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Organic Hemp Twine & Hemp Strings

  • "Your 6 ply 100% organic hemp twine is perfect for warping looms. Just FYI in case anyone ever asks. I have a teacher, Neil Goss, who really enjoys using your hemp twine as warp for backstrap looms!" James Davis
  • Organic hemp twines & yarns for weaving, knitting, crocheting, ++. Since 1997. All grown & made in Europe (not China) for true purity.
  • Popular uses: arts & crafts, packaging, gardening, jewelry-making, baking, kitchen, ...
  • Food-grade baker's twines
  • Trade discounts apply: 10% off 6-11, 17% off 12-23, 25% off 24+. Mix & match. Custom & bulk FOB orders welcome!
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hemp twine 6-Strand Unwaxed Hemp Twine (1kg Cone) (Undyed)

- 22# test | ~5,000 ft
- Food-grade baker's twine
- Great for knitting & weaving
- Artisanal uses, hobbies, gardening, jewelry
- Chemical-free. Untreated. Dye-free.

Price: US$39.00

dyed unwaxed hemp twine 6-Strand Unwaxed Hemp Twine (Dyed)

- TWD6-200
- 200' Spool Hemp Twine
- 6-Ply Unwaxed Organic European Hemp
- Many Colors. Eco-dyed for True Sustainability.
- Made in Europe. Sweatshop-Free

Price: US$5.50

hemp twine 6-Strand Unwaxed Hemp Twine (400') (Undyed)

- TW6B400
- 22# test | 400' (spool)
- Food-grade baker's twine
- Great for knitting & weaving
- Artisanal uses, hobbies, gardening, jewelry
- Chemical-free. Untreated. Dye-free.

Price: US$4.99

hemp twine 12-Strand Unwaxed Hemp Twine (200')

- TW12B200
- Great for candle wicks (after waxing), beading, jewelry
- Untreated, chemical-free
- Food-grade baker's twine
- Perfect for gardening

Price: US$4.99
rainbow hemp twine 6-Strand Unwaxed Dyed Rainbow Hemp Twine

$5.99 TWD6rain Edition Variegated Hemp Twines. 200' spool. 6-Strand Dyed Unwaxed Organic European hemp twine. Made in-house for true purity and environmental sustainability.

polished hemp twine 170# Waxed Hemp Twine (Polished) (200 Feet) (TW9/200)

- TW9-500
- ~200' ball
- Chemical-free
- Vegan potato waxed

Price: US$7.70
hemp wick Organic Hemp Wick (Extra Thick) (13-Strand Beeswaxed Hemp Twine) (200')

- TWB13
- ~200 ft ball
- Beeswax coated
- Great for candle making, lighting needs (vaping, bonging, etc)
- Soot-free

List Price: US$18.99
Price: US$13.99
Sale Price: US$13.99
hemp twine 3-Strand Unwaxed Hemp Twine (300')

- TW3B300
- 200' spool | 10# test
- Untreated, chemical-free
- Great for gardening, retail string tags, arts & crafts
- Food-grade baker's twine

Price: US$2.69

dyed vegan waxed hemp twine 20# Waxed Edition Hemp Twine (Polished) (Dyed)

- TWD7-200
- ~200 ft
- 7-strand dyed vegan waxed (potato wax) twine
- Colors: Amaryllis, Black, Blue Rose, Brown, Burnished Copper, Charcoal, Fuchsia, Gold, Hydrangea, Pumpkin, Robin's Egg, Sage, Snow White, Sunflower, Teal, Turquoise, Violet, Pistachio

Price: US$4.99

hemp twine 12-Strand Unwaxed Hemp Twine (1kg Cone)

- ~2,500' | 48 lb test
- Untreated, chemical-free
- Great for candles, jewelry, arts & crafts
- Use for gardening & as food-safe baker's twine

Price: US$39.00
rainbow hemp twine 12-Strand Unwaxed Dyed Rainbow Hemp Twine

- TWD12rain/200
- 200' ball
- Rainbow variegated
- Great for arts & crafts, jewelry, knitting, etc
- Made in-house for true purity and environmental sustainability

