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Organic Slippers | Handmade Organic Cotton & Hemp House Shoes

  • "I love that all your hemp sandals, slippers et al are ethically grown and made by you. It just feels so right to wear natural, breathable footwear. I'm done with disposal plastic things made in China. I'm on board with Rawganique all the way. I love your philosophy and your authentic products." Thomas M.
  • Organic cotton, linen, and hemp sandals, slippers and house shoes handmade in-house since 1997.
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glue-free vegan hemp sandals Cape Town Glue-Free Hemp Sandals

- RGFT947
- Euro 36 - 46 (women's sizes 5 - 10 and men's sizes 7 - 13)
- Natural (undyed, unbleached)
- Hand made quality sweatshop-free since 1997

Price: US$79.00
hemp house shoes Unisex Perth Purity Glue-free Hemp House Shoes Slippers

- SH320
- Handmade Sweatshop-free in Europe since 1997
- Women's sizes 5-10, Men's sizes 7-13
- Natural unbleached and undyed

Price: US$48.00

children's hemp sandals Children's Hemp Sandals (Out Of Stock)

Children's Hemp Sandals, from organically grown soft European hemp uppers and footbed, and recycled rubber tire sole. In Production, ETA ;Summer 2018.

List Price: US$29.00
Price: US$29.00
Sale Price: US$23.00
Out of stock. No ETA on new production yet.
hemp house slippers Unisex Osaka Purity Hemp Slippers

- RGFT-254US
- 100% hemp footbed and padding.
- Handmade at Rawganique's Atelier Shoe Workshop in Europe.
- Natural, Black, Brown. Women's 5-10; Men's 7-13.

Price: US$38.97
hemp house slippers Kyoto Hemp Slippers (3-Layer Footbed)

- RGFT-254SE
- Women's 5-10; Men's 7-13
- Natural, Brown, Black
- Handmade in Europe sweatshop-free since 1997

Price: US$46.00

organic cotton house shoes Unisex Pastorale Glue-free Organic Cotton House Shoes Slippers

Rare and unique! Handmade. Glue-free. Plastic-free. Organic Cotton House Shoes - Slippers. 100% Natural Felt padding. Sweatshop-free. Made in Europe. Women's sizes 5-10. Men's sizes 7-13.

Price: US$48.00

hemp slippers Unisex Hemp Indoor Slippers

HOSL1 Indoor hemp slippers. Classic hemp house slippers from organically grown European hemp. Handmade in Europe. Sweatshop-free. Women's and men's sizes. 3 colors.

Price: US$38.00

elastic-free organic cotton fleece slippers Tchaikovsky Elastic-free Glue-free 100% Organic Cotton Fleece Slippers

- RGFT-1812
- Natural. Unbleached, dye-free, Black (low-impact, biodegradable fiber-reactive eco-dye)
- Elastic-free. Chemical-free. MCS suitable. Handmade in Europe sweatshop-free since 1997
- Unisex Women's 5 - 10.5, Men's 7-13.5

Price: US$46.00

organic cotton fleece slippers Satie Glue-free 100% Organic Cotton Fleece Slippers

- RGFT-1789
- Women's 5-11, Men's 7-15
- Glue-free. Natural (unbleached & undyed) or Black
- Handmade in Europe sweatshop-free since 1997

Price: US$42.00

glue free organic cotton slippers Gershwin Glue-free Organic Cotton Fleece House Shoes Slippers

- RGFT-1747
- Glue-free Organic Cotton Fleece
- Small, Medium, Large, XL
- Natural (undyed, unbleached)

Price: US$79.00

hemp slippers Okinawa Indoor/Outdoor Hemp Slippers (Handmade, Natural Rubber Sole)

- RGFT-7674
- Handmade by Rawganique in Europe sweatshop-free since 1997
- Women's 5-10; Men's 7-13.
- Natural, Black (low-impact, biodegradable fiber-reactive eco-dye)

Price: US$62.00

hemp grounding shoes. Lascaux Cave-Story Glue-Free Hemp Grounding Shoes (Replaceable Sole) (Zero Drop)

- RGBC-2000
- Unisex Sizes S, M, L, XL
- Natural (Unbleached, Dye-Free)
- Handmade in Europe Sweatshop-Free since 1997

Price: US$99.00
organic cotton booties Elastic-free Organic Cotton Fleece Booties Slippers (Malahat)

- RG0292
- Use as boot liners, sleep socks or house slippers
- Natural or Black
- Women's 5 - Men's 13.5

Price: US$26.00

Women's Hemp Sandals Women's EcoDragon Hemp Slants (Closeout Final Sale)

Closeout final sale
While supplies last

Price: US$39.00
Sale Price: US$19.97
Women's Hemp Sandals Women's EcoDragon Hemp CityWalker (Closeout)

- Black, Natural
- Women's size 5-9
- Closeout final sale. While supplies last

Price: US$39.00
Sale Price: US$19.97

glue free hemp slippers Gluck Glue-free Organic Hemp Moc House Shoes Slippers

- RGFT-1768
- S-XL (36-47 EU, Men's 7-13.5, Women's 5-10.5)
- Natural (Unbleached and Undyed)
- Handmade in Europe sweatshop-free since 1997

Price: US$79.00

Why Rawganique's organic cotton, flax linen, and hemp sandals and slippers?

  • Because, as the industry leader since 1997, we are the source for truly pure and chemical-free organic sandals and slippers that customers who are chemically sensitive and chemically averse have relied on for true purity and environmental sustainability.
  • Because we grow, weave, knit and sew each pair of vegan organic sandals and slippers in-house.
  • Because our organic cotton, linen and hemp sandals are super breathable, keeping your feet cozy all day long. Hemp and linen have microscopic hollow cores that have insulating and wicking qualities, so your feet stay happy and healthy.
  • Because our organic sandals are grown and handmade in USA, Canada, and Europe (NOT China) and totally sweatshop-free.
  • Because our eco-friendly and sustainably and ethically made organic natural fiber sandals and slippers feature natural rubber soles, hemp soles, linen soles, organic cotton soles, glue-free soles, and more. Such a variety in styles too to suit everyone.

Are you allergic to chemicals and glues? Are you organic and/or vegan and want to wear sandals and slippers that reflect your healthy lifestyle? You've come to the right place! Since 1997, Rawganique.co has been hand-crafting chemical-free, animal-free, PVC-free organic cotton, linen, and hemp slippers, sandals, and house shoes.

Our organic cotton and hemp slippers, sandals, and house shoes are made by hand at the Rawganique Atelier in Europe for true sweatshop-free purity. We grow, weave, knit and sew each pair of organic cotton and cannabis hemp slippers and house shoes. Leather-free. Chemical-free. Sweatshop-free. Pure hemp slippers and sandals.

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