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Vegan Organic Cotton Mattress With Latex Core (Handmade in USA) (Dreamscape)
organic cotton mattress with rubber core and no fire retardants
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- No fire retardants - requires medical prescription
- Made in USA. Chemical-free.
- Thicknesses 1.5", 3", 5", 6", 7", 8"
- Twin, Twin XL, Full/Double, Queen, King
- Free Shipping in USA (48 States)

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Handmade Organic Cotton Mattress Made in USA

If you're looking for a hypoallergenic, organic, all-natural mattress, you've come to the right place. This vegan organic cotton mattress is made with a natural rubber core, and enclosed in organic cotton twill fabric made from US-grown organic cotton. Handmade sweatshop-free in USA. To meet Federal Fire Retardancy Regulations, a medical doctor's prescription is needed. Chemical-free and hypoallergenic. Does not contain animal products.

Dimensions & Prices

— Free shipping to 48 contiguous US states

Twin 1.5" Massage Mat 39" x 75" x 1.5" — $498
Twin 3" Stowaway 39" x 75" x 3" — $941
Twin 5" Futon 39" x 75" x 5" $1,594
Twin 6" Mattress 39" x 75" x 6" $1,659
Twin 7" Mattress 39" x 75" x 7" $1,907
Twin 8" Mattress 39" x 75" x 8" $2,073

Twin XL 5" Futon 39" x 80" x 5" $1,655
Twin XL 6" Mattress 39" x 80" x 6" $1,760
Twin XL 7" Mattress 39" x 80" x 7" $2,024
Twin XL 8" Mattress 39" x 80" x 8" $2,200

Full/Double 1.5" Massage Mat 54" x 75" x 1.5" $630
Full/Double 3" Stowaway 54" x 75" x 3" $1,054
Full/Double 5" Futon 54" x 75" x 5" $1,997
Full/Double 6" Mattress 54" x 75" x 6" $2,107
Full/Double 7" Mattress 54" x 75" x 7" $2,423
Full/Double 8" Mattress 54" x 75" x 8" $2,634

Queen 1.5" Massage Mat 60" x 80" x 1.5" $720
Queen 3" Stowaway 60" x 80" x 3" $1,257
Queen 5" Futon 60" x 80" x 5" $2,447
Queen 6" Mattress 60" x 80" x 6" $2,616
Queen 7" Mattress 60" x 80" x 7" $3,008
Queen 8" Mattress 60" x 80" x 8" $3,207

Eastern King 1.5" Massage Mat 76" x 80" x 1.5" $871
Eastern King 3" Stowaway 76" x 80" x 3" $1,465
Eastern King 5" Futon 76" x 80" x 5" $3,364
Eastern King 6" Mattress 76" x 80" x 6" 3,544
Eastern King 7" Mattress 76" x 80" x 7" $4,076
Eastern King 8" Mattress 76" x 80" x 8" $4,430
California King 6" Mattress 84" x 72" x 6" $3,543

This vegan organic mattress is your healthy, sustainable and ethical choice. It is filled with, and enclosed in, US-grown organic cotton. We make our organic cotton mattress in your choice of thickness from 1.5" massage mat, to 3" stowaway, to a 5" futon, and mattresses in 6", 7", and 8". The natural rubber core is 1" in the massage mats, 2" in the stowaways, and 3" in all others. Please click on the 'Sizing' tab to view all sizes, dimensions, and prices.

The combination of a firm natural rubber core sandwiched in layers of soft, fluffy organic cotton makes for a perfect combination of softness on the outside, and persistent stability and firmness on the inside. The organic cotton with natural latex combination gives your mattress a longer useful life span, because the natural rubber does not have the same tendency as natural fibers to compact quickly and form a body imprint groove that over times becomes quickly uncomfortable. The medium-firm natural rubber core stabilizes and balances the resistance of your mattress filling, as well as distribute the body-weight, even without frequent turning over and shaking up as you would need to do without the natural rubber core.

Natural Rubber
Natural rubber lasts and maintains it's full service for many years, and does not off-gas. It is completely biodegradable, mold- and mildew resistant and antimicrobial, all of which are both valuable and frequently under-appreciated properties for your bedding choice. And better yet, natural latex is temperature-neutral, so it makes you sweat less than the over-hyped foam mattresses. In technical terms, the medium firm Dunlop rubber is considered a C3 class (equivalent to ~32-ILD in Talalay).

GOTS-Certified Organic US-Cotton

Both the filling, and the cover, are made of GOTS certified organic US-grown cotton. It is absolutely important to insist on chemical-free cotton for your sleeping environment, which you spend a third of your time on every day. GOTS assures you that the material you sleep on is pesticide- and insecticide-free, 100% natural fiber, protecting you, the farmers and workers, and the environment in the process over the long life of your mattress.

