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Schumann 100% Organic French Linen Terry Socks
100% organic linen socks

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In the olden days, socks were completely natural - like our organic linen terry socks. All natural organic fibers aren't as tough for socks as polyester or nylon, so holes would develop in stress places, and folks would mend and darn their socks they wore out. Same with our organic linen terry socks - we make them pure from nature, and you may need to mend or darn your organic linen socks. We offer a handmade organic felting kit - sock darning kit for this purpose.

Please note: we make our organic flax linen socks to be as pure as possible. We do not use sizing chemicals so slight variations in sizing may occur, but our organic linen terry weave is stretchy so it accommodates these variations well.

Our organic linen socks do not confine your ankle or calf as the knit is elastic-free.
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100% Organic Flax Linen Socks

Our super-thick wool-free, plastic-free, waste-free 100% organic French flax linen terry socks are a special gift to vegans who want to keep their feet cozy and warm without resorting to animal products. And our non-confining thick organic linen socks are great for anyone who appreciates truly natural socks they can wear all day in all night to keep their keep cozy and dry.

Customer comment: "I love my 100% organic linen socks from Rawganique. Words cannot express how difficult it is to find non-polyester socks that are not weirdly shaped (I have a skin allergy to polyester and most unnatural fabrics). These super comfy, ethically made socks are hands down my favorite pair."

And more customer comments:

  • "These organic linen socks are truly wonderful! Wish I could afford tons of these socks!!! LOL! Thanks for a great product! Linen is for healing due to it's frequency!!!...by the way!"
  • "Awesome organic linen socks...great quality"
  • "These are the best organic linen socks ever. I cannot say enough about how well they are made and how well they fit and feel. These are excellent quality and will buy more."
  • "Your biodegradable organic linen socks feel great!"

The thickest, warmest, plushest 100% natural organic flax linen socks on earth! It may be an understatement to say that our Schumann Organic Linen Socks are the coziest and purest socks on earth (neck-to-neck with our Dvorak Hemp Socks and Schubert Organic Cotton Socks).

It took us many years to get the hang of making 100% organic linen socks. The yield is low and the knitting is slow-going because baste fibers like hemp and linen are hard to homogenize into terry loop pile, but it sure is worth the effort! These world's first and only organic flax linen terry socks are super thick and cozy, weighing up to 100 grams (3.5oz) per pair! That's a lot of non-synthetic untreated unadulterated PVC-free all natural organic flax linen fibers!

Our elastic-free eco friendly green organic linen socks are 100% breathable. They are ideal for folks with contact allergies to latex and other chemicals. Many customers who have been suffering from rashes and blisters that just don't heal have written to let us know with great enthusiasm that their lingering contact dermatitis problems are gone by just switching to our organic linen socks! In fact, many family physicians and dermatologists have been recommending our pure organic linen socks to their patients for years as the only solution to skin & foot allergies.

Linen fibers wick away moisture at a fast rate to keep your feet comfy, cozy and dry all day — no stink, especially when worn with our handmade leather-free organic hemp shoes: your feet will thank you all day and night long. Many customers have written to tell us how their feet feel loved and healthy for the very first time in our organic socks and shoes — no more "trapped in sweat" feeling, especially in winter's warm heated spaces.

The Schumann Organic Linen Terry Socks are great as sleeping socks, too, for those who like to sleep with socks on but who don't like their feet confined with elastic.

Our sustainable and ethical organic flax Linen socks are unique in that the body of the socks is completely elastic-free and made with the finest 100% organic French linen terry.

The eco friendly 100% Organic Linen Terry Mid-Crew Socks are rare. They are similar in hand to the finest heritage handmade linen socks of yore. These 100% Organic French Flax Linen Terry Pile Socks are the world's purest elastic-free socks: designed especially for people with skin allergies who cannot tolerate synthetic fibers and elastics.

With organic French linen socks this good, who needs elastic and synthetic socks??

Composition: 100% organic linen. One strand of stretchable elastic sewing thread that connects the cuff to the main body of the sock to allow the foot to get in. And another strand at the toe seam to allow toes to wiggle. Vegan organic socks cannot get purer, thicker, cozier, or plusher than these utterly unique and natural organic French flax linen terry socks. Customers with contact dermatitis can wear the socks with the cuff folded down or wear them inside out so as not to touch the sewing thread.

Our Elastic-free Organic Linen Terry Socks are completely pesticide-free, GMO-free, bleach-free, dye-free, dioxin-free, and formaldehyde-free. And Carba Mix free. They are designed for anyone with chemical sensitivity, elastic-sensitivity, and for anyone else who can't stand elastic, synthetics, and chemicals in their socks, as well as for anyone who loves heritage linen products. Pus, they are a great cotton-free socks alternative.

Our 100% organic linen terry socks are made in-house for true end-to-end purity. We can only make a few pairs at a time because they are SO PURE and breathable. Say goodbye to allergies! No socks are purer than our elastic-free 100% organic cotton, linen, and hemp socks.

The 100% organic linen socks are not for everybody! They are like fine hand knitted linen socks from 200 years ago. They hug the feet fine, but aren't as hugging or constricting as socks with elastic. If you don't need 100% purity, we recommend our 99% Organic Cotton Socks, which are purer than most but still behave like regular socks.

Care Instructions: Best to treat like delicate silks and hand wash in cold or warm water (biodegradable detergent). Press water out, don't twist. Hang to dry. Steam iron at linen setting, if desired.

  • S (38-39)
    — for women's 5-8 shoe sizes; men's 7 size
  • M (40-42)
    — for women's 9-11 shoe sizes; men's 7-9 shoe sizes
  • L (43-46)
    — for men's 10-13 shoe sizes; women's 12-14 sizes
  • XL (45-47)
    — for men's 12-15 shoe sizes
Our vegan natural fiber socks re really great for folks who have issues with blood circulation in the legs or feet, as our Schumann pure linen socks are classified as medical socks or loose top socks which essential means the they don't restrict circulation. For this reason, many customers use our organic linen wicking socks for sleeping as they don't confine your feet and legs. Our Schumann organic linen socks are also the best socks for warmth, if you're an organic vegan and won't use animal or synthetic products. Many customers use our organic linen socks for skiing too as linen socks are the best socks for skiing as they don't stick to your skin when wet and wick moisture away at a fast rate.

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