Price: US$10.00
organic hemp wick Organic Hemp Wick (Regular) (7-Strand Beeswaxed Hemp Twine) (200')

- TW-BW7
- ~200' regular thickness
- Smoke and soot free
- Great as an alternative to matches and lighters for inhale-able products, or making candles
- Food grade

List Price: US$15.99
Price: US$9.99
Sale Price: US$9.99

hemp twine 3-Strand Unwaxed Hemp Twine (1kg Cone)

- ~10,000' | 10# test
- Untreated, chemical-free
- Food-grade baker's twine
- Great for gardening, arts, beading ++

Price: US$39.00

hemp twine 2-Strand Unwaxed Hemp Twine (1kg Cone)

- ~5,000m
- Untreated, chemical-free
- Food-grade baker's twine
- Great for very many artisanal & home uses

Price: US$39.00
organic hemp twine 10-Strand Unwaxed Hemp Twine (1 kg Cone)

- Untreated, chemical-free
- Great all-purpose twine
- Food-grade baker's twine
- Use for gardening, baking, arts ++

Price: US$39.00
waxed hemp twine 100# Waxed Hemp Twine (Polished)

- TW10-200
- 200' ball
- 100# test
- Potato wax
- Great for jewelry, retail uses, bookbinding

Price: US$5.50
rainbow hemp twine 3-Strand Unwaxed Dyed Rainbow Hemp Twine

- TWD3rain-200
- 200' ball
- Rainbow Dyed
- Great for jewelry, knitting, weaving
- Made in-house for true purity and environmental sustainability

Price: US$3.50
rainbow hemp twine 6-Strand Unwaxed Dyed Rainbow Hemp Twine

- TWD6rain-200
- 200 ft spool
- Rainbow dyed
- Great for making one of a kind projects

Price: US$6.99
waxed hemp twine 48# Waxed Hemp Twine (Polished)

- TW8-400
- 400' ball
- 48# test vegan waxed organic European hemp twine.
- Made in-house for true purity. Sweatshop-free. Potato wax.
- Great for making candles, jewelry, bracelets, etc

Price: US$5.50

waxed hemp twine 20# Waxed 7-Strand Hemp Twine (Polished)

- TW7-300
- ~300' spool
- 20# test vegan waxed organic European hemp twine
- Made in-house for true purity. Sweatshop-free. Potato wax
- Great for many artisan, gardening, and all-purpose household uses

Price: US$3.50

hemp twine 9-Strand Unwaxed Hemp Twine (1kg Cone)

- 1mm diameter | ~3,300'
- Food-grade baker's twine
- Great for knitting & weaving
- Artisanal uses, hobbies, gardening, jewelry
- Chemical-free. Untreated. Dye-free.

Price: US$39.00
hemp beading kits Hemp Beading Kits

- Organic Hemp Beading Kit
- 3 Glass Beads, 2 Skeins 3.5 Yard Hemp Twine
- Choice Of Different Colors
- Kit Makes 1 Handmade Hemp Choker

Price: US$3.90
dyed vegan waxed hemp twine 20# Waxed Dyed Hemp Twine (Polished)

- TWD7-400
- ~ 400' ball, 7-Strand
- Dyed Vegan Waxed ( potato wax)
- Great for gardening, toys, retail price tags, and more
- 20# test

hemp curtain rings Hemp Macrame Curtain Rings (12)

- Hemp-rings
- Set of 12
- Wooden buttons
- Natural or fiber reactive dyed
- Colors: Black, Earth Brown, Indigo, Ivory, Natural, Plum, Pomegranate, Sage, Salmon, Pistachio, Terra Cotta, Key Lime, Evening Mist, Alpine Meadow Blue, Burgundy Or choose one of each!

Price: US$12.00

hemp twine vaping 12-Strand Unwaxed Undyed Hemp Twine Sampler (Vaporizing) 12' / 4 yards

- TW12b-12feet
- Unwaxed, unbleached, and undyed
- Can be safely used for vaping / vaporizing

Price: US$3.00
hemp wick Bespoke Hand-Dipped Organic Hemp Wick (Handmade in Montana)

- RG08021
Beeswax from Montana beekeepers
Handmade in USA
The Safest Hemp Wicks for your bongs, pipes & vaporizers

Why Rawganique's organic hemp twines and strings?