Fire Retardancy Regulations

Federal Fire Retardancy Regulations require for a mattress (this applies to 5" and greater thickness - the thinner ones are not considered stand-alone mattresses, as 1.5" is a massage mat, 3" a stowaway) either chemicals, or a thin layer of wool wrapped around the filling, or a licensed medical doctor's prescription attesting to a person's intolerance to both. To purchase this vegan and chemical-free mattress, please supply us with a prescription by a medical doctor (not chiropractor), on a prescription note-pad, saying something to the effect of 'Due to allergies, the patient requires a mattress free of wool'. You can email, fax, or mail it to us.

If you can't supply a prescription, please consider the same mattress with a thin layer of wool around the inside. Wool is a natural fire retardant and this mattress does meet the regulations. The cost is higher because of the extra labor involved in arranging a thin continuous layer of wool around the organic cotton filling, and the cost of wool that meets our standards. Wool has the added advantage of being dust-mite repellant as well as a natural temperature regulator.

Product Info
How to Choose a Mattress
A new organic mattress is a sizable personal investment, and a significant factor in your health. The skin and the lungs are the two main ways for the body to breathe and absorb chemicals. The long time spent in close proximity are why your choice of mattress (along with underwear and sleepwear) matters so much.
Here are the main points to consider in choosing the right mattress for you:

  • Breathability
Mould and mildew and unwelcome bugs like to take up residence in warm, moist, dark places. If your mattress, which absorbs moisture from your body at night, is not allowed to dry out completely, it will soon be their new favorite home to start a family in. Make sure that air can circulate around the entire surface and underside of the mattress. Slats that are off the ground, with no suitcases or other items blocking air circulation, is a good solution. If the mattress rests on a solid surface, it needs to be raised or turned over at least weekly to dry out completely.
Just as importantly, the mattress itself must be breathable, for temperature control at night and reducing night-sweats. Natural fibers generally breathe well, but how diligently you maintain your mattress is also important. Regularly shaking up and lightly beating the mattress helps against compaction, and improves breathability. All our mattresses breathe well, because they are made with layers of pure natural fiber on the outside, as well as 100% organic cotton casings.

  • Support
Don't confuse support with firmness. Good support means the mattress keeps your spine well aligned without creating pressure points. It obviously depends on body weight as well. We design our mattresses so as to be giving enough not to create pressure points, but not so giving that the spine is deformed in normal sleeping positions.
For latex and latex-core mattresses, support is stable over time. Latex doesn't have the tendency like cotton to compress over time, giving more balanced support over the entire surface of the mattress. Cotton mattresses work well if they are regularly maintained (turned over, shaken up).

  • Material
All our mattresses have the advantage that they don't transmit moves from one side of the bed to the other (unlike coil mattresses, where one person's moves often wake up the light sleeper on the other side). Latex is considered a cooling material; in addition, it retains its springiness better than cotton over time. That is why customers love our latex-core mattresses, as they combine the great support and longevity of natural latex with layers of organic cotton around it.

  • Chemical-Free / Organic
This is the most important, in our opinion. All other criteria are more or less negotiable, but sleeping on a mattress that brings you in close direct contact with and off-gasses highly toxic fire retardants, pesticides, herbicides, bleaches, dyes, softeners and conditioners should be unacceptable. None of our mattresses contain any of those toxins. If the cost of an entire new organic mattress is outside of your budget, you could consider getting a thin mattress (our 1.5" Massage Mattresses, 3" Stowaways are perfect for that!) and putting it on top of your old one or some other soft material.

  • Vegan
We offer 100% Organic Cotton, as well as vegan OC with Latex Core, models that are vegan. For mattresses 5" and thicker, a medical prescription is needed, because such mattresses don't meet fire retardancy regulations. The Latex Mattress and OC with Latex Core both meet regulations by virtue of a thin layer of wool that acts as natural fire retardant.

  • Firmness
Our mattresses are made medium firm. If you prefer especially soft or firm, please advise us and we'll adjust the construction of your mattress accordingly.

  • Durability
Our mattresses are handmade by skilled artisans in the USA. The normal life expectancy of 10+ years for organic cotton mattresses, and 15+ for latex mattresses. When properly maintained, they will last longer.

  • Movability
We recommend a layering approach for ease of maintaining and moving mattresses. We offer mattresses in thicknesses from 1.5" all the way to 8"; the weight of a thick mattress makes it hard to turn over and move. Therefore many customer prefer two 3", or a 5" with a thinner mattress or a topper on top of it.

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5 of 5 Wonderful March 29, 2020
Reviewer: Jessica Haines from Palo Alto  
Thank you Rawganique customer service for walking me through all the different options over two weeks of questions from me. I finally pulled the trigger on your dreamscape organic cotton mattress and I couldn’t be happier. It’s soft but supportive and as you advised the natural latex core will keep the mattress resilient. I am so happy about the handmade quality and the fact that it’s grown and made by hand in USA. Excellent customer service and product. Will be back for your organic linen sheets soon.

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