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Krabi Organic Cotton Thai Fisherman Pants
organic cotton thai fisherman pants
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100% Organic Cotton Thai Fisherman Pants

Our elastic-free Cotton Thai Fisherman Pants are made in Europe from 100% certified organic cotton. Chemical-free. Sweatshop-free. Some models feature a zippered pocket on the right thigh that measures 5" wide by 6" long.

If you've been to Thailand, you would have seen these great, truly versatile, and ubiquitous Thai Fisherman Wrap Pants. They are just too cozy and comfortable!

For our Krabi Cotton Thai Fishing Pants, we've stuck to the classic simple design that has worked so well over the years. They are unisex and unisize and should fit most everybody. Women love wearing these because they are so versatile — you can truly exercise your creativity in twisting and turning and rolling the top or folding the bottom of these organic cotton pants to create a signature look unique only to you. Wrap them left, wrap them right, or distribute the folds equally in the front or back: there really are endless ways to wear the Organic Cotton Thai Fisherman's Pants and Hemp Thai Fishermen's Pants.

Our authentic Krabi Organic Cotton Thai Fishermen Pants are also wonderful for expecting mothers because they can easily accommodate the growing belly (up to 54" inches) with purity, sustainability, comfort, and style. You can wear them as tight or as loose as you like as there is no elastic to confine you at the waist. Many kick-boxers in Thailand also wear the Thai Fishermen's Pants in kick boxing competition: the legs are rolled up all the way and the top rolled down and the whole pants pulled back hard and the strings knotted tight to make a kind of free-style shorts that allow for unrestricted movement that kick boxing requires.

The Cotton Thai Fisherman Pants are great for Tai Chi, Qi Gong, yoga, and meditation. They are also wonderful as house / lounge pants and pajamas, too.

Sweatshop-free. Made in Europe.

Basic wearing instructions:

Pull the pants on (with the two waist ties on the backside) until the bottom of the pants is a little above the floor. Either wrap the pants right, then left, or vice versa, or distribute the folds in the front or back so that the pants are snug against the waist. Keep holding the pants up; bring the two strings forward and tie them in the front. Then roll the top fabric over the tied strings. Of course, you can experiment with different ways of wrapping and distributing the folds and different heights at which you tie the strings to create your signature look. You can wear them as low on the hips as suits you and how high up you wear them in the legs is up to you and for what purpose you need them for. For yoga and Tai Chi practice and pajamas, you'd wear them on the short side for ease of movement. For casual wearing you'd wear them a little longer. Really tall people would wear them as long shorts or even shorts: it's all fine. That's the great thing about these versatile pants. Wear them how it suits you at the moment.

It may take a bit of experimenting (it's part of the fun) to find just the right folds and tucks that work for you — we offer basic wearing instructions further below only as a preliminary guide to get you started. The Organic Cotton Thai Fisherman's Pants and Hemp Fisherman's Pants may appear very baggy at first but with the right tuck, you'll find out why these simple pants have been so popular for so long and won the hearts of so many converts the world over. They weren't originally made to be trendy, but like most classic clothing items that have become mainstream due to comfort and practical & efficient design, the Thai Fisherman's Pants have entered the rarefied realm of "really cool" clothing. Outside of casual wearing and yoga, meditation, and Tai Chi practice, you can wear your Organic Cotton or Hemp Thai Fisherman's Pants as house pants and pajama bottoms. That's what people routinely do in Thai. Men, especially, usually have a few pairs for wearing around the house and to use as pajama bottoms.

A customer recently told us that the Thai Fisherman's Pants have become the "uniform" that all stylists wear at one of the trendiest hair salons in Amsterdam. Men and women love them because they are so simple to put on and allow for ease of movement, whether you're doing kick boxing, beach combing, practicing T'ai Chi, yoga, or meditation, or just lounging & relaxing. (An aside to men: no fly on the Thai Fishermen's Pants but none is needed; the Thai men traditionally just roll the wide legs up for easy access.)

Although traditionally worn as part of a casual setup, the Thai Fisherman's Pants have recently been turned into designer items with different patterns printed onto the sides of the pants, etc... Your imagination is the limit: wear them urban-dressy or casual-cool, it's up to you. And if you know a bit about screen printing, well, you'll have lots of fun churning out your own unique design statements.

Eco tidbits:

"Simplicity and Fairness: Simple living is less violent and less exploitative. When we live in complexity, our needs are so great in terms of energy and material goods that we live at the expense of others. As we simplify our homes, our clothes, and our eating habits, not only is less work needed to supply us but also less effort to maintain our way of life, as well."

"As the people of the world who are now exploited begin to get a fair return for their labor, prices will rise. We must expect this and be willing to pay the costs, otherwise we are hypocrites of the first water, wanting the world's people to be well off yet still insisting that our bananas be cheap. When the people picking the bananas in Honduras, tapping the rubber trees in Malaysia, mining tin in Bolivia, and making shoes in Brazil get the same return for their labor that we do, our bananas and boots and tires and tin (and fair trade clothing—ed.) will cost more."

from A Handmade Life by WM.S. Coperthwaite.
How to put on the Thai Fisherman's Pants
Organic Cotton Thai Fiershman's Pants Wearing Instructions

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