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Organic Mesquite Powder (Chocolate Substitute) (16 oz)
organic mesquite powder
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This delectable mesquite powder product is used exactly as you would carob powder. Mesquite has a richer taste and aroma than carob and tastes and smells just like chocolate. Our mesquite powder/meal is a raw food product that is chock-full of nutrients and absolutely essential for the raw cuisine kitchen, lending its unique flavor to any dish, especially the sweet ones. Highly recommended.

Milled from the bean and pod of the mesquite plant at very low temperature, our wild & raw mesquite is a high quality source of soluble fiber, Omega-3 fatty acids (part of essential amino acids that our body needs but can't produce on its own), and digestible protein. Can be used as replacement for a portion of your nut flour, or as a substitution for carob. Tasty in nut milks, raw cakes, breads, ice creams. Delicious sprinkled on chopped fruit as you would ground flax seeds. The list goes on and on. We're sure you'll have a lot of fun experimenting with this unique offering.

Mesquite grows throughout the semi-arid regions of the world which make up 25% of the earth's land mass. With more than 40 species, mesquite is a versatile plant and very similar to the hemp plant in many ways. For starters, mesquite is used to prevent soil erosion and to replenish soil nitrogen, which is essential to the building and rebuilding of arable soil.

Mesquite preserves the intrinsic values of forest ecosystems belting sensitive tropical zones. Harvesting mesquite bean pods for food promotes economic health for communities in desert regions and promotes conservation of natural resources. Products from mesquite trees have been used for thousands of years as food, building materials, and fuel.

Sadly, countries throughout the arid regions around the world are following the Unites States' example of cutting down indigenous trees and clearing land for cattle pasture. For more than fifty years, tens of thousands of acres of mesquite have been and still are being bulldozed to the ground then burned and chemically defoliated.

By supporting mesquite as an important everyday food source, we not only help to put a stop to deforestation, we also provide our bodies with a nourishing food that is raw, wholesome, and above all, tasty. The gifts of the mesquite plant, like the gifts of the hemp plant, are seemingly limitless and varied and serve to remind us that life in all its simplicity and sustainability is truly worth living for.
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