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Organic Cotton Futon (Full/Double and Queen)
organic cotton futon

- Organic Cotton Futon Mattress
- Double/Full & Queen Sizes
- 1.5" Massage Mat, 3" - 5" Futon, 6" - 8" Mattresses.
- Made in USA from USA Cotton. Sweatshop-Free.
- Chemical-free. Hypoallergenic. Handmade.
- Free Shipping to 48 Contiguous US States
(Customers elsewhere will get shipping quote to approve before production begins.)

Product Code: OC-FUTON-FQ

Full/Queen Futon*:


Organic Cotton Futon Mattress (Full/Queen)

Organic Cotton Futon Mattress. Double, Full, Queen sizes. Made in USA. Full/Double (54x75") and Queen (60x80"). Available in 100% organic cotton (requires a doctor's prescription, to meet fire retardancy regulations) or with a thin layer of organic wool (wool acts as fire-retardant). The sewing uses only 100% cotton thread. The tufts require cotton-covered nylon thread for strength.

Your futon is custom-made to order and ships usually within 10-14 days. Because we guarantee absolute purity to our customers, futons are non-returnable.

Rotate the futon regularly for airing, drying, and cleaning as needed. Beat and air periodically to keep fresh. Spot clean with wet brush on the casing as needed. We recommend getting our zippered organic cotton barrier mattress cover to protect your organic futon investment.

Full/Double 1.5" 100% Organic Cotton $451
Full/Double 1.5" Organic Cotton w/ Wool $625
Full/Double 3" 100% Organic Cotton $774
Full/Double 3" Organic Cotton w/ Wool $992
Full/Double 5" 100% Organic Cotton $1,414
Full/Double 5" Organic Cotton w/ Wool $1,632
Full/Double 6" 100% Organic Cotton $1,531
Full/Double 6" Organic Cotton w/ Wool $1,749
Full/Double 8" 100% Organic Cotton $1,913
Full/Double 8" Organic Cotton w/ Wool $2,186

Queen 1.5" 100% Organic Cotton $500
Queen 1.5" Organic Cotton w/ Wool $689
Queen 3" 100% Organic Cotton $880
Queen 3" Organic Cotton w/ Wool $1,098
Queen 5" 100% Organic Cotton $1,745
Queen 5" Organic Cotton w/ Wool $1,964
Queen 6" 100% Organic Cotton $1,914
Queen 6" Organic Cotton w/ Wool $2,133
Queen 8" 100% Organic Cotton $2,393
Queen 8" Organic Cotton w/ Wool $2,666

Full/Double: 54" x 75" | Queen: 60" x 80" | OC: USDA-Certified Organic US-Grown Cotton
More Info

What Thickness To Choose For Your New Organic Mattress?

For a regular bed, the most popular height is 6". If you're not sure, that's a good starting point. If you want softer, it is better to add one of our organic toppers than opt for a thicker single mattress; it is hard to make a thick mattress soft, since it will soon tend to form a permanent body imprint in the middle. In fact, we strongly recommend layering your organic mattresses, which has two more advantages: First, it improves the airflow, leading to less trapped moisture and reducing the possibility of mould. Equally important is the second advantage of layering - several thinner layers are in practice much easier to turn over, air and dry, and beat up to maintain a nice and even filling. And maintain you'll want your new organic mattress - it's a significant investment that should last you for many years, and the quality of sleep you'll get depends on how well you maintain it regularly.

If you're used to camping from your boy scout days, a thinner mattress may suit your needs just fine. In fact, the consensus among medical professionals is that a firmer mattress is better for the spine, leading to less sustained contorted sleeping positions during the sleep. When we fall asleep, tension in our bodies relaxes, and the need for softness is less than when awake. What culture you're from and where you grew up also factors in the choice - in the US, beds (as well as cars, gas consumption, and houses) tend to be much bigger than in, say, Japan or Europe.

The thinner mattresses (1.5" and 3" futons) are popular for massages, traveling, or layering on top of your old mattress.

Up to 5" thick mattresses come with rounded sides; from 6" thick the organic mattresses come with square seams along the side and sewn in handles on both sides for ease of carrying and turning over.


For our organic mattresses, hand-crafting is not just a marketing slogan, but describe how our futons and mattresses are different in crucial ways. Factory-made mattresses are made using a machine that blows cotton into a case, resulting in a large bag of air with a little cotton in it. With use, pretty quickly, the air gets pushed out, leaving you with much less support than expected when you saw the pricey mattress in the store or catalog, and a deep body imprint forms in the center - the more it forms, the more you'll end up always sleeping uncomfortably in that trench. In contrast, we make our mattresses by layering and compress sheets of raw cotton, then piling the layers of cotton each about 2" thick by hand right on top of each other before carefully hand-tufting the final piece, preserving the integrity of the layers. The tufting holds the compressed layers in place over time, ensuring a longer life and superior sleeping comfort of your new organic bedding.


All our organic futons are made from 100% certified organic US-grown cotton (organic always means GMO-Free!), formaldehyde-free, dye-free, unbleached, and of course sweatshop-free. All our mattresses are completely chemical-free, which should be non-negotiable for the surface you're spending a third of your time on, with the body and breathing systems in immediate contact of the mattress. Wait not till you're suffering from MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities), asthma, rashes, and other debilitating and progressing diseases; going organic for your futon or mattress is really the only smart choice.

Fire Retardancy

Fire retardancy regulations are met in our organic mattresses by wrapping a thin layer of wool around the filling. You won't feel it, but it saves lives by retarding flammability of the content. Alternatively, you can provide us with a medical doctor's note written on an official prescription paper and showing the DEA Number when you place the order, stating that 'the patient requires a chemical-free mattress'. This will allow us to omit the wool altogether and make a completely vegan and hypoallergenic chemical-free organic mattress for you.

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