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Handmade Vegan Hemp Boots

  • "I live in my Milano hemp boots — super cool, super stylish (I get compliments all the time) and most important of all, handmade, organic, and animal-friendly. I just zip in and out of my boots, what a brilliant idea. Thanks and I'm switching all my wardrobe (which is sadly still filled with China-made things — I didn't know better) over to your ethical clothing and shoes. I support you guys all the way." Christine L.
  • Organic cotton, linen, and hemp boots and other footwear made in-house since 1997.
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hemp insole Organic Hemp Insole Footbed (Regular)

RGFT-INSOLE Hemp insole for additional cushion in your hemp footwear or as replacement for your insole. With natural felt. Made in-house. Sweatshop-free.

Price: US$17.00
hemp insole Organic Hemp Insole Footbed (Extra Thick)

RGFT-0809-INSOLE All-natural hemp cushion for your feet. With natural felt and natural rubber layer for extra cushioning.

Price: US$23.00
Sale Price: US$19.00
organic cotton insole Organic Cotton Twill Insole Footbed (Extra Thick)

Organic cotton, natural rubber, hemp felt
Unbleached and undyed

Price: US$19.95
Sale Price: US$19.00
natural insole Organic Cotton Fleece Insole Footbed (Extra Thick)

Organic cotton, natural rubber, hemp felt
Unbleached and undyed

Price: US$19.95
Sale Price: US$19.00
hemp high tops Men's Downton Hemp High Tops (Natural Rubber Sole)

Hemp High Tops with Natural Rubber Sole
Hand-made at our European atelier
Men's 7 - 13. Natural, Brown, Black.

Price: US$169.00
Sale Price: US$119.00
hemp high top sneakers Men's Geneva Handmade High Top Sneakers (Zippered) (RG318)

VEGAN Organic Hemp High Top Sneakers.
Handmade at our European Atelier.
Men's sizes 7 - 13. Black, Earth Brown, Natural.

Price: US$179.00
Sale Price: US$119.00

Women's Zippered Hemp Boots Ladies' Milano Handmade Hemp Boots

RGFT-267 Zippered. Women's 5 - 10. Black.

Price: US$159.00
Sale Price: US$129.00

hemp boots Men's Yosemite Classic Hemp Boots

  • PC262
  • Men's 7 - 13
  • Natural, Black, Earth Brown
  • With or without zipper
  • Lug sole or city sole

Price: US$169.00
Sale Price: US$119.00
hemp boots Men's Boulder Hemp Hiking Boots

- PC263 Low Hemp Boots
- Men's 7 - 13
- Natural (Undyed, Unbleached), Black, Earth Brown
- Handmade in Europe by Rawganique

Price: US$169.00
Sale Price: US$119.00
hemp boots Huntington Hemp City Boots

Breathable hemp city boots. Men's 7 - 13. Black only.

Price: US$169.00
Sale Price: US$119.00
handmade hemp boots Men's Romeo Handmade Hemp Urban Boots

RGFT-1682  Men's 7 - 13. Black or Natural (unbleached, undyed).

Price: US$119.00
hemp winter boots Unisex Bostoneer Warm Urban Hemp Boots (Includes Replaceable Malahat Booties) (Women's & Men's Sizes)

RGFT-3610 Women's sizes 5 - 13 Men's 7 - 13. Suede Blue. Includes one pair of replaceable 100% organic cotton fleece booties.

Price: US$149.00
women's hemp boots Ladies' Juliet Handmade Hemp City Boots

RGFT-1684 Women's 5 - 11. Fiber-reactive biodegradable Black dye.

Price: US$119.00
handmade hemp trailblazers Men's Monsieur Handmade Hemp Trailblazer Shoes (Sports Sole)

RGFT-1686 Men's 7 - 13. Natural.

Price: US$119.00

ladies' hemp boots Ladies' Mademoiselle Handmade Hemp Boots (Natural Rubber Soles)

RGFT-1688 Women's 5 - 11. Black.

Price: US$119.00
Women's Hemp Boots Ladies' Handmade Bond Street Hemp Boots

RGFT-343 Women's 5 - 10. Natural or Black.

Price: US$159.00
Sale Price: US$129.00

hemp boots Men's Madrid City Lugger Hemp Boots

RGFT-315MS Men's 7 - 13. Black.

Price: US$129.00
handmade hemp shoes Men's Anthony Handmade Hemp High Tops (Sports Sole)

RGFT-1692 Men's 7 - 13. Black.

Price: US$119.00
vegan hemp boots Ladies' Cleopatra Handmade Hemp Hiking Boots (Lug Sole)

RGFT-1694 Women's 5 - 11. Black.

Price: US$119.00

glue-free hemp boots Ladies' Esmeralda Handmade Glue-free Hemp Knit Boots

RGFT-7761 Esmeralda Glue-free Handmade Hemp Knit Boots, for the chemically-sensitive as well as folks who dislike chemicals and toxins. Ultra breathable. Uppers are hand-sewn to the hemp footbed and sole. Unbleached & undyed.