  • Because we organically grow and spin the finest chemical-free European hemp yarns in the world
  • Food-grade baker's twines for all kitchen uses
  • Made at our European atelier (not China). Sweatshop-free.
  • We have been the leader in the eco organic fiber industry since 1997 because we are passionate about making the purest, truly natural products in the world on a human scale.
  • We offer a wide selection of widths & colors

Rawganique - the most trusted name in organic European hemp twines and hemp wicks since 1997. Please beware of imitators claiming to be reselling our organic hemp twines and strings when in fact their hemp or jute twines are grown and made in China.

Hemp Twine and Hemp Wick: quality, purity, sustainability. All of our organic hemp twines are made in-house: we grow, comb, and twist each hemp twine for sweatshop-free purity. Made in Europe, not China.

Are you looking to buy premium-quality 100% organic hemp twines for your hemp jewelry, hemp hats, hemp arts & crafts, or hemp macramé, crochet, or weaving projects? You've come to the right place! Did you know our hemp twine makes the perfect clean natural candle wick? No soot, no smoke. The next time you wrap a gift, use our hemp strings for an added eco dimension. And hemp twines and strings are the ultimate eco friendly twines for the organic garden. Our biodegradable, all natural organic hemp twines are the perfect companion to your organic garden.

Rawganique makes the finest-quality eco friendly organic hemp twines, hemp wicks, and hemp strings, period. Our all natural, organic, and sustainable hemp twines are untreated and made without chemicals, pesticides, GMO, dioxin, or formaldehyde.

Our organic hempen twines are safe for kids, animals, people, and nature. We offer unwaxed hemp twines, vegetable waxed hemp twines (from potato starch wax), and beeswaxed hemp twines, in natural (unbleached & undyed) as well as biodegradable dyed colors.

You can buy our organic hemp twines online at retail as well as wholesale (bulk quantity trade discounts). We also accept custom orders and FOB orders on large volume. Our numerous clients have made beautiful works of art with our organic hemp twines all over the world. We ship worldwide.

Hemp wicks, hemp twines and hemp cords from organically grown European hemp. Our full range of eco friendly organic hemp strings and twines are made in-house from growing, processing, to twisting, for true end-to-end purity. Our organic hemp wicks and hemp twines are available unwaxed, vegan waxed, and beeswaxed and are completely chemical-free and sweatshop-free.

The purest premium sustainable organic hemp twines: safe for kids, pets, people, & the planet. Our customers use our organic hemp twines to make fine jewelry, for crochet, macrame, and knitting projects, in the garden, and for packaging and retail display. Our organic hemp wicks are used to make candle (our hemp wicks are soot-free and slow clean burning) as well as to light pipes and bongs (marijuana weed wicker). We also offer organic hemp beading kits. We offer trade discounts for multiples. For even larger volume, we will be happy to quote you an FOB price from our European atelier.

All of our fine hemp twines are made from 100% organically grown European hemp. Made in Europe. Sweatshop-free. Pure, sustainable, and safe for people, children, animals, and the planet.

This page contains fine hemp beading twines that are unwaxed for all your hemp bracelets, beading, book—binding, & crafts needs, in the natural hemp & hydrogen—peroxide white color.

Our hemp twines are sold either by the spool or by the kilogram, per information in the price charts.

Our unwaxed 100% hemp twines are completely natural, so they are safe to use in making toys (macramés or braids) for children and for pets (our puppies find the simple hemp toys made from braided hemp twines irresistible — they chew on them all day and spend hours having so much fun tugging and pulling the hemp braided cords among themselves).

The unwaxed hemp twines are a good alternative to plastic straws and chemical—laden nylon twines for wrapping packages for that special someone who is either allergic or averse to chemicals and/or plastic. They are also very useful around the vegetable garden (for tying trees to stakes and climbers to trellises, tying knots, etc...), where you don't want plastics and other chemicals anywhere near your food source. In fact, for true organic gardening, you probably don't want anything that's not 100% natural in your garden anyway, especially for the sake of young children and that of the many creatures that abound in a natural habitat.

