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Natural Vision Therapy Pinhole Glasses
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Natural Vision Therapy Pinhole Glasses

Nature is amazing! The human eye is a scientific wonder, and our prescription-free Natural Vision Therapy Pinhole Glasses based on the original Bates Method prove it. An excited customer recently called to tell us that she had passed the California driver's license driving test (both the eye test and the actual driving test) using our pinhole glasses EVEN THOUGH she is legally blind. Of course, we always recommend NOT driving while wearing pinhole glasses because of they limit some light (to focus more light to where it's needed for you to see clearly) and visibility (our pinhole glasses are meant to train and strengthen the eye muscles so that your vision improves naturally over a period of time of consistent use of the pinhole glasses). But apparently the official conducting the driving test didn't have any problem with her wearing her pinhole glasses during the driving test, and he thought it quite legal for her to drive using the pinhole glasses which allows her to see clearly without prescription. Bravo!

S = for youth and children
L = for most men and women
XL = for people with larger heads (sold out)
** XL size is offered in the wide style

See clearly without prescription glasses as soon as you put these Bates Method pinhole glasses on. No prescription, no surgery, no side-effects. No risk & no danger whatsoever. Let your body do what it does best: heal itself. Wear these Natural Vision Pinhole Glasses as often as you can and be rewarded with strengthened vision to the point where conventional glasses might be done away with altogether (as many people who have followed the William Bates method of natural vision training have found out over the last 85 years), all thanks to your body's own recuperative powers!

We ourselves have used these pinhole glasses for years and can testify to their effectiveness; curious people who ask to try them on (because they see us wearing them) are always amazed that they can instantly see better with these non-prescription pinhole glasses when normally they would need their prescription glasses to see. You can use the pinhole glasses occasionally to help you see things you wouldn't normally see (like read signs and books or watch movies) or, better yet, wear them as often as you can for the best chance of vision repair.

This is not a gimmick. It's based on years of research, observation, and field tests done by famed ophthalmologist Dr. William Bates 85 years ago with the help of countless patients. Aldous Huxley, famed author of The Brave New World, bettered his poor eyesight with the Bates method and wrote a book The Art Of Seeing detailing his experiences, which included wearing pinhole glasses just like these Natural Vision Pinhole Glasses.

The Low-downs of Natural Vision Pinhole Glasses

If you are short-sighted and you put on these Pinhole Glasses, you'll be able to see objects in the distance. (Especially great for reading subtitles at the movies or on TV.)

If you are far-sighted and you put on these Pinhole Glasses, you'll be able to read up close.

If you suffer from astigmatism or myopia and you put these Pinhole Glasses on, you'll be able to see clearly where you normally see a blur.

If you have blurry night vision (headlights appear like a rounded blurry light ball instead of a focused object, for example), you'll also be able to see quite clearly with these Pinhole Glasses.

Many people with a lazy eye find that wearing Natural Vision Pinhole Glasses over time will help assuage or do away with the issue entirely.

If you wear contact lenses, take them off while wearing the Natural Vision Pinhole Glasses: that way, you will derive full benefit from the Pinhole Glasses.

Sounds amazing? It is amazing, but true. These non-prescription pinhole glasses direct light in a linear line to your eyes, allowing you to clearly see objects that you would normally need glasses to see. They train your eyes to focus correctly without straining (strain was listed by Bates as one of the leading causes of impaired vision). For all the reasons above, the Pinhole Glasses prove conclusively that our eyes can see just fine, that the disparate conditions of farsightedness and nearsightedness are rooted in the processing of the actual images seen by the eyes. The brain's processing may have been cross-wired, resulting in a blurry perception. Your eyes have not permanently changed in shape with age.

By wearing these Pinhole Glasses under safe conditions (do not wear them to drive or operate dangerous equipment or in any other condition where restricted field of vision may not be safe!), you'll gradually strengthen your eye muscles and train your brain to "correctly" process the raw images your eyes see. Be patient, keep at it, and wear these Pinhole Glasses as often as you can, starting with a few 10-minute sessions throughout the day and extending to as long as you can.

In the beginning, the pinholes might be a bit annoying, but with regular use, they "disappear" to the extent that you won't notice them much anymore. You'll be amazed at the results. Best of all, there is no prescription, no long-term deterioration, no renewed prescriptions, or other on-going fees. Just better vision at the end of the road for most people. Safe. Natural. Prescription-free. All ages can benefit from these Pinhole Glasses.

Don't be shy about wearing the Bates Method pinhole glasses everywhere you go (assuming it's safe to do so, of course — stay away from places where having a limited line of vision might not be safe: like a construction site!). It's a great conversation starter. You might end up making more new friends than you know what to do with. People are curious and naturally gravitate towards you and your pinhole glasses in a crowd. We've made so many friends on trips at home and overseas by just wearing our pinhole glasses. Everyone wants to try them on, and without exception, everyone will be impressed by their instantly improved vision. And while you're at it, help spread the word to help others heal their own impaired vision. We have come across many people who express regret at not having known about these natural healing vision methods before they underwent laser and other eye surgeries. If only they had known about the Bates Method pinhole glasses, it would have saved them thousands of dollars, not to mention the risks associated with eye surgery.

