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Organic Cotton Mattress With Latex Core, Wool as Natural Fire Retardant (Made in USA) (Dreamer)
organic cotton mattress with rubber core and wool
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- Thin layer of wool for fire retardancy
- Chemical-free
- Thicknesses 1.5", 3", 5", 6", 7", 8"
- Twin, Twin XL, Full/Double, Queen, King
- Free shipping in USA (48 states)




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Organic Cotton Mattress Handmade in USA

If you're looking for a hypoallergenic, organic, all-natural mattress, you've come to the right place. Organic cotton mattress is made with a natural rubber core, and enclosed in organic cotton twill fabric made from US-grown organic cotton. Handmade sweatshop-free in USA. Our organic mattress meets federal fire retardancy regulations by virtue of a thin layer of wool around the filling. No doctor's prescription needed. Chemical-free and hypoallergenic.

This organic mattress is your healthy choice. It is filled with, and enclosed in, US-grown organic cotton. We make our organic cotton mattress in your choice of thickness from 1.5" massage mat, to 3" stowaway, to a 5" futon, and mattresses in 6", 7", and 8". The natural rubber core is 1" in the massage mats, 2" in the stowaways, and 3" in all others.

Sizes & Prices

Twin 1.5" $643
Twin 3" $1,095
Twin 5" $1,748
Twin 6" $1,812
Twin 7" $2,084
Twin 8" $2,265

Twin XL 5" $1,809
Twin XL 6" $1,914
Twin XL 7" $2,201
Twin XL 8" $2,392

Twin: 39" x 75" | Twin XL: 39" x 80" | USDA-Certified Organic US-Grown Cotton

Full/Double 1.5" $804
Full/Double 3" $1,272
Full/Double 5" $2,208
Full/Double 6" $2,325
Full/Double 7" $2,674
Full/Double 8" $2,907

Queen 1.5" $909
Queen 3" $1,475
Queen 5" $2,666
Queen 6" $2,834
Queen 7" $3,259
Queen 8" $3,543

Full/Double: 54" x 75" | Queen: 60" x 80" | USDA-Certified Organic US-Grown Cotton

Eastern King 1.5" $1,075
Eastern King 3" $1,801
Eastern King 5" $3,700
Eastern King 6" $3,880
Eastern King 7" $4,462
Eastern King 8" $4,850

California King 6" $3,879

Eastern King: 76" x 80" | California King: 72" x 84" | USDA-Certified Organic US-Grown Cotton

The combination of a firm natural rubber core sandwiched in layers of soft, fluffy organic cotton makes for a perfect combination of softness on the outside, and persistent stability and firmness on the inside. The organic cotton with natural latex combination gives your mattress a longer useful life span, because the natural rubber does not have the same tendency as natural fibers to compact quickly and form a body imprint groove that over times becomes quickly uncomfortable. The medium-firm natural rubber core stabilizes and balances the resistance of your mattress filling, as well as distribute the body-weight, even without frequent turning over and shaking up as you would need to do without the natural rubber core.

Natural Rubber

Natural rubber lasts and maintains it's full service for many years, and does not off-gas. It is completely biodegradable, mold- and mildew resistant and antimicrobial, all of which are both valuable and frequently under-appreciated properties for your bedding choice. And better yet, natural latex is temperature-neutral, so it makes you sweat less than the over-hyped foam mattresses. In technical terms, the medium firm Dunlop rubber is considered a C3 class (equivalent to ~32-ILD in Talalay).

GOTS-Certified Organic US-Cotton

Both the filling, and the cover, are made of GOTS certified organic US-grown cotton. It is absolutely important to insist on chemical-free cotton for your sleeping environment, which you spend a third of your time on every day. GOTS assures you that the material you sleep on is pesticide- and insecticide-free, 100% natural fiber, protecting you, the farmers and workers, and the environment in the process over the long life of your mattress.

Natural Fire Retardant

Federal Fire Retardancy Regulations require either chemicals, or a thin layer of wool wrapped around the filling, or a licensed medical doctor's prescription attesting to a person's intolerance to both.This all-natural mattress uses a layer of about 1.5" of wool crafted around the content to meet the regulations. The sheep are raised on rotating pastures to prevent overgrazing and resulting erosion, and their wool is completely untreated with chemicals. Wool has traditionally been used as bedding material in many ancient and recent cultures. It is breathable, and naturally anti-microbia and dust mite resistant. Wool has the added advantage of being dust-mite repellant as well as a natural temperature regulator.


Your new organic mattress is a big personal investment. To prolong the useful life span of your mattress, it is important to monitor moisture buildup. During sleep, as the body breathes through the skin, the mattress takes up moisture. The bed should be set up so that that moisture can escape, because trapping it would risk toxic mould and mildew buildup and breathing troubles over time. Make sure the surface is not continuous and impermeable. Best are slats and free air circulation in the bottom and sides. As well, you should regularly flip your mattress over, to air it out, dry it, and counter any compaction.


We recommend a preventative approach. Enclose your new mattress in our especially designed tightly woven organic mattress barrier cover to keep dustmites out. You can take the cover off and wash it separately in the machine as needed. For protection against leaks, spills, accidents and incontinence, we recommend putting one of our organic toppers, which prevents moisture from reaching the inside of the main mattress where it would be hard to clean it or even dry it.

If there is a stain, we recommend a mild solution of 3 parts water to one part vinegar in a spray bottle, or a mild, biodegradable unscented detergent added to the mix. Do not soak the mattress even partially in any cleaning liquid, and if it gets wet, let it dry out completely in circulating air or direct sunshine.

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