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Schubert 100% Organic Cotton Terry Socks
100% organic cotton socks

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Please note: we make our organic cotton socks to be as pure as possible. We do not use sizing chemicals; slight variations in sizing may occur, but our organic cotton weave is stretchy and accommodates these variations well.

Our organic cotton socks do not confine your ankle or calf as the knit is elastic-free.

In the olden days, socks were completely natural - like our organic cotton terry socks. All natural organic fibers aren't as tough for socks as polyester or nylon, so holes would develop in stress places, and folks would mend and darn their socks as they wore out. Same with our organic cotton terry socks - we make them as pure as possible, as raw from nature as possible, and you may need to mend or darn your organic cotton socks. We offer a handmade organic felting kit - sock darning kit for this purpose.
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100% Organic Cotton Socks

For vegans looking for wool-free warm winter socks, look no further than our 100% organic cotton terry socks, which are super thick and warm. In the coldest of climates, you may need to double up to stay toasty. And for anyone else, who loves the feeling of itch-free 100% natural plushness that only organic cotton can provide, here are the 100% organic cotton terry socks for you.

The thickest, coziest, baddest elastic-free 100% organic cotton terry socks on the planet! It took us a long time to develop this rare & unique baby, and it's well worth all the effort because our chemically-sensitive customers can now wrap their feet in pure chemical-free coziness. Our hefty elastic-free organic cotton socks use a lot of raw untreated organic cotton fibers (there are no synthetic fillers like traditional socks) and the yield rate is quite low (many defective missed loop socks, enough for us to use for the foreseeable future!), as it's very difficult to make this heritage terry loop weave perfect. So please forgive a missed loop here and there! It's part of the specialness of elastic-free heritage organic cotton socks. :D The XL size weighs up to 2.4 ounces — that's a lot of pure unadulterated 100% organic cotton fibers with no fillers like polyamides!

Since 1997, Rawganique has specialized in chemical-free products for folks who cannot stand chemicals or toxins. In this spirit, we developed these world's first and only elastic-free organic cotton socks.

Composition: The Schubert 100% Organic Cotton Terry Socks are our proudest creation, featuring a soft and cozy elastic-free 100% organic cotton terry weave for all-day wearing comfort and all-night coziness. One elastic sewing thread is used to connect the cuff to the sock body and another elastic sewing thread to close the toe seam so that your can wiggle your toes. If you wish, you could the toe thread out and replace it with a cotton thread but we don't recommend it. Customers with contact dermatitis can wear the socks with the cuff folded down or wear them inside out so as not to touch the sewing thread.

Unconfined, uncompressed feet make for happy and healthy feet: that's what we hear from so many physicians around the world that have recommend our elastic-free organic cotton, linen, and hemp socks to their patients over the years.

The Schubert Elastic-free 100% Organic Cotton Terry Socks are grown and made without pesticides, GMO, elastic, formaldehyde, dioxin, bleach, or dye!!! The special terry weave of the Schubert Elastic-free Organic Cotton Socks has natural elasticity that perfectly hugs the foot without the squeeze common with elastic-laden socks. Our 100% organic cotton socks are supremely breathable and non-confining.

The Schubert Elastic-free Organic Cotton Socks are often referred to as medical organic cotton socks by the physicals who recommend them to their patients who suffer from multiple chemical sensitivities as well as latex allergies, elastic allergies, and skin allergies.

The Schubert Organic Cotton Socks contain no elastic and no latex in the weave. Just 100% pure organic cotton goodness.

These elastic-free organic cotton socks are not for everybody! They are like fine hand knitted cotton socks from 200 years ago. The Schubert Organic Cotton Socks hug the feet just fine without the elastic or other synthetic fibers, but aren't as hugging as socks with elastic. If you don't need 100% purity, we recommend our 99.8% Organic Cotton Socks, which are purer than most but still behave like regular socks. But if you — like us and our chemically sensitive customers — hate the icky feeling of elastic against your skin and being trapped in something synthetic all day, then the Schubert Organic Cotton socks are the perfect answer! There is nothing like feeling natural fibers against your skin. There really isn't. And no smelly feet from being trapped all day in non-breathable socks and shoes, either.

Care Instructions: Best to treat like delicate silks and hand wash in cold or warm water (biodegradable detergent). Press water out, don't twist. Hang to dry. Steam iron at linen setting, if desired.

  • S (38-39)
    — for women's 5-8 shoe sizes; men's 7 size
  • M (40-42: Men's 8-10)
    — for women's 9-11 shoe sizes; men's 7-9 shoe sizes
  • L (43-46)
    — for men's 10-13 shoe sizes; women's 12-14 sizes
  • XL (45-47)
    — for men's 12-15 shoe sizes

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