Price includes info & FAQ brochure and a link to download near and far Snellen eye charts. Complete instructions included. For diopter 3.0 or less, the pinhole glasses train the eye toward perfect vision. For higher diopter, they will greatly help to sharpen vision. Regular use of 15 minutes to an hour throughout the day over a period of a few months can permanently improve vision, especially when used in conjunction with Bates' eye exercises, improved diet, exercise, and regular exposure to sun and natural light.

The Bates Method For those familiar with the William Bates Method of Natural Vision Therapy, these are the pinhole glasses that help the body strengthen vision without the aid of powerful glasses (crutches), surgery, or medication. We have been practicing the Bates method for many years, and even though there are instructions in Bates' book for how to make your own, it's kept us from experiencing the benefits of the pinhole glasses because we have been too busy to try to make one from scratch. No longer: these pinhole glasses are ready to use! We have since benefited greatly from their use.

Performing regular eye exercises per the Bates Method and regular wearing of the Natural Vision Therapy Pinhole Glasses will help the body strengthen eye muscles and improve vision. In his lifetime, Dr. Bates helped thousands upon thousands of patients improve or restore their vision without the help of medication, surgery, or glasses.

1. The Myopia Problem

Have you ever wondered why the incidence of myopia in Singapore is the highest in the world — 80% of the population aged 16 onwards suffers from myopia, compared to an estimated 25% in America, Australia, Europe and China. Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore are the top five countries in the world with the highest incidence of myopia. The myopia problem is becoming a real concern nowadays in North America, Europe, and Asia, as more and more children and teenagers, including working adults, cope with increased school and work pressure, voluminous amount of reading, and endless hours of working in front of the computer.

1.1 Myopia — Root cause

Does the root cause lie in our food, climate, classroom, genes, habits or lifestyle? Severe myopia (10 diopter or more) may cause retinal detachment which can lead to blindness. Our children are starting to wear prescription glasses as early as Grade/Primary One. They are also upgrading their glasses to higher-powered pairs every few months are they cope with the school workload, as well as the "near-point" vision stress generated by the computer games, and popular game consoles. Is there something we can do to solve this serious problem? Or do we accept what our eye-care professionals are telling us — eyesight deterioration is part of growing up, or getting older, in the modern world (characterized by lots of work and games on the computer or some electronic screens), and there is nothing one can do to reverse or alleviate the problem?

1.2 The Bates Method

Thank God that there is hope for poor eyesight. The Bates Method Workshop for Eyesight Improvement achieves better eyesight without glasses, surgery, medication or risk. Thousands of people around the world have benefited from the 85-year-old Bates Method. It is definitely a better and more effective alternative to glasses in eliminating myopia (nearsightedness, shortsightedness), astigmatism and presbyopia (longsighted, farsightedness).

The Vision Therapy Eyewear, is a cost-effective way to get started in the Bates Method. Dr. William Bates after examining 30,000 pairs of eyes per year back then in the 1900's, concluded that prescription glasses is pat of the problem, and going without the ye-crutches will bring "vision therapy" benefits to patients. However, the Bates Method is not a substitute to visiting an eye-care professional when one suffers from medically-related vision challenges.

2. The Traditional View VS Dr. Bates' View

Wear your glasses all the time or your eyesight will worsen — true or false?

The traditional eye-care industry has been preaching: 1. Wear your glasses all the time or your eyesight will worsen. 2. There is no cure for myopia (nearsightedness), astigmatism or presbyopia (farsightedness). 3. Glasses are the only non-surgical solution to help you see clearly. 4. Lasik surgery is the only hope if one wants to get rid of prescription glasses, although, as in all surgeries, it comes with a risk that you eyesight may be irreversibly damaged. You would have to sign away all rights to sue your ophthalmologist since you went for the surgery fully aware of all the risks and benefits.

Traditional Industry View VS Dr. Bates: Comparing the Traditional View and Dr. Bates' View regarding myopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia

Orthodox View Dr. Bates' View

1 Eye lens & shape of eyeball are warped Every part of the body can perform efficiently and is self-healing
2 Permanent damage Vision therapy can restore normal vision
3 Surgery to correct damage Good vision habits
4 Glasses to prevent deterioration Eliminate glasses or stepped-down glasses
5 Don't agree on root cause Stress and strain are the major cause
2.1 Warped eyeball

Today's eye-care professionals believe that the shape of the eyeball, including the eye lens are warped, lengthened, or elongated. Dr. Bates believed that every part of our body is adaptive, can self-heal, and is designed to perform efficiently and holistically.
2.2 Permanent damage

Our eye-care professionals believe that there is nothing one can do to reverse myopia, astigmatism or presbyopia. The eyeball is already irreversibly warped. Dr. Bates believed that vision therapy including eye-mind training can restore normal or perfect eyesight. Dr. Bates had seen many cases where his patients went without glasses against his orders, and their vision was restored to normal.

