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Organic Cotton Bed Sheets - Pure, Sustainable, Ethical

  • Say good-bye to worries about chemicals, working conditions, sustainability!
  • Completely chemical-free organic cotton sheets. Hypoallergenic.
  • No dioxin, no formaldehyde, no PFAS, no bleach, no pesticides. Only organic cotton.
  • Luxury from nature - just organic cotton, nothing else goes into making our Flannel, Sateen, & Percale sheets!
  • Sweatshop-free made by Rawganique in Europe & USA
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organic cotton pillow protector Organic Cotton Pillow Barrier Protector

- Zippered for protection against dust mites
- Dense weave protects against mildew & dust mites
- Chemical-free. Sweatshop-free. Made in USA.

Organic Cotton Sateen Sheets Organic Cotton Sateen Sheets Pillowcases Duvet Covers (USA) (Myrtle Beach)

- Hypoallergenic. Unbleached, dye-free.
- Pillowcases, Sheets, Duvet Covers, Sets
- Natural, Ivory
- 340 thread count. Pure luxury from nature!

Organic Cotton Percale Sheets Organic Cotton Percale Sheets Pillowcases Duvet Covers (USA)

- Budget only in price, but top of the line in purity!
- Hypoallergenic. Completely chemical-free.
- Grown & made in USA

organic cotton fleece pillowcase Organic Cotton Fleece - Jersey Reversible Pillowcase (Wembley )

- RG4490
- Standard, Queen, King
- Chemical-free. Hypoallergenic.
- Super soft rare 100% cotton fleece
- Reversible: warm fleece, cooling jersey

Organic Cotton Sheets Organic Cotton Sheets (EU) (Platinum Zen)

- Platinum on dark grey stripes
- Stunning design yet all organic
- Closeout. Limited availability.

Organic Cotton Sheets Organic Cotton Sateen Sheets (EU) (Helmsley)

- Be done with itches & rashes!
- Hypoallergenic. Chemical-free. MCS suitable.
- Luxurious T-340 thread count
- Closeout. While supplies last.

Organic Cotton Flannel Sheets Organic Cotton Flannel Sheets Pillowcases Duvet Covers (USA)

- Made in USA
- Chemical-free. Hypoallergenic.
- Warm for those cozy winter nights

Organic Cotton Printed Pillow Cases Made in USA Printed Organic Cotton Sateen Pillowcases (USA)

- Made in USA. Sweatshop-free.
- Gorgeous colors & designs
- Travel, Sofa, Standard, Queen, King
- 340 thread count

Organic Cotton Sheets Midnight Moonlight Organic Cotton Sheets (EU)

- Made by Rawganique in Europe
- Platinum on dark grey stripes
- Closeout. While supplies last.

cotton sleeping bag 100% Organic Cotton Sleeping Bag (Kilimanjaro)

- RG6677
- Easy to carry on trips
- Organic cotton inside & out
- Organic fleece lining
- Protect yourself against chemicals away from home!

Price: US$269.00

Organic Cotton Flannel Sheets Organic Cotton Colorgrown Flannel Sheets (EU)

- 30% off closeout special
- Complete purity at a low price
- Color-by-nature Pecan brown
- Unbleached & undyed

Organic Cotton Sheets Organic Cotton Sateen Sheets Duvet Covers (EU) (Pecan Praliné)

- Colorgrown brown & natural stripes
- Unbleached & undyed. Chemical-free.
- Closeout. While supplies last.

Why Rawganique's Organic Cotton Bedding?

  • We grow, weave, knit and sew our organic cotton bed sheets, blankets, and more in-house in USA, Canada, and Europe, NOT China. All of our products are sweatshop-free and ethically made.
  • Our sustainable organic cotton bedding products are chemical-free and pure as can be
  • Our organic cotton bedding products do NOT contain dioxin, formaldehyde, or any other toxic chemicals, ever
  • We have been the eco fiber industry leader in truly pure organic products since 1997

