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Stop worrying about chemicals in your home. Go chemical-free and organic with Rawganique's organic cotton, linen, and hemp bath accessories. Always PVC-free, dioxin-free, and formaldehyde-free. Grown and made in-house since 1997.
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kaffir lime shampoo Organic Kaffir Lime Shampoo (450ml) (Suds-free)

Organic Kaffir Lime Shampoo for lustrous, shiny, utterly natural hair. Three simple, fresh, organic ingredients for beautiful, lustrous hair. Shampoo and conditioner in one. Completely chemical-free.

Price: US$15.95

Organic Hemp Soap Bar Organic Hemp Soap Bar

• Vegan & natural ingredients only
• Mild. Hypoallergenic. Chemical-free.
• Handmade in Canada
• Quantity discounts: 6+ 10%; 12+ 15%

Price: US$6.50

charcoal face mask Bamboo Charcoal Face Mask (65g)

One of the most detoxifying natural products known. It really works. Great for all skin situations.

Price: US$14.95

Organic Mung Bean Face Wash Organic Mungbean Powder Facial & Body Wash

One ingredient skincare product.
Cleanses, balances the pH, and tones the skin.
This, and our 100% witch hazel toner, is all you need for complete natural skincare.
In considerations to our chemically sensitive customers, this product is non-returnable.

Price: US$14.95

organic jasmine rice scrub Organic Jasmine Rice Scrub Powder (150g)

One-ingredient organic bodycare: 100% Organic Jasmine Rice Scrub for face, neck, and body. Gentle and effective at exfoliation. Organic and chemical-free. Handmade in small batches. Ultra fine powder.

In considerations to our chemically sensitive customers, this product is non-returnable.

Price: US$14.95

organic linen bag Bespoke Handwoven Organic Linen Toiletries Bag

• RG888-510
• Organic Irish Linen Toiletries Bag
• Handwoven in Europe. Sweatshop-Free.
• Dye-Free. Chemical-Free. Hypoallergenic.
• Small $33 and Large $46

hemp soap scrub pouch Bellington Hemp Soap Scrub Pouch

Rawganique's unique 100% organically grown European hemp soap scrub pouch bag for the perfect natural exfoliation. Made in-house at our European Atelier. Sweatshop-free. Chemical-free. Unbleached & undyed. ~3.5" x 4.75".

Price: US$9.95

hemp terry towel Pureville Organic Hemp Towels (100% hemp terry loops, 100% OC backing)

- World's first and only. Enough said.
- Made in Europe. Sweatshop-Free.
- Hypoallergenic. Chemical-Free.
- Natural. Unbleached, dye-free.

hemp towel Toscana Rusticana Organic Hemp Terry Towel

- Rare organic European hemp terry towel
- Unbleached & dye-free.
- Chemical-free. Acid-free.
- 30" x 36" for many uses

Price: US$39.00

organic linen towels Everington Organic Irish Linen Terry Towels

- Heritage-quality
- Chemical-free. Unbleached & dye-free.
- World's first and only

hemp shower curtain Organic Hemp Shower Curtain 73.5" x 72" (Montebello)

- BASC1-7372
- Natural, Ivory, + 13 eco-dyed colors
- Hemp macrame rings
- Use with or without liner
- Hypoallergenic. No toxic outgassing.

Price: US$99.00

colorgrown organic cotton towel Colorgrown Organic Cotton Waterfall Towel

- Beautiful cascading waterfall striped design
- Hypoallergenic. Unbleached, dye-free.
- Made by Rawganique in Europe

organic linen towels Organic Linen Waterfall Towels

- Beautiful cascading "waterfall" effect
- Rare & unique. Heritage-quality.
- Hypoallergenic & 100% sustainable

laundry stain removing salts Natural Stain Removing Salts

- Laundry Stain Removing Salts Sodium Percarbonate.
- Effective. Safe. Natural.

