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73.5 x 72" Montebello Organic Hemp Canvas Shower Curtain Draperies
hemp shower curtain

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Our organic hemp shower curtain can be used with or without a liner.
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Hemp Canvas Shower Curtain

The Hemp Shower Curtain is one of the flagship products that have defined Rawganique.co over the years.

Pure 100% organic European hemp canvas shower curtain, made in-house for purity: no pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, no dioxin, no BPA, no formaldehyde. Use with or without a liner. Our PVC-free, GMO-free vinyl-free shower curtain is as pure as it comes.

The Green Shower Curtains are made in-house at Rawganique Atelier in Europe from start to finish for environmental sustainability: we grow, weave, and sew each hemp curtain for true purity and environmental sustainability. Sweatshop-free. Chemical-free. Our eco-friendly hemp shower curtain is also available in stall size 48"x72" here.

We started making 100% hemp canvas shower curtains in 1997. Since then, our hemp shower curtains have adorned countless eco-minded homes, hotels, and resorts due to their natural beauty and purity.

Use with or without a liner. As hemp is a natural fiber, if you use your green shower curtain as a standalone curtain without a liner, the hemp shower curtain will degrade over time. See "Care" tab. Curtains are a few inches longer to provide for possible shrinkage in the laundry.

PVC, which is a common material for shower curtains, is highly toxic and contains many of the most dangerous human-made toxins that keep outgassing over the lifetime of the shower curtains.

CARE INTRUCTIONS for hemp shower curtains

Our non-vinyl hemp shower curtain is machine washable. We recommend line-drying but if you must, tumbling dry on low heat (remove promptly) is also possible. Truly eco shower curtain! Our non-toxic organic hemp shower curtain has been one of our customers' most enduringly popular products we have created.

Please do not use our hemp shower curtain without a liner if you are unsure about the moisture and ventilation situation in your bathroom, as we are not able to be responsible for individual bathroom mildew issues.

For the 20 years that we’ve been making organically grown European hemp shower curtains, we’ve found that liners preserve the look of your hemp shower curtain for its entire lifespan. Those — like us — who choose to use the hemp shower curtain without a liner are at the mercy of our bathroom ventilation. We ourselves have never had a problem with our shower curtain developing spots and mildew, due to the fact that we turn the bathroom fan on when we shower (to dissipate moisture) and always leave the bathroom window slightly open to the outside so fresh air circulates in the bathroom.

Our hemp shower curtain is the purest there is. Just European Hemp fiber, combed to a strong yearn without the use of chemicals or acids, woven into a strong hemp canvas, then cut and sewn into a handsome 100% natural and organic hemp shower curtain and draperies. That’s our work; everything else is the work of Mother Nature.

We have sold countless hemp shower curtains since 1997 and only on rare occasions do we hear about mildew issues, and that is usually due to the hemp curtain not being stretched and off the floor at all times and the bathroom not being properly ventilated. If plastic curtains mold in your bathroom, so will hemp.

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From 100% organically grown European hemp. Made in Europe. Sweatshop-free. Chemical-free. Use with or without liner. Be sure to keep your hemp shower curtain stretched on the curtain rod, off the floor, at all times for best drying time and ventilation. The hemp macramé rings feature wooden buttons and are 100% metal-free. Also available: 100% Organic Cotton Shower Curtain.

Our Hemp Shower Curtains are great as walk-through-closet & full-length hemp curtains, too! Hemp curtains are eco-friendly & insulate well, saving you money on heating. The hemp shower curtain (10 ounce canvas) is the same as our hemp curtain, except the hemp curtain is also available both in 10 oz and 6 oz weights and both the 72" length and the longer 86" length.

Since 2000, we have been making 100% hemp shower curtains which are an environmentally friendly alternative to toxic vinyl shower curtains.

Our Hemp Shower Curtain is made from 100% organic European hemp (10 oz. hemp canvas). No chemicals or heavy metals were used in production. Perfect as room dividers and wall & window curtains, too.

Featuring macramé rings with wooden button. Button hole (metal-free). Fiber-reactive dyes. Sweatshop-free. No dioxin. No formaldehyde. No PVC. No BPA.

Can be used with high-quality liner (no VOC or low VOC) for longer product life. If used without a liner, product will wear out over time (like clothing).

