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Inverness S/S 100% Org Irish Linen T-shirt (New Cut)
organic irish linen t-shirt
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- 100% organic linen T-shirt. Heritage, rare, unique.
- The difference between the Inverness and Somerset Organic Linen T-shirts? The sleeve details, plus the Somerset Organic Linen T-shirts are available with either plain or ivory contrast collar.
- Important: Wash in a garment bag using a mild detergent on delicate/gentle/handwash cycle, then "block" the garment on a sweater rack and let dry. Steam iron as needed. See simple blocking instructions in Image Gallery. We do not recommend putting your hemp or linen knit garments in the dryer.
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100% Organic Irish Linen T-shirt

Linen connoisseurs the world over know us as the place to find heritage linen products made like they were crafted through the centuries in the Old World. Our Inverness Organic Irish Linen T-shirt is no exception. This beautiful soft and breathable 100% organic flax linen T-shirt is made in-house at the Rawganique Atelier in Europe from start to finish: we comb the flax linen strands then knit the resulting long-strand fibers into a silk-like 100% flax linen jersey knit. We then hand-craft the heritage knit linen fabric into a handsome T-shirt that drape perfect over the contours of your body. The organic linen T-shirt features our new slimmer, more fitted T-shirt and looks great on men and women.

There is no synthetic fiber mixed into our organic linen jersey knit. The Inverness 100% Organic Linen T-shirt is great year-round, and is dressy enough for the night out, thanks to its one-of-a-kind knit that really has to be touched to understand the years of research we have put into finding the perfect heritage knit for our flagship casual-dressy organic linen T-shirts. In our atelier, we have finally figured out the perfect balance between fiber weight and knit pattern that allows for just enough structure to shape this unique organic linen T-shirt and plenty of silky softness for the perfect drape.

Please note to wash your world's first and only Invenet Organic Linen T-shirt on delicate cycle (preferably inside a mesh garment bag). Lay flat to dry or dry on delicate air cycle. Remove promptly. Please block the linen T-shirt to shape before steam-ironing to maintain shape, if desired. Ironing is not necessary, but if you are particular about straight seams, please block to shape and steam iron.

As we create our organic linen T-shirt in-house from start to finish, we can assure you that no dioxin, no formaldehyde, no GMO, no acids, and no heavy metals or harsh chemicals went into its production. And the Inverness Organic Linen T-shirt is completely unbleached and undyed. Suitable for chemically sensitive folks and those who seek to live a cotton-free life as well.

Naps are normal in hemp and linen knit and woven fabrics and a sign of their superior quality and uniqueness.

As to the overall virtues of our Organic Linen Knit T-shirt, an email from a customer says it better than we ever could:

"I'm wearing one of these organic linen t-shirts right now underneath a heavier Patagonia Fjord flannel shirt. They're just right. They feel fully natural (because they are,) not scratchy > toward silky, they keep me warm, they breathe well and not least of these, they look great. And this is in the winter/ early spring. No doubt that they'll be much like the numerous hemp pieces I've collected through the years... the way they function well year round. ===> Warm when I'm cool... and cool when I'm warm. -Never tending toward retaining odor like synthetics will. Again, thanks so much." From C.C.

Details: Organic Linen T-shirt

Years in the making, our rare 100% Organic Linen Knit T-shirt is soft, cozy, and very silky. Made in Europe. Sweatshop-free. Chemical-free.

Superb breathability and insulation: This Irish Linen Knit T-shirt keeps you cool in summer by wicking away moisture and keeps you cozy in winter by trapping the warmth of your body to keep you comfortable. It's also excellent for people with skin allergies and conditions as it doesn't trap moisture or irritate the skin in anyway.

The color is closer to the close-up photo. As we do not bleach or dye our organic flax linen yarns for this organic linen T-shirt, shades may vary from batch to batch, depending on harvest conditions (rainy harvest season means darker "natural" and sunny harvest season means lighter "natural" color). We do not exercise control over the color of the natural yarn, and that's part and parcel of the charms of organic fibers.

The relaxed cut that is also dressy looking, thanks to the gorgeous flax linen knit.

Care Instruction: Organic Linen T-shirts

While hemp and linen are the strongest natural fibers known to mankind, there are certain precautions to observe to get the longest enjoyment out of your 100% linen T-shirt, which is unique, special, and rare. Best to treat as delicate knit (like silk). Hand-wash or machine wash cold with like colors on gentle cycle inside a mesh laundry bag using a mild biodegradable detergent. Lay flat to dry. We do not recommend machine drying but if you must, do it on the most delicate cycle (remove before dry). "Block" back into shape (see Image Gallery for simple instructions). Keep away from acids (even fruit acids), which break down bast fibers such as linen and hemp. Rinse spills off immediately. Keep away from hot, dry heat.

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