Price: US$10.00
hemp towel-weight bathmat Hemp Terry Bathmats

- Unique hemp terry towel-weight bathmat
- Highly absorbent
- Hypoallergenic. Chemical-free.
- Unbleached & dye-free

hemp knit towel Carding Mill 100% Hemp Knit Bath Towel (30" x 50")

- 30" x 50"
- Unbleached & dye-free
- Chemical-free
- Highly absorbent. Use at home and for travel.

Price: US$49.00

colorgrown organic cotton towel Colorgrown Organic Cotton Towels

- TOW-OC200
- Undyed color-by-nature towels
- Super-rare

hemp waffle towel Balmoral Hemp Honeycomb Woven Bath Towel

- Hemp Honeycomb Waffle Towel
- 60% OC / 40% European hemp
- Unbleached & dye-free
- Great for traveling & gym

organic linen waffle towel Vermouth Organic Linen Honeycomb Woven Bath Towels (Weave-in)

- Heritage quality Irish linen towel
- Highly absorbent
- Hypoallergenic. Chemical-free.
- Natural. Unbleached & dye-free.

organic cotton waffle towel Everdale Organic Cotton Honeycomb Woven Bath Towels

- Versatile, for home, gym, travels
- Very absorbent & fast-drying
- Sweatshop-free made in Europe
Unbleached & dye-fre

Linen towel-weight bathmat Everington Organic Linen Terry Bathmats

- Heritage towel-weight
- Completely unbleached & dye-free
- Highly absorbent
- 17"x24", 20"x24", 21"x34", 30"x36"

organic cotton towels Bremington Organic Cotton Terry Towels

- 100% Organic Cotton Towels (450g Terry)
- Unbleached & Undyed
- Chemical-free. Hypoallergenic.
- Sweatshop-free. Made in Europe.

hemp mini stall shower curtain 24" x 72" Organic Hemp Curtain with rings (Mini Stall Shower or Drapes)

24" x 72" mini stall size.  We started making the first and only 100% European hemp shower curtain in 1997. It's still a rare and unique thing today. Sweatshop-free. Chemical-free. 4 versatile low-impact biodegradable fiber-reactive dyed colors. Made in-house at the Rawganique Atelier in Europe for true purity.

Price: US$55.00

hemp stall shower curtain 48" x 72" Organic Hemp Curtain - Draperies

- 48" x 72" Hemp Curtain
- Hemp Macrame Rings optional
- Sweatshop-free. Made in Europe.
- 100% Organically Grown Hemp. Chemical-free
- Versatile biodegradable eco-dyed colors

Price: US$79.00

Organic Linen Bath Towel Londonderry 100% Organic Linen Knit Bath Towel

- Absorbent & fast-drying
- Chemical-free. Unbleached & dye-free.
- Rare heritage quality

Price: US$55.00

hemp stall shower curtain 48" x 72" Hemp Stall Shower Curtain (Montebello)

- BASC1-4886
- 48" x 72" Stall or window curtain
- 100% Hemp. No off-gassing. Non-vinyl.
- Choose from 16 eco-colors

Price: US$79.00

Hemp Toiletries Bag Hemp Toiletries Bag (Small)

• HTB3-RG040
• Many uses - great for stationery, too.
• 100% organic European hemp
• 2" x 4" x 8"
• Natural, black, forest, indigo, brown

Price: US$16.95

certified organic cotton bathmat Bremington Organic Cotton Terry Bathmats (Natural)

Rawganique's rare & unique 100% colorgrown organic cotton terry towel-weight bathmat. A classic since we introduced it in 1999. Still the world's first and only. Completely unbleached & undyed. Made in-house from start to finish for true purity.

witch hazel skin toner 100% Witch Hazel (Alcohol-Free) (250ml)

- Witch Hazel Skin Toner
- Alcohol-free
- No chemicals, no perfume, no scents
- Keeps your skin clean, smooth & soft

Price: US$11.00

organic linen back scrubber Caledonian 100% Organic Linen Exfoliating Backscrub with Handle

Organic flax linen back scrubber - washer for exfoliating the skin after a shower, a bath, or a sauna session. Stiff and rough organic linen terry and ribbed fabric really get the exfoliation going for glowing, luminous skin.

Price: US$19.95
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