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Organic Hemp Foods | Raw Cannabis Hemp Products

Since 1997, Rawganique.co has offered an array of nutritious certified organic hemp foods made from certified organic Canadian cannabis hemp seeds.

Our organic hemp seeds, organic hemp butter, organic hemp oil, and organic hemp protein powder are fresh, nutritious, safe, healthy, and offer a great source of clean vegan protein.

Raw organic hemp foods, seeds, oil, butter, mesquite, maca.
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hemp sprouting bag Hemp Sprouting Bag - Nut Milk Bag

RG0089 Great for growing sprouts and making nut milks.

Price: US$19.95
organic hemp seeds Raw Organic Hemp Seeds (1 lb)

Certified organic raw hemp seeds. Made in Canada.

Price: US$15.00
organic hemp oil Organic Hemp Seed Oil (17.6 oz)

17.6 oz / 500 ml glass jar. Pure and organic and raw. Made in Canada.

Price: US$16.99
organic hemp butter Organic Hemp Butter (250g)

250 gram glass jar. Made in Canada.

Price: US$15.00
organic hemp protein powder Raw Organic Hemp Protein Powder (1 lb)

Certified organic raw hemp seeds. Made in Canada.

Price: US$13.00
organic mesquite powder Organic Mesquite Powder (Chocolate Substitute) (16 oz)

Use like instant chocolate powder, our wild raw organic mesquite powder has a smooth round flavour that many liken to that of chocolate, but without the addictive theobromine that is in cacao. Nutritous and delicious. Mix with our roasted maca coffee substitute to make a mock-a (drugless mocha).

Price: US$14.00
Out of Stock. Sorry!
hemp cheese cloth Roquefort 100% Organic Hemp Cheese Cloth (Nut Milk Screen Cloth) (2 sizes)

100% organic hemp cheese cloth - nut milk strainer - shade cloth - bug cloth | Made in-house from start to finish for true purity. Food-safe, pet-safe, people-safe. 2 sizes: 27.5" x 39" (70cm x 100cm) & 55" x 39" (140cm x 100cm)

Price: US$9.99
organic linen sprouting bag 100% Organic Linen Sprouting Bag - Nut Milk Strainer

Organic flax linen sprouting bag, cheese cloth, and nut milk and nut cheese strainer. Food-safe, eco friendly, and non-toxic. Biodegradable and reusable.

Price: US$19.95
Currently out of stock, sorry!