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Organic Maca Root Powder (16 oz) - OUT OF STOCK -
organic maca powder
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We recommend using raw maca powder with almond or rice milk, with or without a banana in the blend. Whole raw maca powder is enzyme-rich and nutty & slightly "piquant" to taste. Our raw maca powder is of course great in Raw Banana-Almond Milk Ice Cream (free in our Recipes section), too. - OUT OF STOCK -

Maca Root Nutritional Info (per serving 100 gram serving size)
Ash 3.49
Carbohydrates 62.6
Fat 0.82
Fiber 5.3
Protein 17.9
Protein Components (%)
Albumins & Globulins 74
Glutelins 15.3
Prolamins 10.6
True Protein 42.1
Vitamin & Minerals (mg %)
Ascorbic Acid 3.52
Boron 12
Calcium 490
Iron 80
Magnesium 70
Niacin 43
Phosphorous 320
Potassium 113
Riboflavin 0.61
Sodium 20
Thiamine 0.42
Zinc 32
Amino Acids:
Alanine 63.1
Arginine 99.4
Asparatic Acid 91.7
Glutamatic Acid 156
Glycine 68.3
HO-Proline 26
Hystidine 21.9Isoleucine 47.4
Leucine 91
Lysine 54.5
Methionine 28
Phenylalanine 55.3
Proline 0.5
Sarcosine 0.7
Serine 50.4
Threonine 33.1
Tyrosine 30.6
Valine 79.3
Our Maca Whole Raw Powder is certified organic under USDA standards for Importation and Handling. Global Organic Alliance Cert #1634 Maca is USDA/NOP recognized and certified (SKAL/Netherlands Cert #021154). IFOAM approved and JAS approved
Product Info

Certified Organic Maca Root Product: Whole Raw Powder

Pure raw Maca powder from select whole raw organic maca roots: nothing added, nothing taken away. Maca is packed full of usable, easy-to-assimilate minerals that the body needs such as Calcium as well as a full array of other easily digestible essential nutrients. All of our certified organic whole maca powder products are great in smoothies, nut milks, malts, cakes, juices, water, chai tea, and baked goods.

We have supplied whole raw maca to the global eco-community since 2000 and as such are one of the pioneers championing this nutritious whole food product. Lots more information about maca root are given below the buy modules.

We offer quantity discounts for customers wishing to share maca with friends & family and for nutritionists & consultants who resell maca to their clients. Our Macas are USDA/NOP recognized and certified (SKAL/Netherlands Cert #021154). IFOAM & JAS approved.

Rawganique.com Premium Certified Organic Maca Root Products

Organic Premium Maca Root — Lepidium meyenii — is a mat-like perennial that grows between 13,000 and 14,500 feet above sea level in the high Andean plateaus of Peru. Maca's tuberous roots resemble those of its relative the radish. To Andean Indians, organic maca root is a highly valuable commodity. The sweet, spicy dried maca root is considered a delicacy. Organic Maca boiled in water is sweeter than cocoa. Organic Maca pudding and jam are popular. It is rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and iron, and contains trace minerals, including zinc, iodine, copper, selenium, bismuth, manganese and silica, as well as B vitamins. It also contains four alkaloids proven in scientific investigation to nourish the endocrine glands, including the reproductive system of men and women. Traditionally, native medicine practitioners and herbalists have recommended maca for:

  • Treating menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and depression, as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy [HRT]
  • Stimulating and regulating the endocrine system
  • Regulating and normalizing menstrual cycles Stimulating fertility in both men and women
  • Supporting the immune system Increasing energy, stamina and endurance, reducing chronic fatigue
  • Enhancing libido, treating impotence
  • Revitalizing seniors, mentally and physically
Scientific studies are gradually confirming the effects attributed to this prodigious plant since the Incas. Organic Maca Root is considered one of the plants with the highest international development potential. Because of its multiple effects, it has a ample application field from improving athletes’ performance as far as fighting against infertility. The effects demonstrated on fertility and sexual activity could be due to an action in the pituitary gland, in charge of sexual maturation. Likewise, Organic Maca could activate the calcitonin hormone that regulates the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus in the blood, secreted by the thyroid gland and the parahormone of the parathyroid gland. Alkaloids of Maca could act as stimulants of the red globules formation and human and animal reproduction.
Rawganique.com provides maca root as a dried powder, roasted granulated powder, and atomized extract powder.

Maca Root's Pharmacological Information

Fertilizing effect and actions on the reproductive system: The clinical study carried out by Gonzales from Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (2001) demonstrates an 85% increase in the men’s total sperm count, as well as an increase in sperm motility and motile sperms quantity (over 100%) in men treated with Maca. This study has also proved that Maca treatment does not alter hormonal levels.

