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Organic T-shirts for Men: Organic Cotton, Linen, & Hemp T-shirts

Organic cotton T-shirts and tank tops, organic linen T-shirts and tank tops, and organic hemp tees and tank tops, made in-house from start to finish by Rawganique.
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100% organic cotton t-shirt Sonoma 100% Organic Cotton Crew Neck Unisex T-shirt (With or Without Pockets) (Made in USA)

- RG1006 100% organic cotton
- Grown in USA. Made in USA
- Unisex S - XXL
- Many colors & sizes.

Price: US$20.00

organic cotton t-shirt Michigan Organic Cotton Crewneck T-Shirt (Men's/Unisex)

100% organic cotton T-shirt. Made in USA. Natural, Ivory, Black, Dijon, Aquamarine, Pomegranate, Plum, Smoke. S - 3XL.

Price: US$17.50
100% Hemp T-shirt Miami Beach Light-Weight Hemp T-Shirt

RGMTS-868L Lightweight 100% Hemp T-shirt. Our new knit -— world's first and only tissue-weight 100% hemp knit. As soft as cotton, as smooth as silk.  S - XXL. Natural, Black, Carbon Melange. Made in-house in Europe. Sweatshop-free.

Price: US$49.00

Hemp T-shirt Bel Air 100% Hemp T-Shirt

- RGMTS-869 100% Organic Hemp T-shirt
- Made at the Rawganique Atelier in Europe
- Unisex. S - XXL.
- Natural, Iced Tea, Oak, Oregano, Russet

Price: US$55.00

100% Hemp T-shirt Anaheim 100% Hemp T-Shirt - Thick, Ribbed

• Thick, durable organic hemp T-shirt
• Ribbed knit jersey (sweater weight)
• S - XXL. Unbleached, undyed.

Price: US$59.00

100% Hemp T-shirt Manley Beach 100% Hemp T-Shirt (Thick, Ribbed, with pocket))

• RGMTS-870PO Hemp T-shirt with pocket
• Thick, durable organic hemp T-shirt
• S - XXL
• Natural or Black

Price: US$59.00
short sleeve organic linen t-shirt Somerset S/S 100% Org French Linen T-shirt (New Cut)

• RGMTS-856
• 100% organic Irish linen knit T-shirt.
• Unisex S - 2XL.
• Natural with Ivory-on-Natural neck & sleeve trim

Price: US$59.00

organic irish linen t-shirt Inverness S/S 100% Org Irish Linen T-shirt (New Cut)

RGMST-862 Rare & unique 100% organic Irish linen knit T-shirt. Soft, cozy, silky. Unisex S - 2XL. Unbleached and undyed.

Price: US$59.00

Organic Cotton Ribbed T-Shirt Chelsea Organic Cotton Ribbed Tee

RG2040 Chelsea 100% certified organic cotton ribbed knit T-shirt. Made in Europe. Sweatshop-free. S - 3XL. Black, Spice, Charcoal, Sage.

Price: US$42.00

long sleeve organic linen t-shirt Somersby Short-Sleeve 100% Linen T-shirt (LKTSS) (Unisex)

  • 100% organic linen
  • Made in Europe. Sweatshop-free.
  • Elastic-free. No Lycra. No Spandex.
  • Chemical-free fabrics and dyes.
  • S - XXL. Multiple Colors.

Price: US$59.00
Sale Price: US$49.00

v-neck hemp t-shirt Tivoli V-neck Slim-Fit 100% Hemp T-Shirt

RGMTS-8680L Tivoli Rare & unique 100% Tissue-Weight V-Neck Hemp T-shirt. Utterly soft, silky, cozy, and pure. Made in-house from start to finish for true purity. Ivory or Black. S - XXL. $7 off XXL for a limited time as we balance our inventory.

Price: US$49.00

organic cotton v-neck t-shirt Mendocino Organic Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt (Made in USA) (Unisex)

  • 100% Organic Cotton

  • Made in USA. Sweatshop-free.

  • XS - XL. Natural & Multiple Eco-Dyed Colors.

Price: US$20.00
organic linen v-neck t-shirt Ludwig 100% Organic French Linen V-neck T-Shirt

100% Organic Linen V-Neck T-shirt
Made in Europe by Rawganique
Natural. S - XXL.

Price: US$59.00
ribbed hemp tank top Brisbane 100% Hemp Ribbed Tank Top (Unisex)

- PC1074 100% organic hemp knit
- Unisex XS - 3XL
- Natural, Black
- Super breathable

Price: US$44.00
100% hemp tank top Christchurch 100% Hemp Tank Top

• 100% organic hemp
• Elastic-free. No Lycra. No Spandex.
• XS - 3XL. Natural or Black.
• Discontinued. While supplies last

Price: US$41.97
hemp tank top Auckland 100% Hemp Tank Top (Unisex)

• Elastic-free. No Lycra. No Spandex.
• Organic European hemp
• XS - 3XL. Natural or Oregano.
• Discontinued - while supplies last

Price: US$43.97

organic cotton tank top Organic Cotton Yoga Tank Top

• 100% organic cotton ribbed knit
• Soft & stretchy
• Great for yoga and everyday wearing
• Made in Europe. Chemical-free.
• S - XXL. Natural, Black, Faded Jeans.
• Discontinued. While supplies last.

