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Organic Cotton Teeny Pantyliner
Organic Cotton Teeny Pantyliner
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Washable Organic Cotton Menstrual Teeny Pantyliner

Our washable organic cotton menstrual pantyliners are safe, effective, and without toxic chemicals such as dioxin and formaldehyde. GMO-free.

The Organic Teeny Pantyliner is suitable for daily discharge, very light menstrual flow or as back up for a menstrual cup.

Dimensions: The Teeny Pantyliner is 6" (15 cm) long and approx 2.5" (6 cm) wide when fastened.

All of our organic cotton washable menstrual pantyliners are without latex

Our certified organic cotton menstrual pantyliners should last you for years, which is economical for you and great for the environment.

We guarantee you'll never feel the same again about disposable pads after using these organic washable feminine hygiene pads.

Made in USA or Canada (depending on stock).

Organic Cotton Pantyliner:

Many conventional feminine hygiene products contain dioxin (a by-product of Chlorine bleach used to whiten conventional pads and diapers), which must be the most toxic chemical known; they are also made of non-biodegradable products that are already overtaxing our landfills. Protect yourself and our fragile planet by using 100% certified organic cotton washable menstrual pads and pantyliners. Simple to use: Wrap around your panty and snap close at the bottom.

Washing Instructions

It's simple. Just pre-rinse, then machine wash and dry. (Soak or pre-rinse the washable menstrual pad in cold water. If you're leaving them to soak, change the water daily. (You can pour the soak water over houseplants, it's great fertilizer. This is where your unenlightened friends will think you've gone over the edge). Then machine wash and dry them with your other laundry. Please wash your washable menstrual pads before initial use. The pads will shrink a bit in the first washing. The color pads won't stain much. The undyed pads will stain a bit. We recommend the non-chlorine oxygen bleaches that can be found in your local health food stores.

Complete usage instructions in the "Care" tab above.

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