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Women's Organic Cotton Linen Hemp Sleepwear

  • Ethical & sustainable organic cotton, linen & hemp sleepwear & loungewear
  • Chemical-free purity. Elastic-free styles.
  • Hypoallergenic. No dioxin, no formaldehyde, no pesticides, no forever chemicals PFAS, ever.
  • Made in-house for true sweatshop-free purity since 1997
  • Essentials for the chemical-free, sustainable lifestyle
  • Perfect gifts for a loved one with chemical-sensitivities or environmental concerns
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linen nightgown Salzburg 100% Organic French Linen Knit Nightgown Loungewear House Dress

- 100% Organic French Linen
- Sweatshop-Free Made in Europe
- Elastic-Free. No Lycra. No Spandex.
- Hypo-Allergenic. Chemical-Free.
- XS - XL. Natural and Sage.

Price: US$69.00

organic cotton pajama Avignon Organic Prima Cotton Jersey Shirt

- RG9003
- Wear as blouse, cardigan, or elegant PJ top
- XS - XXL
- Navy, Sage, Natural

Price: US$69.00

elastic-free organic linen panty Saoirse Elastic-free 100% Organic Linen Boy Shorts

- RG8383
- No Elastic. No lycra. No spandex.
- Super-breathable
- XS - XL
- Natural, Black

Price: US$32.95

organic linen pajamas Rodin Elastic-free 100% Organic Irish Linen Knit Top & Bottom Set (PJ or Sweats)

100% Organic Linen Knit Sleepwear and Loungwear Set: elastic-free, made in-house from start to finish for true purity. Can be used as pajama top and bottom or sweatshirt and sweatpants combo.

Price: US$129.00

hemp pajamas Maupassant Hemp Knit Pajamas Set

- 100% organic hemp
- Made in Europe. Sweatshop-free.
- Chemical-free fabrics and dyes
- XS - XL. Multiple Colors.
- Closeout. While supplies last.

Price: US$109.97

hemp nightgown Angie Organic Hemp Nightgown House Dress Loungewear - Lavender (RG1031)

  • 100% organic hemp
  • Made in Europe. Sweatshop-free.
  • Elastic-free. No Lycra. No Spandex.
  • Chemical-free fabrics and dyes
  • XS - XL. Lavender.

Price: US$69.00
hemp shorts Portland 100% Organic Hemp Knit Running Fitness Shorts

100% Organic Hemp Shorts for running, fitness, and lounging. Made at the Rawganique Atelier in Europe for true purity. Soft, silky, and breathable.

Price: US$49.00

elastic-free hemp panties Marilyn Organic Hemp Boy Shorts

- RGWU8282
- Breathable for optimal moisture control
- Covered elastic waistband
- Organic cotton jersey gusset
- XS - XL. Black.

Price: US$32.95
elastic-free hemp panties Sophia Elastic-Free Hemp Boy Shorts

- RG8585
- Super breathable for best moisture control
- No elastic. No lycra. No spandex.
- Chemical-free. Unbleached & undyed.
- XS - XL

Price: US$32.95

linen shorts Charlotte 100% Organic Linen Shorts

- RG1488 100% Organic Linen Shorts
- Breathable, cozy
- Natural unbleached, undyed
- XS - XL

Price: US$49.00
organic cotton pajamas Bonn Elastic-free Organic Prima Cotton Jersey Pajama Set

- RGPJ-7300
- Cozy & pure for sleep & at-home lounging
- Elastic-free
- Unisex XS - XXL
- Natural, Sage, Indigo

Price: US$139.00

Organic Cotton Sweatpants Jolene Women's 100% Organic Cotton Fleece Sweat Pants (Women's and Plus Sizes)

• RG875womens
• 100% organic cotton fleece
• Made in USA. Sweatshop-free.
• Covered elastic waistband. Drawstring.
• S - 3X. Natural or Black.

Price: US$89.00

organic cotton pajama bottoms Organic Cotton Jersey Jammy Pants (Interlaken)

- RGUB-7485
- Elastic-free. Plastic-free. Hypoallergenic.
- Perfect for bed, meditation, yoga, & Qigong
- Unisex XS - XXL
- Natural, Indigo, Sage

Price: US$69.00

organic cotton house shoes Unisex Pastorale Glue-free Organic Cotton House Shoes Slippers

Rare and unique! Handmade. Glue-free. Plastic-free. Organic Cotton House Shoes - Slippers. 100% Natural Felt padding. Sweatshop-free. Made in Europe. Women's sizes 5-10. Men's sizes 7-13.