Price: US$39.97
Organic Tank Top Euro-Contour Organic Cotton Tank Top

RG2010 Beautiful 100% organic cotton ribbed knit is stretchy and soft. Great on men and women. Sweatshop-free. Made in Europe. S - XXL. Natural, Black, Bordeaux, Faded Jeans.

Price: US$29.00
organic linen v-neck tank top Chopin 100% Organic French Linen Tank Top (Natural) (Unisex)

RGMT-1981 100% organic linen knit
Soft, silky
Unisex S - XXL

Price: US$44.00

hemp knit shirt Cambridge Long-Sleeved Hemp Knit Shirt

RGMTL-588 Rare & unique soft 100% hemp jersey knit pullvoer shirt. Made in-house in our European atelier. Sweatshop-free. Breast pocket. Natural, Oak, Oregano. S - XXL.

Price: US$89.00

organic linen t-shirt Glastonbury Organic Linen Long-Sleeve T-shirt (LKTLS) (Unisex)

• 100% organic linen
• Made in Europe. Sweatshop-free.
• S - XXL. Natural or Black.

Price: US$89.00
Sale Price: US$64.00
long-sleeve hemp t-shirt Oxfordshire Long-sleeve 100% Hemp T-Shirt (Discontinued)

- Rare & unique
- Knitted by famed Danish knitter
- Available while supplies last
- XS - XXL

Price: US$71.97

organic linen t-shirt Stravinsky Long-Sleeved Organic Linen Knit Shirt (RG5880)

RGTL-988 Stravinsky Rare & unique soft 100% organic linen jersey knit pullvoer shirt. Made in-house in our European atelier. Sweatshop-free. Natural, Oak, Oregano. S - XXL.

Price: US$79.00

100% organic cotton long-sleeve t-shirt Frisco 100% Organic Cotton Long-Sleeve T-shirt (Made in USA) (Unisex)

RG1004 Frisco 100% Organic Cotton Long-sleeve Crewneck T-shirt. Made in USA by Rawganique. Medium weight 100% organic cotton jersey.

Price: US$25.00

long-sleeve organic cotton t-shirt Nevada Organic Cotton Long-sleeve T-Shirt (Unisex) (Made in USA)

100% organic cotton long-sleeve T-shirt. Unisex sizes S - XL. 4 colors. Made in USA.

Price: US$20.00

made in usa organic cotton t-shirt Montego Bay 100% Organic Cotton V-neck T-shirt (Made in USA)

- RG1008
- Made in USA
- Unisex sizes S - XL
- Medium weight 100% organic cotton jersey
- Natural, Sage, Cornflower Blue

Price: US$20.00
made in usa organic cotton tank top New Orleans 100% Organic Cotton Tank Top (Made in USA) (Unisex)

For men and women. RG1007 100% Organic Cotton Tank Top. Grown in USA. Made in USA. Medium weight 100% organic cotton jersey.

Price: US$17.00

long sleeve hemp t-shirts Hempton 100% Organic Hemp Long-sleeve T-shirt

Long-sleeve 100% organic European hemp T-shirt - we grow, knit and sew each cotton-free, zero-waste hemp T-shirt for true purity. Natural (unbleached & undyed). S - XXL.

Price: US$79.00

organic cotton tank top Honolulu 100% Organic Cotton Tank Top (Unisex)

- RGAC-1095 Honolulu Organic Cotton Tank Top
- Unisex S - XXL
- Made by Rawganique in Europe
- Medium Weight 100% Organic Cotton Jersey
- Undyed & Hypoallergenic

Price: US$24.95

Why Rawganique's organic cotton, flax linen and hemp clothing?

  • Industry leader in truly pure organic clothing since 1997.
  • We grow, weave, knit and sew in-house for true purity.
  • Grown and made in USA, Canada, and Europe.
  • Cruelty-Free. Animal-friendly. Chemical-free.
  • No formaldehyde, no dioxin, no toxic chemicals, ever.

Since 1997, Rawganique.co has specialized in handcrafting eco friendly, sweatshop-free, ethically made, sustainable men's organic T-shirts. Our organic cotton T-shirts, organic flax linen T-shirts, and organic hemp T-shirts are perennially popular and many of the organic T-shirts, organic tank tops, and organic tees we make are truly unique and rare.

Our all-natural, all-organic natural fabric organic T-shirts are chemical-free, sweatshop-free, vegan, and super breathable. We grow, weave, knit, and sew men's organic basics and essentials such as organic T-shirts for true purity and environmental sustainability.