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Organic Hemp Clothing, Plus Organic Cotton & Linen Clothes

  • "I can feel the care and love in every product I get from Rawganique. It's exemplary. It's extraordinary the lengths you go to make organic clothing that are truly pure and sweatshop-free. I've been a customer since 2000 and I'm always telling everyone about you guys. Heck! Everyone asks me where I get my unique clothes, as I'm pretty much a walking ad for the Rawganique hemp lifestyle lol. And proudly so." Joey M.

hemp boxers All-American Classic Hemp Boxers (Joey)

- RG805
- Tagua nut fly (like all)
- Covered elastic waistband
- S - XXL. 14 colors

Price: US$31.95

elastic-free organic cotton panty Elastic-free 100% Organic Cotton Boy Shorts (Ladysmith)

- RG-399
- MCS-suitable. Hypoallergenic.
- Breathable. Non-confining.

- Elastic-free. No lycra. No spandex.
- S - XL. Natural, Black.

Price: US$32.95

organic linen boy shorts Raquel Organic Linen Boy Short Panty

- RG8484
- Covered elastic waist band
- Organic cotton jersey gusset
- XS - XL
- Natural, Black

Price: US$32.95

elastic-free hemp boxers Elastic-free 100% Hemp Jersey Knit Boxers (Daytona)

- RG809
- Breathable, non-confining
- MCS suitable. Chemical-free.
- Elastic-free with drawstring
- S - XXL. Multiple colors.

Price: US$31.95

elastic-free hemp drawstring boxers Elastic-free Woven Hemp Drawstring Boxers (Greenwich)

- RG808-Hemp
- Very breathable
- 100% Organic hemp (woven)
- Elastic-free with drawstring
- XS - 3XL. Multiple colors.

Price: US$31.95

organic linen sweater Bruges 100% Organic Belgian Linen Heritage Sweater (Unisex)

- RGMSW-8291LI
- Rare & unique heritage sweater
- Timeless elegant character piece
- Cozy. Breathable. Unisex S - 2XL.
- Natural, Black Rainbow

Price: US$109.00

elastic-free organic linen panty Saoirse Elastic-free 100% Organic Linen Boy Shorts

- RG8383
- No Elastic. No lycra. No spandex.
- Super-breathable
- XS - XL
- Natural, Black

Price: US$32.95

hemp pajamas Maupassant Hemp Knit Pajamas Set

- 100% organic hemp
- Made in Europe. Sweatshop-free.
- Chemical-free fabrics and dyes
- XS - XL. Multiple Colors.
- Closeout. While supplies last.

Price: US$109.97

elastic-free hemp panties Marilyn Organic Hemp Boy Shorts

- RGWU8282
- Breathable for optimal moisture control
- Covered elastic waistband
- Organic cotton jersey gusset
- XS - XL. Black.

Price: US$32.95
elastic-free hemp panties Sophia Elastic-Free Hemp Boy Shorts

- RG8585
- Super breathable for best moisture control
- No elastic. No lycra. No spandex.
- Chemical-free. Unbleached & undyed.
- XS - XL

Price: US$32.95

Hemp T-shirt Bel Air 100% Hemp T-Shirt

- RGMTS-869 100% Organic Hemp T-shirt
- Made at the Rawganique Atelier in Europe
- Unisex. S - XXL.
- Natural, Iced Tea, Oak, Oregano, Russet

Price: US$55.00

100% Hemp T-shirt Hemp T-Shirt - Thick, Ribbed (Anaheim)

- RG5950
- Thicker ribbed knit, breathable
- Classic fit
- Unisex S - XXL. Natural, Black

Price: US$59.00

100% Hemp T-shirt Manley Beach 100% Hemp T-Shirt (Thick, Ribbed, with pocket))

• RGMTS-870PO Hemp T-shirt with pocket
• Thick, durable organic hemp T-shirt
• S - XXL
• Natural or Black

Price: US$59.00

100% Hemp T-shirt Hudson 100% Hemp Raglan T-Shirt With Pocket

- RG5029
- Woven 100% hemp pocket
- Breathable. Chemical-free.
- S - XXL
- Natural (dye-free, unbleached)

Price: US$55.00
100% Hemp T-shirt Manley Beach 100% Hemp T-Shirt (print design on pocket))

- Thick, durable 100% hemp t-shirt
- S - XXL
- Natural or Black
- Choice of four print designs

Price: US$64.00

hemp blouse Canary Islands Hemp Blouse

- RG2404
- Chemical-free fabrics and dyes
- Soft and breathable - Great to wear while traveling
- XS - XL
- Canary yellow, lavender, pistachio

Price: US$49.00
hemp yoga drawstring pants Yogi 100% Organic Hemp Yoga Pants - Unisex, Elastic-free

- YP1 - RG175
- 100% Organic European Hemp
- Elastic-free. No Lycra. No Spandex.
- PPP - 3XL. Extra-long option.
- Many colors

Price: US$84.00

short sleeve organic linen t-shirt 100% Organic French Linen T-shirt (Somerset)

- RGMTS-856
- Unisex S - XXL
- Natural (unbleached & dye-free)
- Breathable. Great against sweating.

