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Dvorak Organic Hemp Socks (Elastic-free 100% Hemp Terry Knit)
100% hemp socks

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Organic hemp socks, featuring elastic-free 100% hemp terry knit. There are a couple of strands of elastic sewing thread at the cuff and toe seam to enable getting in and out of socks comfortably. This world's first and only thick and cozy organic hemp terry socks are great for anyone, especially people who prefer non-confining socks to allow free circulation in the foot.
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100% Hemp Terry Socks

Organic hemp socks, featuring elastic-free 100% organic hemp terry knit. There are a couple of strands of elastic sewing thread at the cuff and toe seam to enable getting in and out of socks comfortably. This world's first and only thick and cozy organic hemp socks are great for anyone, especially people who prefer non-confining socks to allow free circulation in the foot. Our hemp socks are so thick, comfortable and natural that many people are referring to them as medical hemp socks because they help relieve so many conditions associated with circulation in the foot.

All natural, ethical, sustainable, eco-friendly organic hemp socks for the ages - thick, soft, plush, and elastic-free. Our cruelty-free, wool-free 100% organic hemp socks are the most trusted all natural, all organic socks by chemically sensitive people, eco-conscious people, and animal lovers and vegans worldwide since 1997.

It goes like this: many customers are curious what 100% organic hemp socks are like, so they get a pair. When they touch them and try them on, then they marvel at the plushness, coziness, and natural-ness of it, then they come back and buy a dozen more. This is the usual experience we have had over the many years of making these unique 100% hemp socks.

Have you also looked woefully at your socks and your red, swollen, itchy skin, and wondered why nobody can come up with elastic-free, all natural-fiber hemp socks that breathe well and don't don't leave your feet swollen? Your wish has been fulfilled when we came up with this vegan hiking sock style. Some customers wouldn't go anywhere without their beloved vegan hemp hiking socks.

The thickest, stretchiest, baddest, cozies elastic-free 100% organic hemp terry socks on earth! The larger sizes weigh up to 100 grams (3.5oz). That's a lot of pure organic hemp fibers with no synthetic fillers!

Dvorak 100% Hemp Terry Mid-Crew Socks: it took us many years of research and development to figure out how to make thicker 100% natural organic sustainable hemp socks. Introducing the world's first and only 100% organic hemp terry socks, sans elastic, sans chemicals, no bleach, no dye, no GMO, no pesticides, no dioxin, no formaldehyde. How's that for truly pure cotton-free chemical-free organic vegan socks??

What is the difference between artificial fiber footwear and our Dvorak Organic Hemp Socks? The natural fiber hemp socks are super thick and cozy and breathable, and being elastic-free don't confine blood circulation and skin breathing.

Composition: 100% organic European hemp. One strand of stretchable elastic thread that connects the cuff to the main body of the sock to allow foot to get in. And another strand of elastic thread at the toe seam so toes can wiggle. Customers with contact dermatitis can wear the socks with the cuff folded down or wear them inside out so as not to touch the sewing thread.

The Dvorak Elastic-free 100% Hemp Terry Socks are made in-house for true end-to-end purity. These elastic-free organic hemp terry socks have very low yields because it's hard to homogenize baste fibers like hemp and linen, so demand will outstrip supply for the foreseeable future on these special hemp socks which are very popular with our customers. But it's worth the effort even thought we can only make a few pairs at a time because they are SO PURE and breathable. Say goodbye to allergies! No socks are pure than our elastic-free 100% organic socks.

These gorgeous ethical vegan hemp socks are not for everybody! They are like fine hand knitted linen socks from 200 years ago. They hug the feet fine, but aren't as hugging as socks with elastic. If you don't need 100% purity, we recommend our 99.95% Hemp Socks, which are purer than most but still behave like regular socks.

Are hemp socks the same as marijuana socks? Yes and no. Hemp and marijuana came from the same plant originally. Years of selective breeding separated the strains of the original marijuana plant into the marijuana plant with THC (which is used to make pot or weed or hashish) and the cannabis sativa hemp plant which contains no THC. The cannabis sativa hemp plant was then selectively bred again into cannabis hemp plant grown for the hemp seeds (shorter plants, fatter seeds) and the cannabis hemp plant grown for the stalks (taller plants, small seeds) which are used for hemp fiber, hemp fabric, and hemp clothing, hemp socks and hemp shoes.

Care Instructions: Best to treat these eco friendly organic hemp socks like delicate silks and hand wash in cold or warm water (biodegradable detergent). Press water out, don't twist. Hang to dry. Steam iron at linen setting, if desired.

Note: Organic baste fibers like flax linen and cannabis hemp have a mind of their own and can never be pinned down to an exact science (this is why mainstream conventional clothiers prefer to stick to synthetic fibers which are more uniform or they put stabilizing chemicals to "tame" natural fibers; of course, at Rawganique we never put chemicals into our organic fibers and we don't work with synthetic human made fibers like bamboo, polyester, tencil etc...). Since hemp tends to shrink more than linen, we size our hemp socks a little larger to allow for shrinkage. As many of our customers buy both, we just want to let you know that out of the package the organic hemp terry socks might appear a little large than the organic linen terry socks.

  • S (38-39)
    — for women's 5-8 shoe sizes; men's 7 size
  • M (40-42)
    — for women's 9-11 shoe sizes; men's 7-9 shoe sizes
  • L (43-46)
    — for men's 10-13 shoe sizes; women's 12-14 sizes
  • XL (45-47)
    — for men's 12-15 shoe sizes
Please note: we make our organic cannabis hemp socks to be as pure as possible. We do not use sizing chemicals so slight variations in sizing may occur, but our organic terry weave is stretchy so it accommodates these variations well.

Our organic hemp socks do not confine your ankle or calf as the knit is elastic-free.

In the olden days, socks were completely natural - like our organic hemp terry socks. All natural organic fibers aren't as tough for socks as polyester or nylon, so holes would develop in stress places, and folks would mend and darn their socks as they wore out. Same with our organic cannabis hemp terry socks - we make them as pure as possible, as raw from nature as possible, and you may need to mend or darn your organic cotton socks. We offer a handmade organic felting kit - sock darning kit for this purpose.
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Good for having no spandex or nylon February 7, 2017
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from BC Canada  
The socks are comfy and cool. Definitely summer socks. As they have no nylon or spandex throughout (just a tiny bit of elastic in the cuff) they do not hold their shape as well and stretch out somewhat readily. They came looking too small, but after wearing them for a while they are now a little long, so err on the small side when ordering. I don't like wearing these around the house without slippers, as they twist, but I have been doing it quite a bit anyway. They do have some stretch to them and will stretch out if abused. Walking around the house in them doesn't seem to be wearing out the sole particularly fast, but I wouldn't expect them to last as long as synthetic blended socks. Use slippers. Overall I'm very impressed with what Rawganique has accomplished with the 100% hemp socks. Keep expectations realistic for natural materials ("cotton" socks are still blended with a good amount of nylon and spandex!). I will be ordering these again when my current pairs wear out!

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