2.3 Surgery

Since the eyeball is already permanently damaged, surgery is the only solution to get back perfect vision. However, there is a risk associated with any surgery, including Lasik. Most eye doctors who are performing the lasik surgery are still wearing glasses themselves. Lasik surgery was invented less than eleven years ago, and the long-term effects are still unknown. Besides, the root cause of vision challenges (myopia, astigmatism or presbyopia) has not been addressed. Eyesight deterioration can occur after Lasik surgery if the patient continues to stare at the computer screen or reading voluminously non-stop for long hours.

By contrast, Dr. Bates believed that one can maintain perfect vision for near and far, if one maintains good vision habits. Good vision habits, not eye exercises, promote relaxed use of the vision system, hence normal perfect vision is maintained. Ask someone you know who has perfect vision if he or she needs to do anything special to maintain perfect vision. The answer is always nothing.

2.4 Prescription glasses

Eye-care professionals encourage you to wear your glasses all day. Take them off, and your vision will worsen. Why does my vision continue to worsen after always wearing the glasses? Why do my kids complain that they cannot see clearly anymore a few months after getting their new glasses? They need higher-powered glasses every couple of months. Dr. Bates believed that glasses is part of the problem. They are like eye-crutches. You become totally dependent on them. You feel insecure without them.

However, when you remove your glasses, and give yourself a little time (as short as 1 hour), you will find that your body, eyes, and mind are constantly making adjustments to help you see better. Vision improves. Therefore, Dr. Bates wrote his perennial best0seller in 1919, "Perfect Sight Without Glasses".Today, you will still be able to buy Dr. Bates' book, "Better Eyesight Without Glasses" at your local bookstore. Brave New World author Aldous Huxley also wrote a wonderful book on natural vision therapy: it's both his own personal account of improvement in his vision on the Bates Method as well as a practical guidebook for exercises you can do to help your body improve your vision.

2.4.1 Why Glasses Don't Help

Glasses are fitted for 20 feet or 6 meters. It is the most effective (translated to mean the most powerful pair) for all distances from 1 foot to 20 feet and beyond. Most likely, you will feel giddy and may even suffer a headache when you first put on the newly prescribed pair of glasses. Your optician will tell you that you will get used to it. Sure enough, your body adapts and adjusts to help you cope with the strong pair of crutches for your eyes. When used for reading at the distance of one foot, for example, the glasses are twenty times too strong (2 feet / 1 foot) since they have fixed focal length, unlike the natural eye lens which have a variable focal length (and therefore doesn't have the 20-times-too-strong problem when doing close work). When watching TV / computer at 4 feet, the glasses are 5 times too strong. The strain caused by these glasses is one of the major contributing factors to progressive myopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. (Changing to higher-powered lens frequently).

Dr. Bates on the other hand encouraged that you either go without glasses completely, without straining to see in the process, or have lower powered glasses. Strictly speaking, to be precise, have 20 pairs of glasses with different power for different distances. When working on the computer or reading, 25 to 50 percent (varies, since every individual is different) of your current prescription on your glasses will do just fine.

2.5 Root Cause

Have you ever asked your eye-=care professional, "Why do I or my kids suffer from myopia, astigmatism or presbyopia"? The explanation will likely be: a) it is part of growing up (like your height), b) it is probably your genes (your parents wear glasses), or c) you have been putting too much strain on your vision system (too much reading, computer games, game consoles, TV-watching).

Dr. Bates believed that we are all born with perfect vision, and the root cause is a result of poor vision habits resulting in excessive stress and strain in our vision system. If a boy plays computer games on the PC or TV several hours non-stop a day, his vision is likely to be less-than-perfect. Reading, homework and other activities that create excessive near-point stress are key factors that contribute to vision challenges.

Does that mean we stop all these activities and don't go to school or work? Dr. Bates teaches the use of one's vision system with maximum relaxation and minimum stress and strain. The techniques become good vision habits. They automatically become part of you, used all-day and unconsciously.

3. Vision Therapy Eyewear — How it works

The scientific pin-hole effect helps one see clearly without prescription glasses or eye crutches, and brings about vision therapy benefits resulting in eyesight improvement.

Light travels in straight lines. They don't bend around pin-holes, resulting in fewer light rays traveling through the holes. A sharpened image is formed on the retina when one wears a pair of pin-hole glasses or Vision Therapy Eyewear.

More info and FAQ's in brochure that comes with Natural Vision Therapy Eyewear. Also, a link to download near and far vision charts.

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