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Bespoke Beeswax Candle Handbraided Organic (1 lb.)
Hemp Beeswax Candle
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- Natural Beeswax Candle
- Hand-Rolled in US
- Organic European Hemp Wick. No soot.
- Single $22.95; 3-Pack $59.95

Product Code: CANDLE-1LB



Natural Beeswax Organic Hemp Candle

Once you have touched, smelled, and used our Bespoke Beeswax Organic Hemp Candle, you'll no doubt agree that this is the most perfect artisanal organic candle in the world. We don't mean it lightly, either. This made-in-USA organic beeswax hemp candle is made entirely in a Montana workshop, starting with handbraded Rawganique organic European hemp wick, which is braided in a unique way that matches the optimal burn rate of the organic hemp wick to the hand-rolled Montana beeswax, which has been filtered to take out particulates and impurities in a proprietary organic method unlike common methods which involve diatomaceous earth, aluminum, and polyurethane moulding (our natural organic beeswax candle doesn't involved any of these things in its production). This is a slow, laborious, bespoke process that results in a truly eco friendly, clean-burning, sootless, smoke-free and sustainable beeswax candle making process. Not all beeswax hemp wick candle pillars are made this way; in fact, almost none are.

Burn rate: 1lb hemp beeswax pillar candle ~ 40 - 60 hours; 1.5lb hemp beeswax pillar candles ~ 60 - 80 hours. Ideal minimum burn time is 1 hour to get attain the ideal wick - wax ratio.

Tidbit: you won't find hand-rolled beeswax candles that are round except here - our master candle artisan has figured out a way to roll a round pillar candle. All the nicks and unique buffing on your organic hemp wick - natural beeswax candles are a testament to the handmade one-of-a-kind nature of bespoke organic candle making. Only stainless hand-tools are used.

Handmade Hemp Beeswax Candles. 3-inch diameter, 4 inches tall. Aromatherapy, light, and warmth all wrapped in one beautiful handmade 100% natural beeswax candle with 100% hemp wick. Hemp wick is from organically grown European hemp.

Our hemp beeswax candle Artisan-made in USA with love. Burns cleanly without soot or smoke. Please do not leave a burning unattended and observe every precaution necessary to make your 100% natural light by candle a safe and joyful experience. Ideal for relaxation, meditation, yoga, and quiet, romantic meals.

The Story of the Artisan Bespoke Organic Hemp Wick - Beeswax Candles

Our artisan craftsperson makes these beautiful hand rolled organic hemp wick - beeswax candles in a little cabin workshop. Everything is done on a small scale from organic materials. We avoid plastic and aluminum at every stage of the production process so that our organic hemp wick - beeswax candles are not contaminated by toxic materials. Our moulds are custom USA-made stainless steel moulds and pouring jars and canisters are all made form USA-made stainless. No plastic to "melt" into the candles.

How is hand-braided organic hemp wick different from regular machine-made wicks?

Our candlemaker is a perfectionist and that's why our bespoke candles are made using proprietary hand braided organic European cannabis hemp wicks. If you're a candle connoisseur and a lover of all things natural and beautiful, you'll definitely by impressed by how our special bespoke organic candles burn. The hand-braided organic hemp wick is a special innovation and handiwork of the artisan who makes these hemp candles and wicks from Rawganique's specially commissioned 10-strand organic hemp twine. Many strands of hemp twines are braided together to create an organic hemp wick that has a special burn rate which is in perfect balance with the size and melting rate of each beeswax pillar. This way the flame never “drowns” in the melted beeswax and the beeswax pillar candle also maintains a nice crater shape as the hemp beeswax candle slowly and smoothly melts down. This ensures the liquid wax stays where it is supposed to... gently feeding the flame.

Aren't all beeswax candles the same??

No!!! There are so many different grades and purity of wax. We only use the most premium truly natural local raw beeswax for our artisanal candles. We filter the particulates using an ingenious water technique (no chemicals, no other foreign substance). WE source the most organic and local beeswax for our candle making. Real artisan beeswax candles should not have honey or particulates in them. If the beeswax candle smells like honey, then the candle won't burn very well. If the beeswax has many particulates in them, they also won't burn very well and may even emit smoke or soot into your indoor air - the ratio of wax and wick is a science, and anything that tips the delicate balance will affect the quality of the burn beeswax candle.

What's so bad about conventional paraffin candles and scented candles?

If you want to make light with a candle, non-toxic paraffin-free natural beeswax candle is the most natural and safe way to do it. Paraffin is a petroleum by product, so burning this toxic substance in your home is like having a plastic bonfire in your house. You might be unwittingly introducing soot and volatile chemicals into your indoor environment. Most scented candles are made using artificial fragrance, which can be any combination of toxic chemical concoctions often originating from petroleum. our natural beeswax candles smell like natural beeswax, which is to say "heavenly."

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5 of 5 Would eat it if I could . . . October 23, 2018
Reviewer: Tristan Saldaña from Berkeley, CA United States  
A masterpiece of bespoke candle making.

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