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Rawganique Swatch Book #11 (Knit Fabrics)
organic knit swatches
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Organic Cotton, Hemp, Linen Knit Fabrics Swatch Book

This swatch book includes most of Rawganique's in-house organic European hemp, organic cotton, and linen knit fabrics:

  1. OCK-FL1 100% organic cotton fleece - natural (sweats, blankets, scarves, jackets)

  2. OCK-JS1 100% organic Prima cotton jersey (T-shirts, Undies)

  3. LK-KNSS1 100% organic linen knit - natural (T-shirt, undies)

  4. HK-KNLL1natural 100% organic hemp lightweight knit - natural (T-shirt, undies)

  5. HK-KNSS1nat 100% organic hemp knit - regular weight (T-shirt, undies)

  6. HK-KNSS1oregano 100% organic hemp knit - natural oregano dye (T-shirt, undies)

  7. HK-KNSS1oak 100% organic hemp knit - natura oak dye (T-shirt, undies)

  8. HK-KNSS1bilberry 100% organic hemp knit - natural bilberry dye (T-shirt, undies)

  9. HK-KNSS1sage 100% organic hemp knit - sage (T-shirt, undies)

  10. HK-KNSS1orange 100% organic hemp knit - sage (T-shirt, undies)

  11. HK-KNSS1bur 100% organic hemp knit - burgundy (T-shirt, undies)

  12. HK-KNSS1blk 100% organic hemp knit - black (T-shirt, undies)

  13. HK-KNSS2 100% organic hemp RIBBED knit - natural (Sweaters, Blankets, Towels)

  14. HK-KN1 100% organic hemp knit - natural (sweaters, jackets)

  15. HK-KN2 100% organic hemp ribbed knit (sweaters, leggings)

  16. HK-KN11 100% organic hemp chainlink knit (scarves, blouses)

  17. HK-KNH1 100% organic hemp  knit - natural (hats, beanies)

  18. HK-KNHB1 100% organic hemp knit - natural (sweaters)

  19. HK-KNHB2 100% organic hemp knit - natural (sweaters)='

  20. HK-SW1 100% organic hemp HONEYCOMB knit - natural (wash cloths, blankets, towels, scarves)

  21. HK-SHW1 100% organic hemp variegated knit - natural (scarves, shawls, blouses)

We offer a full range of organic knit and woven fabrics. All done in-house at our European Atelier: we grow, weave, knit, and sew for truly pure fabrics for all your projects.

Our organic fabrics are sold by the yard. The price of the swatch books is for shipping and handling; the swatches themselves are free. Therefore, they are non-refundable.

For custom weave or color (minimums and production time apply), please send us a message via the Live Chat window in the bottom right corner or email us with details. We offer natural dyes (oregano, oak, bilberry, and pansy) on our hemp knits and biodegradable fibre-reactive dyes on the woven fabrics.

Made in Europe at the Rawganique Atelier. Sweatshop-Free. Chemical-free natural organic fabrics.

Organic Fabrics by Rawganique.co

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