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Organic Bathmat | Eco Friendly Organic Cotton, Linen, Hemp Bathmats

Our eco friendly, non-toxic organic cotton, linen, and hemp bathmats have made countless eco feet cozy since 1997.

We make our ethically made, sustainable organic cotton, linen, and hemp bath mats in-house from the finest untreated organic fibers. Whether you're looking for thick deep-pile organic cotton bathmats or rustic 100% organic hemp that's handwoven to pure perfection, to simple organic cotton bathmats, organic flax linen bathmats, or organic cannabis hemp bathmats, you'll be sure to find many unique options, all of which are sweatshop-free, chemical-free, and safe for humans, animals, and the earth.

Our organic bath mats are made in USA, Canada, and Europe
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organic cotton bath mat Savannah 100% Organic Cotton Deep-Pile Bathmat & Rug

Rawganique's 100% certified organic cotton deep-pile bath mat. Made in USA by Rawganique. 100% organic pile; 100% organic cotton backing. 21"x34". Thick and cozy.

Price: US$59.00

hemp towel Hemp Terry Towels

Rare & unique hemp terry towel from organically grown European hemp. A classic since we introduced it in 1999. Still the world's first and only. Completely unbleached & undyed.

hemp towel Toscana Rusticana Hemp Towels

Super rare organic European hemp terry towel. Unbleached & undyed. 88% Organic Hemp, 12% OC. (Some are 50% organic hemp- 50% OC). Chemical-free. Acid-free. The purest hemp towel there is. Care: Machine wash warm. Hang dry, do not machine dry.

hemp terry towel Pureville Organic Hemp Towels (100% hemp terry loops, 100% OC backing)

- 88% Organic Hemp Terry Towels (with 12% organic cotton backing)
- World's first and only. Enough said. The purest vegan organic natural hemp terry pile towels in the world.
- Made in Europe. Sweatshop-Free. Chemical-Free.

organic linen towels Everington Organic Irish Linen Terry Pile Towels

Rare & unique. Heritage-quality organic linen terry towels. Unbleached & undyed. World's first and only. We grow, weave, & sew each organic linen towel for true purity.

organic cotton towels Bremington Organic Cotton Terry Towels

- 100% Organic Cotton Towels (450g Terry)
- Unbleached & Undyed
- Chemical-free. Hypoallergenic.
- Sweatshop-free. Made in Europe.

colorgrown organic cotton towel Colorgrown Organic Cotton Towels

Unbleached and undyed color-by-nature organic cotton towels. Sweatshop-free. Cotton originally grew in brown and green. Years of hybridization yielded the off-white color we associate today with "natural," but in fact "Pecan Brown" and "Cactus Green" were the original colors of the cotton fiber.

hemp towel-weight bathmat Hemp Terry Bathmats

Rawganique's rare & unique hemp terry towel-weight bathmat from organically grown European hemp. A classic since we introduced it in 1999. Still the world's first and only. Completely unbleached & undyed. Made in-house from start to finish for true purity.

Linen towel-weight bathmat Everington Organic Linen Terry Bathmats

Rawganique's rare & unique linen terry towel-weight bathmat from organically grown Irish linen. A classic since we introduced it in 1999. Completely unbleached & undyed. Made in-house at our European Atelier from start to finish for true purity.

certified organic cotton bathmat Bremington Organic Cotton Terry Bathmats (Natural)

Rawganique's rare & unique 100% colorgrown organic cotton terry towel-weight bathmat. A classic since we introduced it in 1999. Still the world's first and only. Completely unbleached & undyed. Made in-house from start to finish for true purity.

hemp bathmat Handwoven 100% Hemp Bathmat

Rustic hand-woven hemp bath mat ~18"x24" - 21"x32". Many colors to choose from. Sweatshop-free European organic hemp..

Price: US$29.00

Organic European Hemp Rugs Homestead Organic Hand-Woven Hemp Rug

Hand-woven organic hemp rugs. Made in-house at
our European Atelier. Sweatshop-free. Sizes:  2'x6', 3'x5', 4'x6',
5'x7', 6'x8'. Colors: Natural (undyed and unbleached), Ivory (hydrogen-peroxided) and fiber-reactive
bio-degradable dye Sage, Earth Brown, Burgundy, Indigo, Black, Red.

Hemp Contour Mat Lid Cover Hemp Contour Bathmat & Toilet Lid Cover

Hemp woven/knit toilet contour bathmat and hemp macramé toilet lid cover. Sage and Natural. Sweatshop-free Europe. Chemical-free.


Handmade Hemp Bathmats

Rustic charms and purity are what endear this wonderful combination 100% hemp bath mat & throw rug to us at first sight. Made in Romania from a very special 41 oz. hand woven fabric (thick & cozy!) from certified organic hemp that is processed without chemicals or pesticides of any kind, this versatile and eco-friendly hemp bath mat | throw rug is designed for the purist who will settle for nothing less than true sustainability in clothing and home products. By popular request, our hemp rugs are now available in 4'x6' and 6'x8' area rug sizes too.

Our combination 100% Organic Hemp Bath Mat & Throw Rug lends just the right natural touch to any room in your home (the earthy, fiber-reactive colors blend well with any decor). Naturally anti-fungal and super absorbent (the hemp yarn absorbs about 150% their weight in water).

Woven Hemp Bath Mat's measurement ranges from approximately 19"x26" to 21"x32" (variation in dimension is due to the bath mat's being hand woven; the amount of hemp fiber used is roughly the same across all variations but the resulting dimensions differ due to tightness of weave).

New: Rustic Area rug sizes 4'x6' (48"x72") and 6'x8' (72"x96"). Many customers have reported that they use the bigger area rug as an impromptu all-in-one poncho, throw blanket, blanket, and bed cover. We don't blame them, considering how thick, warm, cozy, and pure the hemp rugs are!

(Approximately 19"x 26" to 21"x 32", shapes vary because they are hand-woven; each weaver is given the same weight of yarns to work with but the final size depends on tightness of weave.)

These are hand-woven from certified organic European hemp yarns. Thick and rustic. Absorbent. 100% hemp. Rectangular shape. Scroll down to #5 for 2' x 6', 4' x 6', and 6' x 8' sizes for big bathrooms. 2' x 6' size is great for using with claw foot tubs.

11 colors: Natural, Licorice Black, Deep Ocean Blue, Forest Green, Oregon Grape (Purple), Sage, Alpine Meadow, Burgundy, Earth Brown, Ivory, or Evening Mist. Additional swatches shown top of page.

Note: This product is hand made; each piece is unique, and variations and odd shapes are part of its charms. It is not suitable for someone who is particular about a specific size or shape. If need be, the bath mat can be cross-stretched and blocked to form a more rectangular size if it arrives not perfectly rectangular. Product is machine washable in cold water. Lay flat to dry (some customers report that they have successfully dried the hemp bath mats in the dryer on low/gentle/cool cycle with no ill effects).