Price: US$59.00

organic irish linen t-shirt Inverness S/S 100% Org Irish Linen T-shirt (New Cut)

- RGMST-862
- Rare & unique 100% linen knit
- Unisex S - 2XL.
- Unbleached and undyed.

Price: US$59.00
hemp tee Paradise Island 100% Hemp Knit Tee

- RG2102
- Simple and elegant
- A wardrobe must have
- XS - XL
- Black, Cotton Candy, Ivory, Key Lime, Lilac

Price: US$46.00

long sleeve organic linen t-shirt Somersby Short-Sleeve 100% Linen T-shirt (LKTSS) (Unisex)

- Elastic-free. No lycra. No spandex.
- Chemical-free fabrics and dyes
- Unisex
- S - XXL
- Multiple colors
- Closeout

Price: US$59.00
Sale Price: US$49.00

womens hemp tee Brooke 100% Hemp Knit Women's Tee

- RGWHTS-1038
- Chemical-free fabrics
- A wardrobe essential
- Super breathable
- XS - XXL
- Natural, Ivory, Black, Sage

Price: US$49.00
hemp yoga leggings L.A. 100% Hemp Yoga Leggings

  • 100% organic hemp
  • Made in Europe. Sweatshop-free.
  • Covered elastic waistband
  • XS - XL. Natural, Black.

Price: US$69.00

linen yoga leggings Santa Barbara 100% Organic Linen Yoga Leggings

- RGWL-2895 Linen Leggings
- 100% Organic Linen. Chemical-free
- Made in Europe. Sweatshop-free.
- Covered elastic waistband
- XS - XXL. Natural (Undyed).

Price: US$79.00

100% Hemp Sweater Unisex Chamonix Roll-Top 100% Hemp Sweater

RG829 100% organic hemp
Natural or Jade Drago or Black
Unisex XS - XXL

Price: US$119.00

v-neck hemp t-shirt Tivoli V-neck Slim-Fit 100% Hemp T-Shirt

- RGMTS-8680L
- Rare 100% hemp knit
- Soft, cozy, breathable.
- Natural, Black, Ivory. S-XXL.

Price: US$49.00

hemp dress pants Eco-Couture Flat Front Hemp Dress Pants Slacks

- RG651
- Flattering Flat Front
- Waist 28" - 44", inseam up to 36".
- Natural, Navy, Earth Brown, Black
- Closeout. While supplies last.

Price: US$149.97
Sale Price: US$89.97

hemp winter jacket Newfoundland Hooded Hemp Jacket

- Lined with organic cotton fleece
- XS - XXL. Natural or Earth Brown.
- Closeout. While supplies last

Price: US$249.97

ribbed hemp tank top Brisbane 100% Hemp Ribbed Tank Top (Unisex)

- PC10740
- Super breathable
- Unisex XS - 3XL
- Natural, Black

Price: US$44.00

hemp knit shirt Cambridge Long-Sleeved Hemp Knit Shirt

RGMTL-588 Rare & unique soft 100% hemp jersey knit pullvoer shirt. Made in-house in our European atelier. Sweatshop-free. Breast pocket. Natural, Oak, Oregano. S - XXL.

Price: US$89.00


Show Your Love For The World In What You Wear

Since 1997, Rawganique's organic cotton, linen, and hemp clothes have saved the world a ton of toxins, chemicals, and carbon footprint, not to mention clothed eco-minded people in animal-friendly garments.

Wear sweatshop-free, chemical-free organic clothing today!

Buy Hemp Clothing Online | Eco friendly Sustainable Ethical Plant-Based Clothes by Rawganique.co

Where to buy eco friendly hemp clothing and plant-based organic clothing that are all natural, without chemicals, and sweatshop-free? Buy hemp clothing online from the hemp store leader in pure clothes since 1997. Also organic cotton & linen apparel and home products. We grow, weave, knit, and sew in-house for truly pure chemical-free, sweatshop-free vegan organic hemp clothing, organic linen clothing, organic cotton clothing. We handcraft many different styles clothes made of hemp.

Rawganique's ethically made hemp clothing and vegan apparel & attire are hemp made clothing at its environmentally friendly best. We are a hemp shop offering clothing made from hemp and organic cotton and flax linen for men and women. We do everything in-house so you can be sure that no chemicals or impurities enter any stage of the production process. Hempen clothes or hemp clothing are clothes made from the hemp plant. Is hemp the same as marijuana? Originally, they were the same plant, but years of selective breeding has bred THC out of the hemp plant. Hemp plants are grown for hemp fiber and contains virtually no THC, so you can't get "high" on them. Some hemp plants are grown for hemp seeds, which are very nutritious, healthy foods. Our organic clothing store features the finest organic European hemp fiber products, as well as organic cotton and linen products.