Unique ethical, sustainable organic cotton bedding products and accessories - handmade, sweatshop-free, chemical-free, made in USA, Canada, Europe by Rawganique since 1997.
Rawganique.com Organic Cotton Sheets
Many luxury green resorts have purchased Rawganique's Euro-Luxury Organic Cotton Sheets to showcase their commitment to purity and environmental sustainability. Made in Europe. Sweatshop-free.
Made in USA or Europe by Rawganique. Sweatshop-free. No bleach, no dyes, no chemicals, no heavy metals. No formaldehyde. Completely pure. 100% organic European cotton, grown in accordance with stringent third-party-certified organic standards. These are the organic cotton sheets of choice for folks who care about purity and sustainability as well as allergy sufferers, who will appreciate the naturally hypo-allergenic qualities of our organic sheets. Processed in USA or Germany (depending on the collection), where the highest standards of purity and sustainability are adhered to. Certified organic by IMO of Switzerland, a prestigious third-party organic certifier. Much of the price of our organic cotton sheets goes towards high-quality organic raw materials and sweatshop-free labor.
Organic European cotton products are among the purest right now outside of sweatshop-free USA products. Most US mills have moved their operations overseas in search of cheaper labor in light of competition from abroad, but many of these third-world countries have questionable stance on human rights and purity in processing and growing of organic fibers (many even use formaldehyde to "wrinkle-proof" organic fabrics!).
We are sure glad to see organic cotton sheets popping up on shelves in mainstream shops and department stores. It's about time! What we aren't very impressed with is where and how these so called organic sheets are made. Chemicals in processing and dyes as well as sweatshop labor are reportedly a problem (many customers suffering from multiple chemical sensitivities have told us that they are allergic even to these so-called organic sheets that are made, for example, in China). Plus these stores still carry mostly non-organic conventional cotton and synthetic products. If their offering organic products is an acknowledgment that organic is the safest and healthiest option for workers, consumers, and the environment, why still carry products that are harmful and unhealthy, like chemical-laden sheets and PVC shower curtains? Why not carry only organic? This is an issue we also have with health food stores that carry organic produce alongside conventional produce (one store's excuse was that if they carried only organic, they wouldn't be able to stay in business).
But for us, the safety and health of human beings and the planet come first (before any other considerations) and should never be compromised! The cost of making money at the expense of people's health and that of the environment is ultimately too high for us to even consider. Since our beginning in 2000, Rawganique has always carried only organic sheets made with organic cotton, hemp, or linen. Sweatshop-free, of course.
Do you use any caustic acids to make your organic cotton sateen sheets?
A customer recently asked if we use caustic acids to make our organic cotton sateen or satin sheets. Apparently, some manufacturers do this to create a soft shiny fabric which they call sateen. For us, the answer is no, we do not use any chemicals, heavy metals, or acids to produce our organic sheets. We are in full control of the purity of our sheets from start to finish: we source raw organic cotton fibers of the highest quality, weave them into an organic cotton sateen fabric, cut & sew the resulting fabric, and finish the final product in an eco-friendly manner, all under the supervision of our production manager. After weaving, our organic cotton satin or sateen is just washed and calendered (a kind of industrial ironing by passing the fabric between metal rolls with a pressure on 8 tons). Here's more information on the production process that yields Rawganique's signature organic cotton sateen sheets:
What we call sateen is a weave construction defining how the threads are passing over and under each other to create a smooth silky surface. Typically the weft goes over 4 warp threads and under one warp thread, over 4 under 1 and so on. The next weft is then moved one thread to the right and so on through the fabric. The smooth surface is created because you have a more dense warp than weft and this construction combined with the binding secure that much more warp threads are visible on the surface than weft threads. Therefore, you can have cotton satin, linen satin, silk satin or polyester satin or satin based on any other kind of fiber (which in our case is 100% certified organic cotton).
Welcome to sweet sleep and carefree nights. From organic cotton sateen to damask, from organic hemp and linen to organic cotton flannel, we offer you a solid range of the highest quality organic sheets money can buy.
As smooth as silk and as voluptuous as satin, our cozy organic cotton bed sheets are offered in luxurious 230-240 thread count organic cotton sateen, striped, & checkered damask and brushed flannel fabrics. All are certified organic, unbleached, undyed and processed without any chemicals whatsoever.
Grown in accordance with the highest standards imposed by third-party organic cotton certification and manufactured with the strictest adherence to quality and detail, our organic cotton sheets really bring our designer's vision to life. They are 100% organic from start to finish. You'll never want to sleep on anything less voluptuous again ...except maybe on our Organic Hemp Sheets or Organic French Linen Sheets.
Depending on the weave, Rawganique's Organic Cotton Sheets are custom-made either in USA or Europe (the EU) and certified organic by IMO of Switzerland. Our organic sheets also come in matching organic bathrobes and pajamas.
As many of our customers know, manufacturers of organic bedding products have shut down mills in the US and moved production abroad, mainly to India, Peru, and Turkey. This is due to price competition from abroad as well as lack of government subsidies for organic cotton at home (unlike conventional cotton, which is heavily subsidized by the government).
In response to this phenomenon, Rawganique has gone to the EU to find the highest quality raw materials and skilled craftspeople to make our new line of luxury organic cotton sheets. There is no sweatshop, slave, bonded, or child labor involved at any stage of production of our luxury organic cotton sheets. And working conditions in Europe are as good as any we've seen.
2011 Update: We are now manufacturing our organic cotton sheets in the US again! We continue to offer our European-made organic cotton sheets as well because many of our customers prefer the soft & smooth finish that our German processor is known for.
Why organic cotton sheets? Because conventional cotton accounts for 275 million pounds of annual pesticide use in addition to myriad other chemicals used to process and/or wrinkle-proof the fabric. Our organic cotton sheets do wrinkle, but that's what natural fiber fabrics are supposed to do: that's what gives them character and charm.

Debunking the Thread Count Myth
Our organic cotton sheets feature 240-250 thread count in the sateen and damask weave, which makes for a soft, smooth, and silky feel. You won't feel much difference at higher thread counts because at 240 ct., the fabric is already very tightly woven for a smooth hand. We use a very pure and fine yarn. The fabric is especially woven for us to the highest specifications of quality.
The flannel is offered up at a cozy 5.5 oz per square yard for medium-weight, year-round comfort.
Sellers that advertise ultra-high thread count, sometimes as high as 1,000, forget to mention that the smaller the thread, the more fragile they are.
From customer feedback and tests we have done, most people don't feel much of a difference in thread count above 230. In manufacturing, we prefer to strike a balance between smooth and soft (which our organic sheets certainly are) and durability. Sheets made with very thin threads wear out very fast.
We offer both USA made Organic Cotton Sheets (basic line, from) and European-made Euro-Luxury Organic Cotton Sheets (luxury line).
In terms of overall finish and feel, our American Heritage Organic Cotton Sheets are entry (Percale) and mid-line quality sheets (Sateen & Flannel). Our Euro-Luxury Organic Cotton Sheets (choice of 5 fabrics) are premium quality luxury sheets, finished with the utmost purity and care in Germany. Certified organic by GOTS. Many fine green resorts around the world have purchased our organic sheets and bath accessories to show their commitment to the environment.
Both our American Heritage Organic Cotton Sheets (made in USA) and our Euro-Luxury Organic Cotton Sheets (made in Europe) are made from 100% certified organic cotton. No bleach, no chemicals, no heavy metals, no formaldehyde. No sweatshop. Uniquely at Rawganique.com. Each sheet has its own info/price tab below.