Price: US$159.00
Sale Price: US$109.00
women's handmade hemp shoes Handmade Atelier Hemp Knit Shoes

Vegan Handmade Atelier Hemp Shoes — unique handmade shoes from organically grown hemp that is hand sown, hand grown, hand harvested, and handmade from start to finish in a small mountain co-op in Northern Thailand. Sewn-on natural rubber sole.

Price: US$165.00
handmade hemp boots Handmade Atelier Hemp Knit Boots

Handmade Atelier Hemp Boots — hand sown,  hand grown, hand processed, hand made, from start to finish in a mountain village co-op in Northern Thailand. It takes one of our artisans 8 days to make a pair. Sewn-on natural rubber sole.

Price: US$165.00
organic hemp high tops Unisex Adbusters Unswoosher Hemp High Tops

Unisex Adbusters Hemp High Tops in Black. Limited stock while supplies last on this discontinued item. Women's 6, 7, 8, and Men's 13.

List Price: US$115.00
Price: US$115.00
Sale Price: US$90.00

Say Hello To Happy, Healthy Feet!

The first thing you'll notice about Rawganique hemp boots is how comfortable they are from day one. No break-in period, and no more sweaty, stinky feet. Our organic hemp boots are naturally anti-bacterial and breathable, keeping your feet comfortable and dry all day long. Do the right thing! Start walking in our sweatshop-free, chemical-free hemp boots today! Your feet and the planet will thank you.

Why Rawganique's organic hemp boots?

  • We grow, weave, knit and sew each pair of handmade organic hemp boots in-house for true end-to-end purity.
  • Our vegan hemp boots are breathable (healthy for your feet), animal-friendly, ethically made, sweatshop-free, and sustainable.
  • Our organic cotton and hemp boots are grown and made in USA and Europe, not China.
  • We have led the eco fiber industry in premium ethical vegan organic cotton and hemp boots since 1997.
  • Wear hemp and change the world with every step.

We have been organically growing, weaving, knitting, and sewing vegan organic cotton, linen, and hemp boots and footwear accessories since 1997. No other company does this. We are passionate about it. We do it so that our chemically sensitive customers can have chemical-free, sweatshop-free shoes (not made in China) that don't make them sick.

So many customers have written to us that being lovers of animals and/or vegans or vegetarians, they want to buy and wear eco friendly, cruelty-free vegan boots that are sustainably made, sweatshop-free, and ethically aligned with their beliefs and lifestyles and to support companies that authentically espouse these values and not just pay lip-service to them. We always tell them we feel the same: the reason we started hand-making leather-free vegan organic hemp and organic cotton boots in 1997 was that we couldn't find companies that were making natural shoes that were leather-free or fake-leather-free or synthetic-free.

So began our exciting journey into a age-old world of boots craftsmanship - without the leather, of course! What makes us unique in the world of shoes is that we grow the organic European hemp, comb and weave it into a beautiful thick hemp canvas that's naturally water-repellant, then we cut the hemp (or organic cotton, as we make organic cotton shoes and boots as well) by hand into a pattern, then sew and cobble the pieces into a beautiful animal-friendly PETA-worthy organic hemp boots that are as natural as your skin. No toxic chemicals, harmful dyes, or tanning chemicals to leach into your skin or cause allergic reactions.

As our organic hemp boots are naturally water-repellant, a brisk walk through a drizzle is perfectly fine (we should know, we live near Vancouver in the Pacific Northwest, where it constantly drizzles four months of the year), but if you're standing in a downpour, your hemp boots will get wet. If so, simply allow your hemp boots to dry naturally, at room temperature or near a heater. Many customers reported that they rub either vegan potato wax or natural beeswax on our hemp boots and then blow-dry the area on high to melt the wax. It seems to works well. It does make the color darker.

On average, it takes our longtime artisans 2 days to make a pair of hemp boots. Most of our customers wear their hemp boots for 2-5 years before replacing them (while using the old pair as backup for mucky jobs). We have many chemically-sensitive customers who are in construction and they LOVE our organic hemp boots.

At the Rawganique Atelier in Europe, we make glue-free, rubber-free, and synthetic-free organic hemp boots as well as all manners of vegan footwear with hand-cut natural rubber soles. Please note that we sell direct to customers - prices are higher (generally $179-$249) if you buy our hemp boots in a retail boutique. Many customers also wonder about Evolution Hemp Shoes, and where they went. We had partnered with Ecolution, which went out of business some time back, and we have continued to make Evolution hemp shoes to this day. Our hemp boots and footwear are truly considered earth shoes, vegan moccasins, green shoes, truly natural shoes, and stoner shoes.

Rawganique manufactures handmade leather-free animal-friendly organic cotton and hemp boots. Since 1997. We sell direct to customers. You may also be able to find our eco-friendly shoes in stores, where resellers sell at our regular list price, not our direct-from-manufacture price. Retailers, please sign up via the link at bottom of page if you wish to open a wholesale account with us. After you create an account, email us the store information, and we'll convert your account to a reseller with access to our wholesale department page.