffing to shine tables and accessories (like shoes and bags) after, say, a coat of linseed oil is applied, etc...

We love the old simple ways of life, and we do what we can in our research and production to bring back useful handmade things that are directly from nature. This organic wool scrub pad is aimed squarely at chemically-sensitive and chemically-averse customers who cannot tolerate unnecessary chemicals in their lives.

Handmade right here at the Rawganique Atelier on Denman Island, the Cezanne Organic Hand-Felted Wool Scrub is a testament to olden times before synthetic fibers of all sorts took over the world. People everywhere scrubbed their skins, their dishes and pots and pans, and their kitchens with felted wool pads.

Our Organic Wool Felt Scrub is completely unbleached & undyed. The wool can be from white or black sheep or a combination of both (as shown in the photo). Second photo shows the local Denman Island sheep from whom the untreated wool comes.

Our modern version (which is completely untreated, unbleached and undyed by the way — fourth photo shows our artisan's personal version made from the leftover mushroom dyed wool that she collects) is hand made with felting needles from local organic wool from pet sheep raised right here on Denman Island. The cruelty-free 100% natural and organic wool is shorn once a year and involves no harm to the beautiful sheep who graze on open organic pasture the year-round. We wash the wool in rain water 8 times and handpick the wool for our organic handmade pillows. The coarser parts of the wool is then used for the Cezanne Wool Scrubby (no waste!).

Scrub away with the Cezanne Organic Hemp Wool Scrubby knowing that you're not exposing yourself to chemicals. The wool scrub may not be as abrasive as synthetic fibers, but for many of our customers who will not settle for anything less than true purity and 100% natural organic sweatshop-free products, these organic wool pads are the answer to your cleaning and scrubbing prayers. :)

Another great use for the wool scrubby is for polishing furniture and accessories and shoes and bags, etc...

The Cezanne Organic Wool Pads are super versatile. Honestly, you'll find a million different ways to use them around the home.

Hand wash. Hang to dry. Let dry completely between uses — keep dry, off the counter top, when not in use.

Sweatshop-free, of course.

The organic wool scrubbies weigh about 10 grams.

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