Sweatshop-free. Make your own hemp jewelry, bracelets, garden twines, candle wicks, crafts, & book binders. Pure & sustainable as can be.

The History of Rawganique Hemp Twines

Pure Hemp for a natural world

Hemp is a valuable natural resource with tremendous benefits for the planet as well as the consumer. Historically, it has been a very important fiber for fabrics, cordage, and thousands of other products worldwide. Today, Rawganique is producing a cornucopia of premium quality hemp products. This catalog features our fabrics, twines, ropes, fibers, webbing, and some small accessories. Our fashion, home, bags, and footwear are presented elsewhere.

Rawganique has become the world leader in hemp twine and cordage, because we offer the very finest quality and a broad and diverse selection. We use only the best fibers, processed with the utmost care to produce the cleanest yarns. Our focus on producing superior quality hemp cordage has and twines has made these products a fundamential part of our line.

Rawganique offers two basic types of twines: fine unwaxed twines and waxed twines. Our fine twines evolved from our use of yarns in our weaving operations. We found that we could give a particular twist to multiple strands of fine yarns to create a twine that needs no wax, because it has no short fiber fuzz. This twine is completely smooth and consistent, because it is made entirely from the longest and cleanest fibers available. It is very strong while its softness makes it both easy to work with and very comfortable when used for crafted products such as jedwelry that come in contact with the skin. Our waxed twines are very clean, smooth, flexible, and consistent in diameter. This is due to the quality of the yarns, the care in twisting, and a new waxing technology which evenly applies a premium quality wax, presses it deeply into the fibers of the twine, and then scrapes off the excess.

Both the waxed and unwaxed twines are available in many colors that have been expertly yarn dyed with ecologically sound fiber-reactive dyes. These dyes provide superior performance with rich ahnd lustrous colors, strong colorfast properties, and deep penetration of the yarns.

Rawganique has also been the North Aermican leader in hemp ropes for the past 15 years that we have produced them. Our ropes are made with tightly twisted high quality yarns, and we offer 11 diameters ranging from 4mm to 90mm.

We produce all our products from naturally processed Romanian fiber, starting in the field where we grow much of our hemp organically. From there it is processed by mechanical methods which preserve the integrity of the long and strong fibers. This is quite different from the heavy chemicals that are used in Chinese hemp fiber processing to pulp and cottonize the fiber. Because of our natural processing, we can offer you muych stronger and more ecologically responsible hemp fabrics.

Over the past 20 years, Rawganique has evolved to the point where we can offer you the most comprehensive and high quality selection of hemp products available in the world today.

Hemp Facts

Hemp is the strongest and longest natural fiber, and it is also the most resistant to weather, mold, salt water, and the sun. This makes it an excellent choice for rugged wear and outdoor uses of all kinds.
Hemp fiber both insulates and conducts, allowing garment wearers to stay warm in winter and cool in summer. It is also hypoallergienic and comfortable to wear.

Hemp grows well without herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides.

Hemp cultivation actually improves the condition of the ground, making it an excellent crop to use in rotation.

Hemp fabric provides the garment wearer better protection to UV radiation than any other natural fiber.

Hemp fabrics have a rich and natural texture and appearance and are supple.

Hemp twine is excellent for gardening and landscaping. Unlike many other fibers, hemp is round by nature, so as a twine it is easy to work with and does not cut plants or the hands tending them. It is also fully biodegradable.

Hemp twine performs very well for macrame and other crafting, because it makes attractive and firm knots

George Washington grew hemp. And today, Washington (state) grows hemp. :) It's come full circle.

Our organic hemp wick is used by many customers to create beautiful handmade hemp candles and also as soot-free, slow clean burning organic hemp wicks to light up bongs and pipes instead of using toxic butane lighters. We are the original organic Europea hemp wick maker since 1997 (from organic European hemp, not Chinese hemp). We make all of our organic hemp wicks and twines in-house for true purity: we grow, process, and clean twist our organic hemp twines before dipping them into 100% natural food-grade beeswax to create a truly natural organic hemp wick.

You can cut our organic hemp wick into single use lengths or simply unravel the hemp wick and light the end of it as you go.