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Caledonian 100% Organic Linen Exfoliating Backscrub with Handle
organic linen back scrubber
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Organic Flax Linen Backscrub Backwasher

Perhaps the one constant across European cultures is the love of sauna and exfoliating. From Swedish saunas to Finnish saunas to German saunas, people of all ages take part in the cleansing, relaxing ritual that the dry or steam heat bath offers. And hand in hand with the relished sauna experience is the various paraphernalia that accompany the ritual: the organic linen sauna back scrub, towel, and exfoliating scrub, which we have been making since 1997.

This organic flax linen back scrub - back washer is completely unbleached and undyed: one side is a rough grooved - ribbed organic linen cloth that exfoliates and invigorates the different layers of the skin. The other side of the organic linen back scrub - back washer is made from a stiff organic linen terry pile (100% organic flax linen loops, 100% organic cotton backing) for getting rid of exfoliated skin cells and polishing for glowing, luminous skin.

The organic linen back scrub - back washer feature a convenient handle for easy leveraging and scrubbing. Scrub way with our organic flax back scrubber and back washer for a rejuvenated skin.

The organic linen back scrub is made by Rawganique in Europe. Sweatshop-free. Chemical-free. Our PVC-free, eco-friendly, natural, organic linen back scrubber and back washer is a true essential in the organic bathroom. Our linen of organic linen sauna accessories are wonderful natural organic hygiene accessories as their best. The definition of a perfect shower or bath or sauna? Scrub the skin with our organic linen back scrubber - washer dry (before the shower) or wet (during the shower, with organic soap of your choice).

Organic linen back scrubber care instructions:

Keep dry between uses. Wash in hot water to sanitize. Avoid fabric softener. Hang to dry to keep both sides of the organic linen back washer stiff and rough.

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