Need a taller curtain? No problem. Please note that the curtains are cut with a few extra inches of length, to allow for possible shrinkage. We also offer 86" long hemp curtains. Or just double up on the hemp macramé rings to attain the final height you want. Each set of rings adds 4"–6" to the overall height of the hemp shower curtain (this trick comes in handy when using the shower curtain as a full-length curtain on French or doors or floor-to-ceiling windows).

How is our eco friendly hemp shower curtain different?First, our ethical and sustainable hemp shower curtains are made from organically grown European hemp (we use mechanical combing as opposed to the more common acid processing and spinning done in countries like China that result in a fiber mush that is then processed like cotton). Our eco organic hemp shower curtin is handcrafted at the Rawganique Atelier in Europe. Sweatshop-free.
Our chemical-free organic hemp shower curtains are unique to us and made from organically grown European hemp (not Chinese hemp, which may have issues with chemical growing, acid processing, and processing). There are many different grades and qualities of hemp fabric out there. For our echo hemp shower curtain, we have selected the highest quality organic raw hemp fibers to weave into a custom fabric with the perfect weight, resulting in a gorgeous hemp canvas that is strong yet light enough to dry quickly between use. We do not use heavy metals or harsh chemicals in the production of our non-PVC organic hemp shower curtains.

"Each year, 275 million pounds of pesticides are used on the conventional cotton crop alone, not to mention millions and millions more pounds of chemicals that are used to process the cotton fiber and manufacture conventional cotton products. And bad as conventional cotton is, synthetic fibers (nylon, micro fiber, etc..) are even worse! Hemp, on the other hand, grows easily without chemicals or pesticides in virtually any climate and soil. The hemp fiber is easily processed with just water and machine combing and is also at least three times stronger than the cotton fiber.

Our natural fiber shower curtains are made in Europe, where the hemp is grown (not China, which may have issues with sweatshop labor). Unlike most bamboo shower curtains, which have gone through chemical treatments and processing to get from hard bamboo plants to soft fiber, our hemp shower curtains are as natural, pure & sustainable as can be.

What's so bad about vinyl shower curtains & Bamboo Shower Curtain? According to the Center for Health, Environment, and Justice (which recommended removing vinyl shower curtains from store shelves in 2009), PVC shower curtains outgas 108 different chemicals within the first 28 days of use and continue to do so for a very long time: that "new" smell is the telltale sign of all those chemicals going into your lungs and skin when you are most vulnerable: while taking a hot shower and breathing deeply. It's bad enough having to deal with chlorine and possible lead and mercury contamination in municipal water; the last thing you'd want to add to your list of daily exposure to chemicals is PVC-anything. PVC has been associated with many serious human ailments. Even conservative organizations have started to caution people against vinyl / PVC products.

There are two particularly harmful and unavoidable by-products of PVC: Dioxin and PCBs. Dioxin is created during all phases of PVC production, as well as in its disposal by incineration or accidental fire. There is no "threshold" dose for dioxin. For dioxin, the lowest dose that causes hormonal action has not been found yet. It currently stands at about 1 part per trillion, but researchers have been unable to find the threshold using the most up-to-date advanced systems. It is thought to be the most toxic human-made chemical. We quote from the study: "Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic shower curtains purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond, Kmart, Sears, Target, and Wal-Mart all contain avoidable toxic chemicals including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), phthalates, organotins and metals.

Some of these chemicals are volatile, so they are released into the air inside our homes... Some of these chemicals cause developmental damage as well as damage to the liver and central nervous, respiratory, and reproductive systems. This investigation shows that PVC shower curtains are significant contributors to indoor air pollution." News: The Federal Trade Commission in the US and the Competition Bureau in Canada have begun to file charges against manufacturers of bamboo fiber products for making false claims. "The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) this week charged four sellers of clothing and other textile products with deceptively labeling and advertising these items as made of bamboo fiber, when they are made of rayon." And in Canada: "Identification of man-made fibers must conform to a list of generic fibres. Under the Textile Labeling Act and Regulations "bamboo" is not listed as a generic fibre name, and as a result it is not legal to identify the fibre content on a label as "bamboo". Because of the processing involved, "rayon" must be used."
100% Organic Cannabis Hemp Shower Curtains by Rawganique.co
Organic Hemp Shower Curtain by Rawganique Since 1997

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