Numerous studies confirm Maca effects in mammals reproductive system. Some of the effects reported are: An increase of the number of Graaf follicles and ovules, increase of new-borns quantity, new-borns with higher weight, generating more robust and vigorous animals, decrease of breeding mortality at birth, among others.

Effect on the sexual activity: The study performed by Zheng at Shenyang Medical College et al (2000) demonstrated an improvement of mice sexual function measured by the increase in number of complete intromissions of normal mice (4 times higher than the control group), increase in number of sperm-positive females (2.5 times higher than the control group) and the decrease of the latent period of erection (LPE) in rats with erectile dysfunction. The study conducted by Cicero et al from the University of Modena (2001) confirmed similar effects. Other studies also confirmed Macas’ effects with respect to the sexual activity, such as the increase of the rut occurrence in ovine livestock.

Anti-stress effect: The study performed by Tapia at Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (1998) demonstrates a greater resistance against stress development induced by electric discharges in mice as well as better ability reducing stress in animals fed with portions of Maca.

Cytostatic effect: The study performed by Retuerto et al at Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (1996) evidenced a decrease of the mitotic index in onion cells and a cytostatic effect in the roots treated with maca.

Maca Root Nutritional value

Maca has an amazing nutritional value. Its high protein content excels those from other plants. For example it has 5 times more proteins and 4 times more fibre than the potato, having less fat. It has an excellent 0.76 ratio of saturated to unsaturated fat (40.1% saturated fats, 52.7% unsaturated fat). Maca contains two of three essential fatty acids (oleic and linoleic). It also has a surprising amino acids profile, a total of 18 amino acids, including 7 of the 9 essential amino acids. Vitamin and mineral levels are considerable and in some cases they represent 100% of the recommended daily value.

Rainbow trout fed maca diets have exhibited significantly higher growth rate than the other groups not fed maca. Survival was significantly higher in groups fed maca meal diets than in the control. The findings indicated that maca meal increased fish appetite, enhanced growth rate, feed utilization and survival.

Finally, Maca is also an ideal supplement for sportsmen because of the natural sterols’ presence.

Toxicological Information

Adverse reactions: Have not been described.

Interactions with other resources: Have not been described. Important: As with other dietary supplements consult a physician before using this product if you are being treated for any medical condition. Precautions: Keep out of the reach of children. Warnings: If you observe adverse reactions interrupt its use. Ask your doctor. Storage conditions: Store in a cool and dry place and avoid excessive exposure to heat, moisture and direct sunlight.

Maca Root Phytochemicals

Primary metabolites: Maca is a highly protein rich food. It also has a large content of amino acids (18), carbohydrates (60- 75%) and some vitamins (A, B1- thiamine, B2- riboflavin, B3, niacin, B6, B12, C, E, carotene), minerals and oligoelements including calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, sodium, potassium, selenium, boron, manganese and aluminium.

Secondary metabolites:

Alkaloids: Several alkaloids such as macaina, macaridina and macamides as well as Chacon alkaloids 1, 2, 3 and 4 have been identified

Fatty acids: lauric, mysitic, plamitic, palmitoleic, stearic, oleic, linoleic, linolenic, arachidic, behenic, nervonic, lignoceric, tridecanoic, 7-tridecanoic, pentadecanoic, 7-pentadecanoic, heptadecanoic, 9-heptadecanoic, nonadecanoic, 11-nonadecanoic, 15-eicosenoic

Sterols: campesterol, stigmasterol, sitosterol, brassicasterol, ergosterol, ergostadienol

Glucosinolates: benzyl Isothiocyanat, p- methoxybenzyl isothiocyanate.

Steroid triterpenes and steroid type saponins

Phenolic compounds: Tannins

Flavonoids: Coumarins, Anthocyanins ß-ecdysone

(Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, nor is this information meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.)

Here's what our clients, doctors, healers, and their clients are saying about Maca products

  • Maca elevates the mood and improves mental ability (concentration) and physical endurance.
  • Maca increases blood circulation in the skin, giving the skin a youthful appearance.
  • The natural sterols in Maca root help build muscle especially when used in conjunction with exercise.
  • Maca gives a general sense of well being (of being well nourished.)
  • Maca has the ability to lift people from depression. Maca energizes without over stimulation.
  • Maca enlivens sexual function at advanced years (proven viagra like effect, without side effect)
  • It's non-addictive and has no harmful side effects
  • As an anti-stress homeopathic medicine, a peaceful aura accompanies the use of mac
  • *Maca can help regulate women's hormonal irregularities

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