Price: US$48.00

Organic Cotton Fleece Long Johns Unisex 100% Organic Cotton Fleece Long Johns (Whistler)

- RG874
- Plastic-free 100% organic cotton fleece
- Super soft & warm
- Natural, Black
- Women's P - Men's XXL

Price: US$119.00
Sale Price: US$89.00

organic cotton nightgown Jodie Organic Cotton Nightgown Nightshirt Loungewear House Dress (Made in USA)

100% organic cotton nightgown grown in USA, made in USA by Rawganique.co. No elastic. No spandex. Sweatshop-free. One size fits most. Natural.

Price: US$35.00
hemp slippers Indoor/Outdoor Hemp Slippers (3-Layer Footbed) (Okinawa)

- RGFT-7674
- Breathable for healthy feet
- Wn 5-10 I Mn 7-13
- Natural, Black

hemp house shoes Unisex Glue-free Hemp House Shoes Slippers (Perth Purity)

- SH320
- Breathability for healthy feet
- Wn 5-10 I Mn 7-13
- Natural

Price: US$48.00

organic cotton sweat pants Elastic-Free Organic Cotton Jammy Sweatpants (Made in USA) (Austin)

- RG-1011-USA
- Grown & made in USA
- Light & cozy. Versatile.
- Elastic-free. Chemical-free.
- Unisex S - XXL. Natural (unbleached & undyed).

Price: US$39.00

organic cotton pajamas Bedtime Unisex 100% Organic Cotton Pajamas

  • 100% organic cotton sateen
  • Made in Europe. Sweatshop-free.
  • Covered elastic drawstring waistband
  • Chemical-free. No bleach. No dyes.
  • XS - XL. Natural.
  • Discontinued: Limited sizes available while supplies last.

Price: US$99.00

hemp house slippers 100% Organic Hemp Slippers (Kyoto)

- RGFT-254SE with or without straps
- Wn 5-10 I Mn 7-13.5
- Natural, Black
- 100% hemp uppers, footbed, padding

organic pajamas Appalachia Unisex Organic Cotton Pajamas Pecan Praline (Colorgrown Striped)

- 100% organic cotton sateen
- Made in Europe. Sweatshop-free.
- Sustainably obtained seashell buttons
- Chemical-free. No bleach. No dyes.
- XS - XXXL. Natural Stripes.

Price: US$99.00

Organic Cotton Jersey Shorts Arizona Elastic-free 100% Organic Cotton No-Frills Shorts (Made in USA)

- RG1067-EF
- 100% Organic cotton jersey
- Hypoallergenic. Chemical-free.
- Grown & Made in USA
- Elastic-free, with drawstring

Price: US$30.00

hemp slippers Unisex Hemp Indoor Slippers

HOSL1 Indoor hemp slippers. Classic hemp house slippers from organically grown European hemp. Handmade in Europe. Sweatshop-free. Women's and men's sizes. 3 colors.

Price: US$38.00

elastic-free organic cotton fleece slippers Elastic-free Glue-free 100% Organic Cotton Fleece Slippers (Tchaikovsky)

- RGFT-1812
- Natural, Black
- Elastic-free
- Wn 5-10.5 I Men's 7-13.5

Price: US$46.00

organic cotton fleece slippers Glue-free 100% Organic Cotton Fleece Slippers (Satie)

- RGFT-1789 100% organic cotton.
- Wn 5-11 I Mn 7-15. Soft org fleece.
- Glue-free. Chemical-free. Natural.
- Perfect for MCS & folks who prefer organic.

Price: US$42.00

glue free organic cotton slippers Glue-free Organic Cotton Fleece House Shoes Slippers (Gershwin)

- RGFT-1747
- Glue-free
- Small-XL
- Natural (undyed, unbleached)

Price: US$79.00

organic linen thai fisherman's pants Unisex Organic Linen Thai Fisherman's Pants

  • 100% organic linen
  • Made in Thailand. Sweatshop-free.
  • Elastic-free. No Lycra. No Spandex.
  • Chemical-free fabrics and dyes
  • Right or Equal wrap. Multiple Colors.

Price: US$82.00

organic cotton thai fisherman pants Krabi Organic Cotton Thai Fisherman Pants

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Made in Europe. Sweatshop-free.
  • Elastic-free with drawstring
  • Chemical-free fabrics and dyes
  • Regular & X-Long. Multiple Colors.

Price: US$70.00
organic cotton booties Elastic-free Organic Cotton Fleece Booties Slippers (Malahat)

- RG0292
- Boot liners, sleep socks or house slippers
- Natural, Black
- Wn 5-10.5 I Mn 7-13.5

Price: US$26.00

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Why Rawganique's organic cotton, linen, and hemp sleepwear and loungewear?

  • We've been the industry leader in truly pure sleepwear pajamas, loungewear, and more since 1997.
  • We grow, weave, knit and sew women's organic cotton, linen, and hemp sleepwear and loungewear in-house for true purity.
  • Our organic products are grown and made in USA, Canada, and Europe.
  • Super soft, super breathable, super pure!
  • Chemical-free. Animal-friendly.