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  • What is sweatshop-free?
For us, sweatshop-free means fair wages, fair labor conditions and diverse workforce, and respect for human rights. The facilities we use are either unionized or operate under fair labor or worker-owned co-op conditions. We also have sew-at-home arrangements with artisans of many years' experience.

Our products are made in USA, Canada, the EU, and Thailand. (It's true that having products made in these countries does not guarantee sweatshop-free conditions: even though human rights violations are illegal, sweatshops still exist, unfortunately.) We are a small manufacturer so are sweatshop-free almost by definition (sweatshops usually churn out big volumes for big manufacturers). More importantly, we are fully committed to making sustainable products that respect both human rights and the environment. Once in a while, a customer would ask us why our products aren't as "cheap" as some products made elsewhere: some reasons are high-quality organic materials and quality sewing cost more, and paying sewers a fair salary will result in a higher price than if sewers were paid a few cents an hour, as is the practice in many "sweatshop" factories.

We are involved in the production process from beginning to end to be sure of procuring the right fabric weave & weight and the right fit & finish for our unique products. First, we obtain organic raw materials of the highest quality possible (it's very rare that we use organic stock fabrics, preferring instead to customize fabrics for each job to truly realize our designer's vision). Then we contract top knitters and weavers to turn our organic fibers into the perfect fabric for the job. Once the fabric is made to our specifications, we queue up at sweatshop-free sewing facilities or contract sew-at-home artisans to work on the production. Lastly, our products are ecologically finished, then packaged, and sent to our warehouse for distribution. We also carry a small number of products made by responsible organic outfits that are as committed to sweatshop-free practices as we are.

  • Why isn't there a paper invoice or packing list in my box?
All online orders receive an electronic order confirmation email with the details. We try to be as paper-free as possible. Creating an account with Rawganique (on the top of each page) allows you to access details of all your past orders (placed using your same email address).

  • Shipping Options
We ship most orders via Postal Service. Within North America, there's a choice of Standard (4-12 business days) and Express (2-4 business days). These delivery standards apply to most urban centers; some exceptions apply, in line with Postal guidelines. The count starts on the business day following the shipping date. We do our best to ship all In-stock orders within 24 hours (sometimes within minutes, if it is placed close to our daily shipping cutoff at noon PST). For example, if you order online on a Wednesday night and choose Express shipping, we'll ship the order out Thursday, and the count starts with Friday.

Outside of North America, we ship via Postal Airmail. Since we cannot guarantee the time it takes for custom-clearance, the delivery time-frames can only be estimates. We no longer offer surface mail, because it takes often 8-10 weeks, and is simply too long for most customers. For first-time customers from outside of North America, we request PayPal using a verified ship-to address.

If an item is not in stock as ordered, we'll contact you using phone and email, and delivery times depend on your responsiveness.

How do I contact you?
  Please click here for our company contact information.